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Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement
“It was hard for me to give up on online dating, but I realized it was just using it for a dopamine release as I scrolled through girls, but it got me nowhere! One week working with John & Sean and I made more progress than I did in a year online.”

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Shamelessness: Total Social Confidence

Instructor: Dan Munro – 25 Video Lessons – $397 Value

  • Learn how to feel comfortable with who you are and to express yourself like a leading man.
  • Build unstoppable social confidence by eliminating shame and feelings of insecurity and doubt.
  • Exercises & Downloadable PDF’s

life Force Mastery

Instructor: Jakob Wulfe – 25 Video Lessons – $500 Value

  • Break free of porn addiction and learn how to harness your lifeforce energy through semen retention.
  • Learn how to channel this lifeforce energy to accomplishing incredible goals.
  • Learn how to channel your energy even further and become more attractive and magnetic to women.
lifeforce mastery

The Ultimate Dating Program

Instructor: John Cooper – 35 Video Lessons – $750 Value

  • Learn the 6 principles of energetic attraction that any man can use to become magnetic to almost every woman.
  • Learn how to talk to women anywhere, anytime, without approach anxiety & without the fear of rejection.
  • Master every step of the seduction process so you can date the women you find most attractive, regardless of how shy you are.
  • 6 week printable action plan w/ 35 social exercises.
  • Personal coaching sessions
the ultimate dating program

Squirting Triggers 2.0

Instructor: Jakub Wulfe – 12 Video Lessons – $200 Value

  • Learn everything you need to know about the female anatomy
  • Learn why most men struggle to bring women to orgasm.
  • Learn Jakob and Laura’s “Pump-Release” technique that allows you to get past the clench zone and into the squirt zone, and make any girl have a powerful squirting orgasm on the first try.
  • Real life examples and demonstrations.

and This Is just The Beginning…

Menprovement X is the ULTIMATE self improvement platform for men.
Yes, it will make you great with women ā€“ but thatā€™s just the start.

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What’s inside…

  • Unrivaled Value:Ā $10,000 Worth ofĀ premiumĀ self-development coursesā€”all for less than treating Grandma to a movie night. Plus, always stay ahead with 3 fresh courses every month.
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  • Direct Coach Access:Ā Ask questions to our experts anytime, with the exclusive opportunity forĀ one-on-oneĀ mentorship.
  • Unstoppable Brotherhood:Ā Join a community of ambitious men. Together, we ensure accountability, drive constant growth, andĀ push boundaries.

it’s your life
take action!

Life as a man is like a video game.

You start with absolutely zero value and no skillset. I mean, come an bro – all those pictures of successful men you see on Instagram with the pretty girls and the fast cars?

an attractive high value man in front of a sports car

Those men weren’t born that way.

They have worked their ASS off to get there.

In order to even compete they knew they HAD to be;

  • Social
  • Confident
  • Wealthy
  • Autonomous
  • Physically strong
  • Stress-resilient
  • Good in bed
  • Good with women
  • A Provider
  • A protector
  • A leader

And the list goes on and on…

How many times do you have an attractive woman sliding into your DM’s? Not that much I guess.

Now how many DM’s do you think the average girl gets? 5? 10? a 100???

As a man you are born with zero value, while a woman will always have a minimum based on her looks.

Life is unfair.

Now you have two options:

Option #1

You can weep about how unfair life is, sit tight and hang in there, hoping that your life will improve on it’s own (spoiler alert: it won’t).

Option #2

You can take MASSIVE action. Learn the skills that will make you a confident, leading man that will not only make you insanely attractive; but make you a high-value man.

  • A man that your friends will look up to.
  • A man that others will respect.
  • A man that women will adore.

The choice is up to you…

How does it work?

3 Easy steps,
to make you a high-value man
in no time.

Step 1


Go through the courses at your own pace.

Step 2


The more you watch the more new courses you’ll unlock

Step 3


Ask questions in our community of 126+ men that are on the same journey or directly at one of our coaches.