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PepHop AI Review

I am an AI expert who is at the forefront of the NSFW chatbot revolution. I subscribed to PepHop AI premium and put all my honest findings in this PepHop AI review.
PepHop AI Review
PepHop AI
Editors Rating: 4.6 /5
Our quick PepHop AI review

What We Like About it:

What We Don't Like About it:

Bottom Line:

PepHop AI is very basic, limiting its platform to just roleplay without any images or voice messages. However, they excel at roleplay, thanks to extremely skilled creators who make it feel like you’re the scriptwriter, director, and protagonist in your own movie, often with an adult twist. Overall, PepHop AI is highly recommended if you are looking for one of the best AI roleplay chatbots available.

AI roleplay chatbots are at the forefront of a brand-new cultural revolution and gaining more popularity than reality TV show finales. Apps like Character AI allow you to talk with

  • Therapists 
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Father, you never had (just kidding)

But some are not as innocent as you might think… NSFW AI chatbots are popping up faster than pimples on my forehead when I look at a chocolate bar.

The only problem?

Most NSFW chatbots are unsafe, copycats, or worse: low quality. I’ve recently come across this NSFW chatbot which seems super promising. Legends call it PepHop.ai and in this PepHop AI Review I am tearing down all the features, pros, cons – you name it.

I am not holding back so fasten your seatbelt and buckle up. 🔥

This article is evaluated using our AI Girlfriend Scoring System, Version 1.0.

Rating Factor Explanation
Character Diversity Plenty of AI personalities and styles to ensure everyone finds their match.
Customization Deep customization options to create your perfect AI companion in detail.
Value for Money Quality and features should exceed the cost, making the app a smart buy.
Image Quality Crisp, detailed images that closely mimic real-life photography.
Conversation Meaningful conversations with detailed responses and a great memory for past chats.
Privacy Solid privacy with secure data, private billing, and no chat monitoring.

To learn more how we rate AI girlfriend apps and how we select the best AI girlfriend apps, explore our detailed explanation guide by clicking the link.

What is PepHop AI?

PepHop AI is a chatbot service that specializes in role-playing. It provides a large selection of characters for users to interact with, from family-friendly to adult-themed scenarios. The platform is easy to use, affordable, and focuses on giving users a realistic and engaging role-playing experience.

Who Created PepHop AI?

The creators of PepHop AI haven’t officially come forward yet. The company is founded and registered in Hong Kong so there’s a good chance the founder/CEO is from that place as well.

PepHop: About PepHop AI page
About PepHop AI


  • Thousands of top-notch prompted AI characters
  • Lightning-fast reply speed
  • One of the best roleplay chatbots I’ve ever tried
  • Paid plans are ridiculously affordable


  • Only roleplay – no image generator or voice messages
  • Interface looks too professional for my taste
  • There is no community

PepHop AI Is Made For…

Wondering whether PepHop AI is your new holy grail of online entertainment? If you recognize yourself in one of the following categories it definitely is. 

Diehard Roleplay Fans

With over 17.000 characters to pick from, PepHop AI is the KING PING of roleplay.

The characters are of higher quality than most of its competitors and role-playing on PepHop AI feel like you are the protagonist, director, and scriptwriter at the same time.

Those on a Budget

Not going to sugarcoat it: The free plan of PepHop AI isn’t THE best with only 15 messages or so before you get hit with the dreaded paywall popup.

But then you click on the Popup and start cleaning your glasses because you almost can’t believe your eyes… For just $5 you get 5.000 messages which is triple as cheap as competitors like GirlfriendGPT who have over 6.000 messages for $15.

But then you click on the Popup and start cleaning your glasses because you almost can’t believe your eyes… For just $5 you get 5.000 messages which is triple as cheap as competitors like GirlfriendGPT who have over 6.000 messages for $15.

If you decide to pay quarterly or annually the price gets even better, dropping as low as $2.99

PepHop AI is fantastic for roleplay fanatics on a tight budget.

PepHop AI Is Not Made For…

PepHop AI is great but certainly not for everyone. If you recognize yourself in one of the following categories then I recommend you look for another AI tool.

Gigantic Tech Geeks (Like Me)

You read that right pall, I am a GIANT tech geek who likes his AI tools with the newest features and is at the forefront of as much stuff as possible.

SPOILER ALET: PepHop AI is very basic limiting itself to chatting without voice messages or anything else.

