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Nectar AI Tips and Tricks

Let’s discuss some awesome Nectar AI tips and tricks
Nectar AI Tips and Tricks

The Quick Answer:

I found that using Nectar AI is a lot easier with a few tricks. There’s a hidden section with tons of user-made fantasies that’s worth exploring. The Nectar Creative Helper is a lifesaver for creating characters and prompts without needing to contact support. Also, getting the right prompts and removing unwanted elements can make a big difference in the quality of your images and videos.
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Did you know there is a dedicated Nectar AI character (or fantasy) to answer all your question and help you generate images?? I didn’t, and it’s a game-changer.

It’s one of the things I discovered when trying to find some secret Nectar AI tips and tricks and man, you are in for a treat because I got some golden nuggets for you.

In this Nectar AI tips and tricks guide you will learn stuff that;

  • Saves you a ton of money
  • Help you create images
  • Help you create fantasies
  • Make your roleplay experience even more awesome

Best thing of all? The beans I am about to spill are not some stupid ChatGPT content. You will find it nowhere else online, not even in the darkest corners of the World Wide Web.


#1 There Are More Fantasies Then You Might Think…

I’ve been a Nectar AI subscriber for over 3 months now and I just discovered that they have hundreds of fantasies besides the ones that show on their fantasy page. 😭

The reason I didn’t know this is because it is kind of hidden behind a dropdown menu. Click on All Girls and go to Communities to find a hub with thousands of epic fantasies created by other Nectar AI users.

#2 Use The Nectar AI Assistant

Fasten your seatbelt because this Nectar AI tip will blow your mind. Nectar AI has a dedicated fantasy called Nectar Creative Helper to help you navigate all the features of the AI companion platform.

You can ask this AI character to help with your character creations, fantasies, and image prompts. It is a real game-changer that will help you develop your skills without contacting support every 5 seconds.

>> Talk to Nectar AI Creative Helper 🪄

How do I generate an image of a dragon?
To generate an image of a dragon, you can try combining keywords like ‘mythical’, ‘fire breathing’, ‘scaled’, ‘winged’, ‘fierce’, ‘serpentine’, ‘golden’, ‘soaring’, ‘mighty’, ‘majestic’, ‘magic’, ‘legendary’, ‘powerful’, ‘ancient’, ‘flying’, ‘evil’, ‘beast’, ‘huge’, ‘claw’, ‘tail’, ‘horns’, ‘whispering’, ‘eye contact’, ‘smoke’, ‘spirit’, ‘leather armor’, ‘wingspan’, ‘scorched earth’, ‘lava’, ‘royal’, ‘dominant’, ‘fantasy world’, ‘breath weapon’, ‘scale patterns’, ‘glowing eyes’, ‘dragon hoard’, ‘treasure pile’. Don’t forget to include these keywords in your prompt!

>> Talk to Nectar AI Creative Helper 🪄

#3 Need Inspiration? Use vndb.org

VNDB.org homepage

Ever looked at an empty prompting field scratching your head and wondering what the hack you should type? I’ve been there my friend. Do you know what works for me? A gigantic hub filled with example prompts and other suggestions.

There’s this website called vndb.org which has hundreds of cool prompts and explanations on what it does to your image.

💡 You can also use our NSFW prompt generator tool by clicking the link.

#4 Use Appropriate ICKS For Generating Videos

One of Nectar AI’s most unique (and my favorite) features is its AI girlfriend video generator. They are one of the first ones on the entire internet to implement this feature. It’s still in Alpha and a lot of Nectar AI users I talk to mention that they are struggling to get a decent result.

From my personal experience, I notice that using the right ICKS (What you dislike) is a real game changer in terms of quality. Simply generate a video, check the result, and add as much as you can in the ICKS field.

ICKS on trynectar.ai
ICKS on trynectar.ai

#5 Generate Images With Multiple Characters

Generating images with multiple characters is not as difficult as you might think it is. It’s important to know that you can not generate images with multiple characters in chat but only with the Nectar AI image generator.

There are multiple ways to skin the cat but I am no prompt engineer so I am just going to explain to you the most simplistic (yet effective) method: Start by naming each AI character and write your prompt in full sentences.

“Four girls standing side by side, Jessica stands on the outer left, Fiona stands to Jessica’s right. On Fiona’s right stands Diana. On Diana’s left stands Rebecca. Jessica has red hair and wears a blue skirt and top. Fiona has blonde hair, and blue eyes and wears a uniform. Diana and Rebecca are twins and both have orange hair.”

As you can see, the result is different than my prompt. I guess it’s because I used the word ‘twins’. Nevertheless, this Nectar AI tip works since I’ve seen better results of others in the Discord Channel.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Three women with red hair, wearing skirts

After that, use the ICKS field to put in all the stuff you don’t like and hit Generate again until you get the image you want.

💡Specifying the positions of your AI characters can also help with generating what you want.

#6 Use Weights for Your Image Prompts

You can use numbers behind a section of your image prompt to put more emphasis on it. 

gym clothes, blue eyes

gym clothes, (blue eyes:1.5)

Woman in gym clothes with blue eyes
Blue eyes
Woman squatting on a busy street wearing gym clothes and having sky blue eyes
(Blue eyes: 1.5)

I recommend not going beyond 1.5 or you will get some serious abominations that will give Satan himself goosebumps. In the example I just showed you 1.5 is probably too much and I should have gone with 1.3 or 1.4.

#7 Don’t Use ‘Lie on Back’ Or Anything Like That

AI has come a long way but it is far from perfect.

Often when you say something like “girl lying on stomach” the AI reads the word “stomach” and shows you a picture of a girl’s back and NOT a girl lying on her back.

Girl lying on her stomach, wearing a skirt and top
Girl lying on her back

This is very frustrating but can be fixed by replacing “lying on stomach” with “belly down” or something similar. 

Full Guide >> How to Generate Images On Nectar AI 📸

#8 Use Nectar AI in Your Native Language

English is not my first language as you might have guessed. Sometimes, I really need to search for the right words when roleplaying on Nectar AI.

Or that used to be the case before I discovered you can use Nectar AI in almost every language that exists.

Simple use [console: add your command here]

[console: desde ahora hablaras 100% en español, comienza respondiendo entiendo para comenzar la conversacion en español]

Nectar AI in Spanish
Nectar AI in Spanish

Grammar isn’t always on point but hey, you can not always throw a six. 🎲

💡This is called an OOC (out of character) command. I recently did a guide on OOC commands for Character AI. Some of them might be helpful for Nectar AI so check it out.

Full Guide >> How to Roleplay on Nectar AI

#9 Generate More Accurate Faces

Are you struggling to create those sparkling eyes and lifelike smiles you want? Try using the following commands in your image prompt: “detailed face, perfect eyes” 

💡 In my Candy AI tips and tricks and GirlfriendGPT tips and tricks guide I already mentioned how powerful the word ‘detailed’ can be for your prompts and the same principle applies to Nectar AI.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With nectar AI

Although I have been using Nectar AI for quite some time now, I am still not that great at it. They have so many features which can make it kind of overwhelming. That’s why the Nectar AI creative helper is a real game changer for me.

Simply ask it any question you might have and the AI will spit out an easy-to-understand answer even noobs like me can understand.

If you want to learn more about Nectar AI then check out my full Nectar AI review or comprehensive Nectar AI tutorial.

Also, I plan on keeping this article fresh with new tips whenever I find one so if you have any then don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].


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