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Nectar AI Pricing

What does Nectar AI cost? Find out by reading our Nectar AI pricing page. 👇🏼
Nectar AI Pricing

The Quick Answer:

Nectar AI offers a free plan and three paid plans: Premium at $9.99/month, PRO at $19.99/month, and ULTIMATE at $34.99/month. The main differences are in the number of messages, image generations, and customization options available. They also currently offer a 50% discount on their yearly plan.
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Welcome to our Nectar AI pricing page where we break down each pricing plan of Nectar AI. We’ll answer the following questions in this quick guide:

  • What does Nectar AI cost?
  • Which Nectar AI plan should I pick?
  • Is Nectar AI worth it?

How Much Does Nectar AI Cost?

Nectar AI has a free plan and three additional paid subscriptions. The cheapest paid plan is $9.99 per month. They also offer a PRO plan for $19.99 per month, and the most luxurious option is the ULTIMATE plan for $34.99 per month. Each plan provides different features, but the main differences are in the number of messages you can send and the custom images you can generate.

Your Options from Nectar AI

In the next section, we are going to take a detailed look at each Nectar AI subscription plan, what it offers, and how much it costs.

Nectar AI pricing
Nectar AI current pricing

Premium Plan: What Does It Cost?

💲 $9.99/month

✍️ 6000 messages/month: Plenty of messages for extended roleplay sessions.

📸 100 Generations/day: Generate up to 100 custom images per day.

🎨 45+ additional customizations: Enhance your characters with a variety of options.

🧠 25 messages in memory: Keeps track of your conversation history for smoother interactions.

🚀 Faster messaging time: Enjoy quicker responses during your chats.

📷 600 photo messages: Send a high number of photo messages each month.

🌈 Create unlimited custom fantasies: Design as many custom scenarios as you like with your AI girls.

PRO Plan: What Does It Cost?

💲 $19.99/month

✍️ 9000 messages/month: A substantial amount for those who love to chat.

📸 Unlimited generations: Create an unlimited number of custom images.

🎨 95+ additional customizations: Access a wider range of customization options.

📸 HD generations: Generate high-definition images.

🧠 35 messages in memory: Keeps an extensive chat history.

🚀 Faster messaging time: Faster responses for more fluid conversations.

📷 900 photo messages: Even more photo messages each month.

🌈 Create and edit unlimited custom girls: Full creative control over your AI companions.

ULTIMATE Plan: What Does It Cost?

💲 $34.99/month

✍️ Unlimited messaging: No limits on the number of messages, including photos.

📸 Unlimited HD generations: Create unlimited high-definition custom images.

🎨 Best models & 350+ customizations: Access the top models and a vast range of customization options.

🖼️ Landscape and portrait modes: Generate images in both landscape and portrait orientations.

🧠 45 messages in memory: Maximum chat history for detailed interactions.

🚀 Fastest messaging time: Enjoy the quickest response times available.

🎥 Video generation: Create videos with your AI characters.

🛠️ Priority customer support: Get top-tier assistance whenever you need it.

🗣️ Voice chat (coming soon): Speak directly to your AI companion.

🌟 Customized persona (coming soon): Tailor your AI’s personality to fit your preferences perfectly.

Our Reccomendation:

If you’re new to image generation and AI roleplay apps, choose the PRO plan. It provides access to essential features while saving you money on advanced options like extra image models, which beginners probably won’t use yet.

If you have experience with AI girlfriend apps and generating custom images, we highly recommend the ULTIMATE plan. Nectar AI has one of the best AI image generators we’ve tested, so the ULTIMATE plan provides all the tools you need to bring your wildest dreams to life.

Nectar AI Deals and Discounts

Nectar AI doesn’t offer as many discounts compared to Candy AI or GirlfriendGPT, which often have huge holiday sales.

Instead, Nectar AI hosts special contests from time to time. All users, including those on the free plan, can participate in these contests, which typically involve generating a specific image for events like Valentine’s Day.

Nectar AI Valentine's day contest
Nectar AI Valentine’s day contest

Additionally, Nectar AI is currently offering a 50% discount on their yearly plan. It’s uncertain how long this discount will last, so it’s best to take advantage of it while it’s available.

Nectar AI Free Trial

Nectar AI offers a free trial that stands out from most of its competitors (like DreamGF AI or Candy AI) because the message limit resets daily, whereas most competitors have a fixed amount of messages you can send.

💲 $0/month

✍️ 15 messages/day: Enough for daily interactions.

📸 10 generations/day: Generate up to 10 custom images per day.

🎨 4 customizations: Basic options to personalize your AI character.

🧠 15 messages in memory: Keeps a brief chat history.

📷 1 photo message: Send one photo message each day.

🌈 Create 1 custom girl: Design your own AI character with basic customization options.

Payment Methods of Nectar AI

Nectar AI offers various payment methods, including over 50 different cryptocurrencies. Below is a table with some Nectar AI payment options; we didn’t include all the crypto payment options, just the popular ones.

Subscription Type Monthly Cost
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
Navy Federal Credit Union
American Express (Amex)
Ripple (XRP)
Bitcoin Cash
Tether (USDT)
Cardano (ADA)

💡 Nectar AI offers discreet billing, meaning it won’t show up as ‘Nectar AI’ on your bank statement. To learn more check out our Nectar AI safety guide.

Is Nectar AI Worth Paying For?

The answer to that question is subjective, but in our expert opinion, yes, Nectar AI is definitely worth paying for. It has one of the most powerful AI art generators in the NSFW AI girlfriend niche, offers good user privacy, has a decent variety of characters to interact with, and charges less than most of its competitors.

Full Guide >> How to Use Nectar AI’s Image Generator 📸

How to Cancel Nectar AI

If you want to cancel your Nectar AI subscription, click on Manage Subscription in the profile settings and look for the cancel button.

Full Guide >> Nectar AI: How to Cancel Subscription

Can you Get a Refund on Nectar AI?

Unfortunately, Nectar AI does not offer refunds according to their terms of service.

Read More >> Nectar AI Refund Policy 💰

In Summary

Nectar AI is ranked very high and mentioned in a lot of our AI girlfriend app roundup pages due to its user-friendly interface, top-notch image, and competitive prices.

If you are still unsure which Nectar AI pricing plan is best for you then we recommend the PRO subscription which gives you access to most features for a very competitive price. If you would like to learn more about TryNectar AI then don’t hesitate to read our full Nectar AI review.


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