Podcast 076: Are You An Introvert? How to Harness Your Power And Unleash The Introverted Alpha Within

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This is episode 076 of The MenProvement Podcast.  In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast, I host an amazing lady, who helps to change the lives of thousands. She’s a fun, witty, and charming lady, who specializes in helping introverted guys to attract women naturally. Her name is Sarah Jones, and she made it her life’s mission to help guys with analytical and thoughtful minds stand out from the crowd.

She will help you dramatically by changing the way we see being an introverted guy and turn it from liability to a massive asset that will help your personality to shine through like a seductive beacon. At Introverted Alpha, Sarah will help smart introverted men attract women naturally. After helping thousands of men attract women in a fun and genuine way, she’s seen some amazing successes. Get first-class advice now! PS If you’re an extrovert, don’t worry there are still tons of gems that you will find useful!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

– How analytical and thoughtful mind is actually a gift you can hone and use to your advantage to master social interactions (even be better then natural extroverts)
– How you can use your deeply analytical and reflective capacities to boost your confidence
– Change your concept of what “introverted” means (it doesn’t mean shy)
– How to spot women who actually prefer introverts, and why you will have amazing chemistry with those girls, that extroverts could only dream of

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Introverted Alpha – Go to Sarah’s website to learn more

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– Sean Russell

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