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how to pose men: 11 tips for incredible pictures

how to pose men

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Posing men for photoshoots can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

With a little bit of guidance, any photographer can learn how to pose men for photoshoots properly. And you, as a man, can learn how to be better at posing.

Whether it’s for Tinder or professional modeling, this guide will show you how to get the most out of your shots.

I have analyzed professional photographer Hunter Hobson and found some golden nuggets on how you can do just that. 👌🏻

#1 Relax your arms

Now, we’ve all seen it – the classic pose where a male model has his arms rigidly at his sides (or even worse, arms crossed). It’s a mistake many photographers make.

The result?

A photo that screams tension and discomfort. Instead, let’s talk solutions. Get those arms relaxed and hanging naturally. It’s an instant game-changer, making any male model look effortlessly comfortable and confident.

Remember, you want to look like you’re living in the moment, not like a frozen statue. But let’s not go all wild either; it’s a photoshoot, after all.
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

Add some movement—maybe a casual walk towards or away from the camera, or a subtle shift of weight from one foot to the other. Trust me, it’s these little tweaks that create magic in male model poses.

Furthermore, make sure your upper body is straight, chin forward and your abs slightly pulled inwards.

#2 Use interesting lines

Now, onto our second golden nugget: leading lines. It’s Photography 101, really. They’re a phenomenal tool to draw a viewer’s attention.

So when you’re channeling that male model energy, check out your surroundings. Spot a sidewalk or a fence that’s perpendicular to the lens? Stand in line with it. It’s a magnetic pull that takes the viewer straight into the heart of the photo.

#3 Play with different heights

A photographer changing the height while making a photo

Every male model knows the power of playing with perspective. Get elevated on a chair or sit down on a stool. It’s all about adding those layers and depth, making each shot undeniably compelling.

#4 Nail those close-ups

When photographing men, don’t be afraid to get close-up shots. This is especially true if you’re shooting portraits. Close-up shots will allow you to capture all the details of your subject’s face, including his expressions and emotions. It will also force the viewer to focus on your subject and not be distracted by anything else in the photo.

When aiming for that perfect male model pose, remember the power of close-ups. Especially when you’re aiming for portraits, there’s magic in the details. We’re talking about every facial expression and every emotion your face conveys.

Dive very deep into those details, because it’s these that catch the viewer’s eye, making them truly connect with the male subjects.

After all, you want your audience to be focused on you, not distracted by the background.

#5 Props – A game-changer, when done right

man with overcoat and sunglasses walking confident through new york city

Guys, props can be your secret weapon to give depth to your photos, but there’s an art to using them.

The trick?

Make them resonate with the story you’re weaving in your shot. If you’re channeling that executive vibe, perhaps a briefcase or laptop could be your best friend.

For those laid-back male poses?

Think along the lines of sunglasses or maybe a trendy hat. It’s all about striking that balance.

#6 Play with perspectives

Men, one of the most dynamic ways to capture the essence of male models is by experimenting with angles. Don’t stick to the usual eye-level shots.

Go bold.

Lean forward, capture from a low angle, or maybe shoot from up high. Add depth by slightly turning and looking over the opposite shoulder.

Mix it up; the sky’s the limit!

The best male model poses often come from thinking outside the box. The change in angle not only makes your shots more visually arresting but also makes the viewer see you in a whole new light.
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

#7 Edit, Edit, Edit!

Once you’ve taken all your photos, it’s time to start narrowing them down. The editing process is where you really get to show off your creativity and style.

So don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different filters and effects until you find something you like. Then, it’s time to share your stunning photos with the world!

#8 Pay attention to lighting

male model posing for photoshoot

Proper lighting is crucial for any type of photography, but it’s especially important when shooting portraits. The appropriate lighting can make or break a photo, so be sure to experiment until you find what works best .soft, diffused light is usually most flattering for portraits.

#9 Make use of negative space

Negative space is the empty space around your subject. Using negative space effectively can help create balance and harmony in your photos. Too much negative space can make a photo feel disjointed and unfinished.

Find the right balance for each individual photo.

#10 interact with the environment

Burning newspaper picture

You’re not just male models; you’re part of the bigger picture – literally. Think about sitting thoughtfully on a bench, casually leaning on a vibrant graffiti wall, or even taking a confident stride down an alley.

I am a very big fan of the “man reading a burning newspaper” picture. It is a bit cliché, but it looks damn cool if you ask me.
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

Interacting with what’s around you doesn’t just make your male model pose look more natural; it also tells a story. And that’s what people connect with.

#11 Keep talking

One common hurdle for aspiring male models is that dreaded stiffness in front of the camera. If you feel it, chances are, it’ll show.

But here’s a pro tip: get talking.

Dive deep into topics you love – could be your latest gym routine, your grandma’s legendary pie recipe, or even your cat’s quirky antics. When you’re passionately chatting away, you’ll forget you’re being photographed.

The result?

Natural, candid male poses that capture the real you. So, next time, remember, chatter leads to better.

Final Thoughts

Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to the little things that can make or break a photo (expressions, closed eyes, bad lighting, etc.).

It might seem like a lot of work at first, but once you check for these things before you press the shutter button, it’ll become second nature in no time! Whether you’re just starting in photography or you’ve been shooting for years, these tips should help you take better photos of men every time.

As Hunter Hobson says, practice makes perfect.

So get out there and start snapping (or posing) away!

And if you need more help with photos for an online dating profile, check out our full guide on creating an online dating profile that will (actually) get you dates. 😉


Relax your shoulders, keep your arms slightly away from your body, and turn your body slightly to the side. Ensure your posture is straight and confident.

The most attractive pose for a man is a confident stance with a genuine smile, with one foot slightly ahead of the other, and hands either in pockets or loosely by the sides.

Good poses for guys include the relaxed stance, leaning against a wall, sitting on a step with elbows on knees, and the classic hand-on-chin thoughtful look.

Wear well-fitting clothes, maintain good posture, practice genuine smiles, and ensure proper lighting. Also, try different angles to find your best side.

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Table of Contents

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