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NEWSFLASH: Girls Don’t Want to Be Picked Up

Just Like Every Other Pickup Guy…

Last night I witnessed a beautiful Israeli girl being “picked up” by at least 4 guys all jumping to be the next in line to talk in her ear. My main purpose when interacting with a woman is to enjoy myself, share my value, and meet an interesting/sexy/nourishing person in the process, but first and foremost it’s to be already enjoying my own company.
I do not socialize so that I can ‘pickup’. I want to relax and having fun with her, whether that is steaming sexual tension, or fun and goofy behavior.
The reason you have trouble picking up girls is that you are embodying the dynamic of a man TRYING to pick up a girl. It’s the same as you set the dynamic of a man being in a friend-zone. You create her role for her to put you in before you even say hello.
If you want to be the expert on picking girls up, here’s an article about it.  

Here’s the Truth…

Women don’t want to be ‘picked up’.
They want it to be an organic moment of serendipity, that is created via a man of integrity and confident sensitivity. She wants it to be something you have both chosen to create and build together– as it should be. The sexual attraction is not something that you can ‘do to her’. Even if you could; she wouldn’t want it to be that way.
If your intention is to be “direct” and pick up girls…you are shitting all over yourself before you even interact with her. You will stink, and in most cases repulse her, and be placed into the same bracket as every other guy out there trying to pick up some scraps.
I don’t care how spiritual a man thinks he is, or how much he has built himself up. Creating a pick-up paradigm is making the woman feel like a sexual target, based SOLEY on the precipice of “she is hot, that’s all I need, I have no standards, lets approach and hand her my testicles and desperation on a plate, because fuck everyone else, I’m so direct” – This is weak!
“Hey, I just saw you from over there and you look so gorgeous. I had to meet you” -UGH!!!
Seriously…if you think this is being direct and refreshing…the marketing is lying to you…as most guys DO in fact have the ability to walk over and deliver this pre-rehearsed crap.

You Have Permission to Truly Be Yourself!

Understand how many times women hear this on a daily basis. If you are unaware…then maybe first start on getting some female friends! They will let you know! At least hold yourself to a decent standard of original and nourishing creativity.
Something YOU enjoy saying.
Note that. Please, for the love of God. Some will say they choose it, but after doing this for so long, I straight up do not believe this!
Instead of all the pick-up-y-ness, why not have the intention of “wow, look at her, there’s something about her I like, let’s see what type of human being she is, without investing ANYTHING in her, other than the free value I already offer the world…freely, without looking for anything in return”
From that point, say whatever you want. It is everything to do with where you are coming from, not what you are verbally saying. The reason for this quick article is to help you understand that at the beginning many guys will attach their vibe to the words they are using, assuming that this is what gets the girl….and there we are, straight back to pick-up.

What Does This Look Like in Real Life? Let’s Get Back To the Israeli Girl…

 After watching these desperate guys wage their pick-up attempts on her for a while, I walked over and stood shoulder to shoulder with her. I crossed my arms, she looked at me, and I said: “Hopefully if I stand here long enough, they will get confused and start trying to pick me up”.(I said this because it was an amusing thought I had, I found it funny, I do not care about her response)
She burst out laughing. I asked her how many of these dudes have already told her how amazingly beautiful she is. She rolled her eyes and said every one of them. She turned towards me, then I said “I have my knife with me if you want to use it. I can show you how to stab properly, I’ve been in prison”
She got super excited and asked me to show her. At this point, we were facing each other, and she was fake stabbing me in the chest, while I jokingly advised her to also twist it for added death tolls. We were close, holding hands, role-playing, while all the dudes looked blank and pissed off, holding their beers against their chest, mentally rushing through their pick-up notes.
I see women as my friends and allies…men in pick-up choose to put themselves as the enemy. Separating themselves from femininity.
While we were role-playing and laughing, I noticed she would stupidly stick her tongue out while fake stabbing me. THIS level of feminine adorableness and ridiculous stupidity melted me. “eh…stick your tongue back in your mouth you flirt…before I bite it off”…

And the Rest is History!

Hopefully, you can observe the difference and ask yourself which role are you assigning yourself?
She was comfortable with me, and super happy to interact with me, which then led to being incredibly attracted to me, as what we shared was not a pre-conceived intention in my mind before meeting her…but something which we organically shared and played with together. WE created it.
It became ours. Understand you are already on the girls’ team(unless you take on the behavior of the enemy)…Otherwise, you’re competing for the scraps whether you like it or not!
Underneath this way of being, is a deep bond, and a trusting/loving relationship with my cock.
It is something I am on the verge of speaking about and sharing with you. The level of importance with regards to the relationship you have with your penis is second to none and is the main driving force between living a happy, relaxed, fulfilled life with an abundance of women…and not living that way.
Understand…your penis knows much MUCH more about how to interact with women than you do. Society has spent its years disconnecting you from your cock. Your masculine essence. Your instinct, and your beauty.
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