Podcast 073: Game Over: The Two Biggest Lessons You Need to Learn to Become Truly Good With Women

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This is episode 073 of The MenProvement Podcast.  In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast, I talk to John Cooper an extraordinary dating coach, who made it his life mission to infiltrate Pickup Community and subvert it into a platform for spiritual and masculine development. With his new philosophy called SOCIAL HEARTISTRY John is taking men from a place of separation and control of women to heart-centered actions. John will help you to reach a place of true autonomy and expression that will make you the most attractive man you can possibly be.

This episode is sponsored by the book Game Over: From Pick-up Artist to Social Heartist. In this long-awaited book, John Cooper reveals the full story of how he infiltrated the pick-up and seduction industry and subverted it into a platform for masculine and spiritual development.  Creating a revolutionary new paradigm called Social Heartistry that the world is waking up to and welcoming with open arms. Enabling men and women to connect on a deeper and more heartfelt level than was ever possible.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • About John’s book Game Over, and how he went from pick up artist to social heartist
  • How to eliminate the needy smell of a creepy pickup artist persona
  • Why the more you try to get rid of neediness the needier you become and how to overcome it
  • How the pickup language, separates you from women and reflects your own inner turmoil

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Our Sponsor: Game Over: From Pick-up Artist to Social Heartist

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– Sean Russell

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