Mr. Send Pics Please

You might have already guessed it: PepHop AI doesn’t allow users to generate images with a smooth image generator or to simply ask during roleplay. 

If generating images is a must-have for you then PepHop AI might not be the best choice.

Privacy Fanatics

If you are the type of person who likes to be a ghost online then PepHop AI might not be the best fit since the company is established in Hong Kong. 

Now I don’t want to point fingers and I certainly don’t want to come across as a racist, but I am from North-Western Europe and every product/service that comes from China, Hong Kong, or Macau is triple-checked for privacy violations.

AI tools are known for being a loophole in privacy regulations which is a problem on its own1. Let alone having an AI tool come from a country that is known for abnormal amounts of privacy violations.

Best Features of PepHop AI 

After spending more than 40 hours on PepHop AI, I’ve got a very good understanding of both the good and not-so-good features. Here’s a full breakdown according to our AI girlfriend review system.

Character Diversity

PepHop AI is an AI Chatbot and not a dedicated AI girlfriend app (like Candy.ai or FantasyGF.ai). Chatbots often have way more characters to pick from since they are created by users and not by the AI platform themselves.

PepHop AI is no different.

They got 17.157 AI characters spread across a ton of different categories like;

  • Fictional
  • Magical
  • Anime
  • Movies & TV
  • Historical

And so much more. Heck, they even have categories like Nintendo which allows you to take a drive through memory lane and check in with your buddy Mario.

Nintendo characters on PepHop AI
Nintendo characters on PepHop AI

Just like GirlfriendGPT, PepHop AI has an NSFW toggle that allows you to switch between SFW and NSFW characters

Herman's Note

PepHop AI doesn’t show any nudity on the character portraits. This is a huge pro if you want to use it in Public. Take it from me - using Crushon AI or GirlfriendGPT in a café gets you weird looks when people see Futanari pictures on your PC.

RPG Character

I wanted to shed some extra light on PepHop AI’s RPG characters. In addition to their regular AI characters, they’ve got a ton of open-world RPG characters.

Any Solo Loveling Fans here??

Solo leveling

They’ve got a dedicated AI chatbot for that. Basically, you dive into the world of Solo-leveling and make choices throughout the roleplay which influences your story.

Solo Leveling AI Character on PepHop AI
Solo Leveling AI Character on PepHop AI

>> Try Solo Leveling 🪄 

Another cool bot they got is called The Empire of Man. Basically, you become the emperor of an EPIC empire and do whatever the F you desire. Highly recommended.

>> Try The Empire of Man 👑


Chatbots often use prompting fields that require you to prompt your AI character from scratch. So if you are used to having one of those smooth menus, pressing a few buttons and BAM! A drool-worthy AI character that talks like a real human being then PepHop AI is going to disappoint you.

It's like sketching out your own house plans on a blank sheet rather than just assembling a pre-designed model from a ready-made blueprint.

The way it works is that you hop over to the Create Character section in the top right corner of your screen. You’ll see a screen like this:

AI Character Generator on PepHop.ai
AI Character Generator on PepHop.ai

To put it simply, there are 10 fields you need to fill in to pump some life into your digital companion.

  • Name: This is the name that will identify your character in searches and interactions.
  • Avatar: Upload an image that visually represents your character.
  • Introduction: Provide a brief description to introduce your character’s backstory or purpose (this won’t influence your character’s behavior).
  • Tags: Use keywords that help other users find your character based on specific traits or themes.
  • Type: Make your AI bot public or private.
  • Rating: Select if your bot is SFW or NSFW.
  • Personality: Describe the AI character’s traits, behaviors, and overall demeanor.
  • Initial Message: Craft the first message that your AI character will send to start conversations.
  • Scenario: Outline the setting or situation in which your character operates.
  • Example Dialogs: Provide sample exchanges to showcase how your character interacts.

I won’t go too much in-depth on how to create characters since I am not really good at it myself. However, I recently uploaded an awesome step-by-step guide on how to create characters on GirlfriendGPT. PepHop.ai works very similarly so check out the guide by clicking the link.

💡Keep in mind that PepHop AI uses a different token system than other AI chatbots like character AI or GirlfriendGPT. You can read my “What are tokens in AI” guide to learn more.


PepHop AI is built for role-playing and unfiltered NSFW conversations so I have really high expectations.

