Natural Herbs and How They Help Improve Men’s Sexual Health – Their Importance

Natural Herbs and How They Help Improve Men’s Sexual Health – Their Importance

Natural Herbs and How They Help Improve Men’s Sexual Health – Their Importance


Hormones are the messengers of the body which carry important information to tissues and organs. When the lines of communication are open, this promotes wellness.
If you consider the hierarchy of the endocrine system, you’ll find that the reproductive hormones will lie at the bottom as they aren’t important for keeping you alive. What lies at the top are adrenals and thyroid as they control all sorts of life-sustaining functions like metabolism and response to stress.
Apart from following a healthy diet, you also need to exercise regularly and manage stress so that you can improve the health of your heart and prostate. These two areas are the vital ones which men should support as they age.
Herbs generally play an imperative role in improving the lives of both men and women. People who get access to natural herbs are lucky enough and for those who don’t get access to such herbs, there are mediherb products that you can find online and that which are the best supplements that you can take for your health. To know the various herbs for improving men’s health, scroll down.

Herbs to support the health of men throughout all seasons


When the human body is stressed, the nervous and immune system gets affected, thereby leaving you ill and tired. During this time, if you can make use of adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha, it can restore and nourish your immune and nervous system by boosting your energy levels, normalizing your mood and making your hormones function properly. This is one of the most famous Ayurvedic herbs that you can use today.


The Maca herb stems from Peru and it is grown under extreme weather conditions. Since the time of Inca warriors, Maca root has been used in the form of a performance enhancer and a libido improver.
This herb plays a vital role in improving libido and promoting stamina and healthy energy. Of late, there have been studies which show that it can even support fertility by normalizing the functioning of reproductive hormones among men. You can add Maca to oatmeal, smoothies and other juices and also take them as capsules.


Hawthorn is something which is connected closely to your heart and hence this tree is deemed to be a symbol of love. This herb called Hawthorn has been used as a tonic for the human heart since first-century Rome. They improve various aspects of cardiovascular health and heart function. Hawthorn trees bear delicate white flowers which have got musky, deep smell and these flowers are also used to support human health. It can also control the emotional aspects of the heart like grief.


This is a herb which promotes a healthy prostate gland. Once you go near Nettles, you will know them by their sting as soon as they brush past you. This specific plant also has a rich history to support wellness and health. The leaves of this plant support an inflammatory response and also maintain natural histamine levels. The seeds of Nettle herb are used particularly for improving the health of the prostate gland of men.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a herb which enhances the metabolism of male hormones and also makes sure that the prostate gland is functioning properly. It is a native of South-eastern US and its berries were used as a food by the Americans. Since a long time now, this herb can be used to promote proper functioning of the male prostate gland. They also promote a balance in hormones among women.

Best herbs to boost the sex drive of men – Stay sexually healthy

Your sex drive is the best indicator of your health. If you’re a man who is not waking up with regular erections, this can be a big issue for you, especially if you’re someone who is under 50 years of age. The happier is your body, the more sexually active it will be.
There are people who say ‘Horny is healthy’. With any supplement that you choose, you want to ensure that you’re listening to your body. While some respond to a supplement more than others, the dose that you need to take will depend on the various stages of life.

Try to increase your testosterone by balancing hormones naturally

Though it is true that are several health supplements that can naturally boost your testosterone levels but before you choose them to improve your sex drive, it is imperative to take out few other lifestyle factors which can bring a change to your sex drive. Here are few lifestyle changes to bring about:

  • Get sound sleep: Getting regular and good quality sleep is vital for a happy mind, body, and libido. If you can sleep in a room that is slightly cool and which has as little light as is possible, this will ensure better sleep. Limit screen times, wind down a few hours before you go off to sleep and install blackout curtains to make your room dark.
  • Consume safe foods: Make sure your diet is based on plants and drink lots of water. Ditch having too much of refined sugar, bullshit, and processed foods. Green smoothies should be included in your diet. For the production of testosterone, make sure you eat an ample amount of fats like almonds, pecans, avocados and coconut oil. Have eggs, fish and cheese as they are rich in Vitamin D and B.
  • Eliminate stress: If you’re stressed about something, the first thing that will take a hit is your sex drive. High-stress levels will always drive down your testosterone levels. In order to reduce stress, make sure you do something that you love, perform regular exercise and get enough sleep.
  • Give up drinking & smoking: If there is anything that can boost your sex drive, then it is definitely by avoiding drinking and smoking. Both these are not only bad for your overall health but also for your sexual health.

Names of the herbs which will boost your sex drive naturally

Rather than beating around the bush, these are few of the best natural herbs that you can take to improve your performance in the bedroom. Scroll down to know the names of the herbs.

  • Pine Pollen

If there is any powerful libido booster, it is definitely pine pollen. Although medical studies haven’t found any strong link in pine pollen and boosting libido, yet men who have used it have considered it as a good boost to their testosterone levels especially when they took the pine pollen supplement.
Taking 3 tablets a day will be enough for you to see the results and from wanting an orgasm once a week, you will want to get an orgasm daily.

  • Indian and Korean ginseng

Korean ginseng boosts the rush of blood flow when you take it half-an-hour before you have sex and it also boosts your testosterone levels when taken on a regular basis. The Indian ginseng is also called ashwagandha and it is one of the most commonly used aphrodisiacs which reduces stress and inflammation. This improves the quality of semen in men and also boosts the reproductive health of women.

  • Maca root powder

Maca root powder along with pine pollen is the best supplement for improving men’s health. A combination of the two can become a powerful punch. In case you’re suddenly feeling energetically or creatively or sexually uninspired, you can take 3 pine pollen tablets along with a green smoothie adding 2 tablespoons of maca root powder.
Once you take this, you will immediately get a rush of sexual energy. Masturbate or have sex in order to function normally.

  • Vitamins E, A and minerals like selenium and zinc

There are certain minerals and vitamins which are extremely critical in the procedure of production of testosterone and androgen. You have to make sure you get enough amount of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, selenium and zinc through the diet that you take. Apart from this medical supplements, you can eat foods like kale, carrots, shellfish, spinach, wild salmon, shrimp, flax seeds, kidney beans, cashews, almonds and sunflower seeds so that you can get nutrients from the diet.

  • L-Arginine

L-arginine is a type of amino acid which is required for human body to make proteins. Once L-arginine enters the body, it is transformed to nitric oxide which relaxes and widens the blood vessels for better blood flow. People commonly use L-arginine for lowering high blood pressure, chest pain, preventing common cough and cold and improving erectile dysfunction.

  • Horny goat weed

Horny goat weed is one of the most ancient natural remedy which has been used in China for several centuries. This is used to fight against erectile dysfunction, low libido, and chronic tiredness. A study found that there is a definite compound in this herb which blocks the impact of an enzyme which restricts blood flow to the penis. Hence, this improves diseases like erectile dysfunction.
Therefore, being a man, you might lose confidence when you suffer from reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. Try using the various herbs mentioned above to improve your sexual health.

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