Podcast 075: Exclusive Debate Between Richard La Ruina of PUA Training and John Cooper of SocialHeartistry.com. Pickup Vs. Social Heartistry. You Decide!

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This is episode 075 of The MenProvement Podcast.  In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast, I host a heated debate between John Cooper from Socialheartistry.com and Richard La Ruina from PUA Training. Two different philosophies and two different points of view. Social Heartistry vs Pick Up. Clash of the titans of the dating industry. How different are they, and where are the similarities?

Find out the answers to those questions and more, by listening to that episode now! Then decide who you resonate with and let us know in the comment section below!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

– Richard and John’s stories
– How is pick up different than Social Heartistry and how is it similar
– Why chasing women will ultimately leave you unhappy and unfulfilled
– Why external things will never fulfill you and make you happy (especially women)
– Why getting good at getting sex doesn’t mean you’re good with women

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

-Game Over: From Pickup Artist to Social Heartist – John Cooper’s book on how he changed paradigms and went from pickup to heart-centered action

-PUA Training – Richard’s company

-Richard’s website – Richard’s blog

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– Sean Russell

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1 thought on “Podcast 075: Exclusive Debate Between Richard La Ruina of PUA Training and John Cooper of SocialHeartistry.com. Pickup Vs. Social Heartistry. You Decide!”

  1. C’mon, Richard voice over the phone or from what ever he speaks of is bad, this is just disrespect for the man.
    What John Copper do is accusing Richard for being wrong, that’s the easiest thing to do, to say that someone doing something wrong, he even has a chapter on it on his book.
    John just underestimate him and delete the way he acts, and Richard defend him self, that is ridiculous!
    From what it sounds, Richard doesn’t event know what John Copper represents and this is the first time he hears about that, so what do you expect him to even say about something he just met?
    Also he always mention Richard as the face of “pickup”, where he actually the face of the “neutral” vibe, of “saying
    whatever comes into your head, without delay or planning.” (as quoted from his book)
    Richard does has the goal of making people better, not only picking up girls, this isn’t the main goal as I understand by reading his book, but he does speak of “Seizing Opportunities as They Present Themselves” (one of his chapters).
    I don’t really see what they have to debate on, because it sounds like two different subjects – Richard represents the seduction area when John represents the self-fulfillment area.
    I can’t find it as as a correct debate, when you almost can’t hear the other side.
    Next time, assign Richard with a student of his, so it will be equal, because John is your mentor and I wasn’t surprised when you said good things about him and support him.
    But still, thank you for doing this interesting conversation between two good men, and it is always good to hear about something new.


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