Popular Men’s Hairstyles You Have to Try (Infographic)

Curious about the best hairstyles for men this year? Let 2017 be the year you revamp your sense of style and experiment with a different haircut. As men’s fashion has progressed exponentially in the last decade, it’s important that guys keep up with new trends. Sporting the same boring haircut you’ve had since the 90s can make you seem slow to adapt, and that look isn’t going to make you stand out.

Below, you’ll find the coolest men’s haircuts to try. From the modern quiff and pompadour to the classic comb-over and side part, this guide is for guys wanting to look hot and confident for any occasion.

Stylish Haircut Styles For Guys

In an increasingly competitive world, how you look and take care of yourself plays a huge role in your professional and personal life. Looking good and successful can get you that promotion; meanwhile, a trendy haircut can get you a date with the beauty across the bar. But what exactly are the popular hairstyles guys should be getting?

To answer this, the bloggers at MensHairstylesToday.com have put together an awesome infographic detailing the stylish cuts and style to rock in 2017.

Popular Men's Hairstyles You Have to Try (Infographic) 1

Some More Hairstyles (If You Need Them)

Popular Men's Hairstyles You Have to Try (Infographic) 2


The fade is an all-time favorite for guys who need a shortcut on the sides. One of the benefits of the fade haircut is that it literally goes with any hair type and style. You can combine the fade with any longer hairstyle, and the contrast will look great.

Plus, there are so many different types of fades that men can customize their look. For example, you can ask your barber for a high, low, or mid fade to determine where the cut starts. Then, you can choose to drop the fade down to the skin or have it curve around your ear.

Popular Men's Hairstyles You Have to Try (Infographic) 3


The undercut is a modern way to cut a guy’s hair on the sides. Typically combined with a slick back or comb-over, the undercut hairstyle can be disconnected or faded. If you have thick hair, you may want to consider getting this look.

Popular Men's Hairstyles You Have to Try (Infographic) 4


The modern pompadour is a hot look in a retro style. The basis of this hairstyle is short sides with long hair in the middle, which is then swept and styled back. Styling your hair into a pompadour will require a quality pomade.

Popular Men's Hairstyles You Have to Try (Infographic) 5

Side Part

The side part is another classic hairstyle that’s made a comeback. Similar to the comb-over, the side part haircut is a gentleman’s style that is neat yet classy. You can wear it to the office or on a date, and it screams sexy sophistication.

Try A New Haircut

No matter how you cut and style your hair now if you haven’t updated your haircut in recent years, it’s time for a change. Life is all about experimenting and evolving, and the simplest (and cheapest) way to up your game is to visit your local barbershop for a cool new style.