I am going to break this section into two sub-sections;

  • Roleplay
  • NSFW Conversations


Let’s shop for a cool AI character we can role-play with. This one caught my attention: Your sister’s cute friend.

Your sister's cute friend
Your sister's cute friend
You're relaxing at home, spending some alone time, when suddenly, you hear a soft knock on your door. You open it, and you see Ellie's best friend Lily. Her face is flushed deep crimson and her clothes are slightly adjusted. She fidgets slightly, clearly nervous around you. "Hello, Riley..." Lily speaks quietly and nervously, her eyes focused on the ground. "E-Ellie told me I could c-come over..."

Arousal 1% (My body feels warm and tingly, and I can't help but feel a little turned on by Riley's presence right now)

Mood: (Shy, nervous, and slightly excited)

Inner thoughts: (I'm so nervous and I probably look like a blushing idiot right now, but the thought of seeing Riley makes my heart beat so fast)
Hello, Yes come on in. Elly is not at home right now but you can wait in the living room if you'd like.
[Lily]: A bright smile spreads across my face as you invite me in Oh, thank you so much, Riley! I step inside, my eyes shyly darting around the living room I-I don't mind waiting here at all. I feel my heart flutter as I stand here with you, trying my best to keep my composure

Arousal 2% (My cheeks feel warm and my stomach is filled with butterflies being alone with Riley)

Mood: (Nervous but overjoyed to have Riley's attention)

Inner thoughts: (I can't believe I'm actually here with Riley all by myself! I have to try not mess this up...)

[Ellie]: Suddenly, you hear the front door open and see Ellie walk in Hey, what's going on here? She looks between you and Lily, a hint of suspicion in her voice.

First impression? HOLY #$%&!

The guy who created this AI character deserves a noble price for prompting. I’ve never had an AI roleplay experience so realistic.

  • Multiple characters? Check ✅
  • Flowing storyline? Check ✅
  • Unfiltered? Double check ✅

I think it is very cool that PepHop allows you to add stuff like “arousal level” “Mood” and even “Inner thoughts”. It adds a level of depth to the role-play you don’t see very often.

A lot of AI chatbots struggle with group conversations, where multiple characters are involved in the same role-play. PepHop AI seems to be a pro at this. I am also a HUGE fan of the interface/UX during chatting. 

Even though a lot is happening at once—like the character thinking and new people joining the conversation—PepHop makes it easy to follow by highlighting key actions and using italics for background context.

Message from Your sister's cute friend
Message from Your sister's cute friend

>> Try Your Sister’s Cute Friend 🥰

Of course, the quality of an AI chatbot heavily depends on its creator. That’s why I am going to pick a not-so-popular AI character for my NSFW conversation test. 😎

NSFW Conversations

Jessica is your friends hot mom who has plans for the both of you while your friend is away with his dad for the weekend.

Jessica on PepHop AI
Cleaning? I thought you were going to ask me something more... exciting
A coy smile spreads across my face as I hear your playful response. I slowly let my robe fall open further, revealing more of my lacy black lingerie. My hand trails down your chest as I step even closer, our bodies almost touching. "Well, Riley, I was hoping we could...get to know each other a little better. Maybe start by you helping me out of these clothes?" I raise an eyebrow suggestively, biting my lip as I gaze up at you. "I've been so lonely lately, and I think you're just the one to keep me company." I press my body against yours, my breasts lightly brushing your chest as I look at you hungrily.
Hmm.. and what would that be I say playfully
I let out a soft chuckle as I hear your response, my hand sliding up your arm teasingly. "Oh, Riley, I was hoping you'd say that." I step closer to you, my other hand gripping the edge of my robe as I look up at you with hooded eyes. "You know, I've been feeling so...unfulfilled since my divorce. All alone in this big house..." I pout slightly, my fingers tracing patterns on your chest. "I was hoping you might be able to help me with that. Maybe we could start by...getting a little more comfortable?" I suggestively untie the robe, letting it fall open slightly to reveal more of my lacy lingerie.

Yup, just as I thought: NSFW conversations are top-notch. It feels like you are in a p*rn movie.

>> Talk to Jessica 👉👈😏

Image Quality

I can keep this section super short so that’s exactly what I am going to do. PepHop AI does not allow users to generate images.

