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Nectar AI How to Cancel Subscription

Learn how to cancel your Nectar AI subscription
Nectar AI How to Cancel
Nectar AI How to Cancel

How to Cancel Nectar AI

(1) Visit the website and log in with your credentials.
(1)Click on “Profile” using the navigation on the left. (2) Click on “Settings” on the right side of your profile page. (3) Scroll down and find “Manage Subscription.”
(1) Click on “Manage Subscription” to go to the Superlike AI subscription page. (2) Click on “Cancel Subscription.”
(1) If you encounter issues, email customer support at [email protected] or join the Nectar AI Discord channel and ask for help in the #Support channel.

Are you wondering how to cancel your Nectar AI subscription without any hassle? Then you have come to the right place my ex-nectar ai loving friend.

I am a Nectar AI Ultimate subscriber and in this quick step-by-step guide you will learn;

  • How to cancel your Nectar AI subscription
  • How to contact support if you run into trouble
  • How to delete your account and all your data

Step-by-Step Instructions to Canceling Your Nectar AI Subscription

In this section, we are going to explain how to cancel your Nectar AI subscription. The method described in steps 1-3 is the only way to cancel your Nectar AI subscription so if that doesn’t work, skip to step 4 where we explain an alternative method.

step 1: Go to TryNectar.AI

step 2: Navigate to The Profile Settings

  • Use the navigation on the left and click on Profile

You are now on your profile page which shows all your creations along with your username.

Navigation on the left
Navigation on the left
  • Click on Settings on the right of your screen.
  • Now scroll down, look for Manage Subscription, and click on it.

This will bring you to the Superlike AI subscription page. 

step 3: Cancel Your Nectar AI Subscription

Superlike AI is the payment provider of Nectar AI and this is where you will need to cancel your Nectar AI subscription.

  • Look for the cancel button and click on Cancel Subscription.

step 4: Contact Support (Optional)

If the method we just showed you doesn’t work for some reason or you have technical issues then it’s not a bad idea to contact Nectar AI’s customer support.

Alternatively, you can also reach out through the Discord Channel.

  • Join the Nectar AI Discord channel.
  • Look for the #Support channel and ask for help.
support channel in nectar ai discord
#Support channel

Does Nectar AI Offer Refunds?

According to Nectar AI’s terms of service (TOS)1, the AI platform does not offer refunds.

You will not receive a refund for the fees You already paid for Your current Subscription period and You will be able to access the Service until the end of Your current Subscription period.

TOS, TryNectar AI

That said, from my personal experience as a seasoned AI girlfriend expert who tested an reviewed dozens of AI girlfriend apps I can tell you this: If you experience some technicality and therefore are not able to fully enjoy Nectar AI’s feature they are most likely to give you a refund.

I have good connections with Nectar AI and having satisfied customers is their top priority.

Nectar AI Delete Account: Here’s How…

Canceling your Nectar AI subscription is nice and all, but your spicy conversations and NSFW images are still in their database. That’s where deleting your Nectar AI account comes in handy.

Method 1: Contact Nectar AI

I’ve done extensive research on how to delete your Nectar AI account and the easiest way is to simply contact Nectar AI’s customer support (see step 4). There isn’t a dedicated ‘delete my account’ button.

I even went as far as to contact Nectar AI and ask them how we were supposed to delete our Nectar AI account.

Menprovement asking 'is there a way for user to delete their account on nectar ai' in the discord channel
Menprovement asking if there’s a way to delete Nectar AI account

Their answer: “Yeah, they send us a request to delete”

Nectar AI response to 'how to delete nectar ai account"
Nectar AI official response

Method 2: Use GDPR

If you are from the European Union you are blessed with GDPR.2 In simple terms, you can contact Nectar AI (As shown in step 4) and ask them to delete your data under GDPR. Nectar AI will be forced to delete all the information they have about you or face some serious legal troubles.

This will get you the same result as Method 1 but will put some more pressure on Nectar AI.

Our Favorite Nectar AI Alternatives

Nectar AI is great but it is not for everyone. If you are looking for a great Nectar AI Alternative then click the link to read our article.


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