How Damien Lupo Went From Homeless to 7-Figures

How Damien Lupo Went From Homeless to 7-Figures

How Damien Lupo Went From Homeless to 7-Figures

The MenProvement Podcast: Episode 115

Damien has been an entrepreneur all of his life, starting his first business at age 9, and building up his finances in a relatively short period of time to become very financially abundant. However, Damien is not immune to the problems that all of us face… Due to various unnecessary mistakes, and without true financial intelligence, he lost almost everything and became financially unstable (as well as unhealthy) for nearly 3 years.

[We apologise for the echo on this call, however, it is still easy to make out what is being said and the content is still solid!]

In this episode you will learn:

– How Damien grew too quickly and how this lead to disaster

– What mistakes he made that caused him to lose his fortune and how you can avoid them

– How adversity forced him to dig deep and become a more authentic and grounded version of himself, and how you can do the same

– How to be financially smart and disciplined so that you can evolve and become financially abundant

– The fundamentals of financial responsibility and how to make your money work for you

– How to know if you’re being fuelled by ego vs. being fuelled by your purpose

The main message here is financial responsibility. However, we cover allot in this episode and we make a special attempt to give you not only the tools you need to not only become more financially intelligent but how you can apply the same mindsets and principles to other areas of your life, such as women, success or your purpose.

We also talk about the 10x rule and how to 10x your goals as a way of creating powerful levels of motivation and how to get even further than you would have thought possible.

We discuss ‘the warrior space’; a mindset to apply to your business and life for creating the results that you want and also for becoming more bold and attracting the women that you want.

We also talk about adding value and contributing to others lives, not only to fulfil your deeper needs for contribution and purpose, but so you can have even more money and save more money  for later on.

In this episode we challenge you to be aware, be motivated and think at an even higher level.


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