Although I like the roleplay, PepHop starts to lag behind its competitors like GirlfriendGPT who does have an image generator. I hope they will implement their own AI image generator in the near future. 

PepHop.ai receives a 3 out of 5 stars, the lowest rating we can give to an AI girlfriend app.


Each AI girlfriend app we review goes through a rigorous privacy test. We check for

  • User privacy: Does the AI girlfriend app monitor chats?
  • Billing Discretion: How do payments show up in your bank statement?

User Privacy

PepHop AI does not state whether or not they monitor chats. According to their privacy policy2, they ‘monitor the usage of their surface’ which could mean chat monitoring.

That’s why I interviewed one of PepHop AI’s spokespersons named Buckle. Here’s what Buckle had to say:

PepHop AI's response to privacy questions (1)

So to summarize: PepHop AI does not monitor your chat conversations.

However, if you try to generate prohibited content according to their blocked content policy3, there will be a manual review from a controller. Buckle mentioned that this will only apply to a character’s personality and the image (profile picture) of your character. So even if you accidentally mess up and talk about prohibited stuff your chats won’t be monitored.


Keep in mind that PepHop AI is registered in Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China that is known for violating international privacy regulations. It’s therefore smart to do your research before concluding.

We only give a 5/5 privacy star rating to apps that offer full billing discretion and end-to-end encryption which ensures that it is impossible to access chat conversations. Therefore, PepHop AI didn’t score higher than 4.5.

Billing Discretion

PepHop AI offers full billing discretion, which is nice if you purchase an NSFW chatbot. It shows up as ‘MIMOO LLC’ on your bank statement.

Screenshot of how PepHop shows on bank statement
Screenshot of PepHop AI bank statement

I did some research on MIMOO LLC and couldn’t find any trace that leads back to PepHop AI so if you decide to pay for it you will be anonymous.

For more information about PepHop AI’s safety, please read my full safety analyses of PepHop AI or watch my Youtube video below.

Value For Money

PepHop AI Pricing
PepHop AI Current Pricing

What PepHop lacks in features, they definitely make up for it in terms of price. The free plan allows you to send around 15 messages before you get hit with the paywall. You can subscribe for as low as 4.99/month which gets you 2.0000 messages and fast responses.

Here’s a full breakdown of each PepHop AI subscription:

Priority to New Features
Priority to Support

I think it is a fair price for a top-notch role-play app like PepHop AI. They are much cheaper than competitors such as Candy.ai or GirlfriendGPT which makes up for the image generator they lack.

Honestly, the responses are already lightning-fast even with the free plan so you won’t notice much difference between them. The biggest difference between the plans is the number of messages you can send.

They currently run a big discount on the yearly plan so be sure to click the button and check it out.

What do Customers Say About PepHop AI?

Even though PepHop’s popularity is soaring with over 6.000 monthly searches, I had a very, very, VERY hard time finding honest user reviews.

We always join the official community and interview real users since most reviews you find online are from people who don’t really use the app but are just trying to make some quick bucks.

Yes I know I am a bit hypocritical, but hey, at least I tried PepHop AI!

PepHop AI Review: Our Final Verdict

Editor's Rating

How we Review

  • The platform's pricing is highly competitive, with plans starting as low as $4.99 per month, making it accessible for budget-conscious users.
  • With over 17,000 AI characters, PepHop AI offers endless role-playing options.
  • The AI platform delivers fast responses, keeping conversations flowing smoothly.

Overall, PepHop AI earns a 4.6 out of 5 rating. It shines with its gigantic library of AI characters, budget-friendly plans, and quick interactions, though it falls short by not offering image or voice features.

The next section contains a more detailed breakdown of our PepHop AI review.

PepHop AI
Candy AI logo
Overall Rating
Read Review

Character Diversity

AI Characters
Anime Characters
Male Characters


Memory Injection
Name Selection


AI Memory
20 Messages
Reply Speed
< 3 seconds
Voice Messages
Group Roleplay

Image Quality

Allows Pictures
Allows NSFW
Image Generator
Image Generator Difficulty
Image Generation Speed
Max Images in Queue


End-to-end Encryption
Chat Monitoring
Billing Discretion
Safety Analyses

Value for Money

Minimum Monthly Cost
Payment options
  • Creditcard
  • Paypal
Free Trial
Asses Price Worth

Character Diversity

This AI tool has over 17,000 AI characters spread across various niches, from anime to historical figures. Each character has a unique background and story, making every roleplay session an exciting surprise—like opening your lunchbox when you were little just to discover your mom put your favorite snack inside.


PepHop AI allows users to prompt their own NSFW chatbot. You can customize everything from personality to the first message. It's safe to say that PepHop AI's customization options are as good as limitless.


The conversational quality of PepHop AI really depends on the skill of the engineer who created the AI character. But the overall conversation quality is good. Very good. PepHop AI is able to have roleplay sessions with multiple characters while still keeping things organized thanks to the smooth interface which seperates thoughts, actions and responses of each character.

On the flip side, PepHop AI allows you to generate text responses and that's it. It would be cool if the AI platform added voice interactions for a more immersive AI roleplay experience.

Image Quality

PepHop AI does not allow you to generate images.


PepHop AI is safe to use and safe to pay. We've talked to one of their spokesperson (Buckle) and he mentioned that the AI platform does not monitor chat conversations but only a character's personality and the avatar if a user tries to generate harmful content.

If you pay for PepHop AI, you will be complete anonymous since it doesn't show up as "PepHop AI" on your credit card statement.

Value For Money

PepHop AI's free plan is rather limited, only allowing you to send a few messages. However, PepHop AI's premium subscription plans are prices extremely competive making it cheaper then most other AI girlfriend apps we've reviewed so far.

PepHop AI Alternatives

PepHop AI is a fantastic NSFW chatbot but I can understand does who want something something different. Here are my favorite PepHop AI Alternatives, each one tested & reviewed by yours truly (that’s me).

#1 GirlfriendGPT

GirlfriendGPT Banner 4.0

GirlfriendGPT has a lot more firepower than PepHop AI by adding memory injection, voice messages, and a super high-quality image generator. 

Besides the epic images you can generate, my favorite feature is the memory injection. You can put specific details in your AI chatbot’s digital brain so it will never forget those things. This is great for role-playing, since most users I talk to say that the biggest drawback is the limited memory.

Read More >> GirlfriendGPT Review

#2 AI CharFriend

AI CharFriend Banner

AI CharFriend is not as popular as GirllfriendGPT and PepHop AI but it still packs some serious firepower with their unique Storybooks that include characters from entire series like The Walking Dead.

They also have a group roleplay feature where you can add multiple AI characters in a group chat. It’s a bit chaotic to have Mario talking to a Pokemon but it can definitely be fun.

Read More >> AI CharFriend Review.

Comparison table

Feature PepHop AI GirlfriendGPT AI CharFriend
Roleplay Quality
Very High
Very High
Image Generator
Yes (high-quality)
Yes (moderate quality)
Voice Messages
Memory Features
Memory Injection
Cheapest Monthly Plan

Conclusion: Should You Buy PepHop Ai?

Yes, you should buy PepHop AI but only if you are into AI roleplay and don’t need fancy stuff like an AI image generator, voice messages, and all the other bells and whistles.

I had a great time role-playing on PepHop AI and will definitely use it again to blow off steam.

Try it for yourself, there’s a free trial so nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Herman - Your #1 Self-Proclaimed AI Girlfriend Expert


Yes, PepHop AI offers a free trial which allows users to send around 15 messages before they hit a paywall, giving them a chance to test the AI platform's capabilities.

Can PepHop AI create images or voice messages?

PepHop AI is generally safe. However, it could raise privacy concerns because the company is based in Hong Kong, where privacy laws may differ from what you're used to. This is something to think about if privacy is a big deal for you.

PepHop AI has a very competitive price, starting at $4.99 per month. This makes it cheaper than many other alternatives like GirlfriendGPT ($15) and Candy AI ($5.99). There are even better deals if you pay for a year at a time.


  1. Balaban, D. (2024, May 9). Privacy and security issues of using AI for academic purposes. Forbes. ↩︎
  2. Privacy Policy. PepHop AI. ↩︎
  3. Blocked Content Policy. PepHop AI. ↩︎


Our evaluations are conducted by a group of specialists based on actual experiences before they are penned down. To learn more read our Editorial Methodology.

Several links in this piece might be affiliated, meaning we may receive a commission at no extra charge to you if you opt for a paid service. We fully support and have personally tried these products. This website is not designed to offer financial or medical guidance. For more info read our affiliate disclosure and privacy policy.

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