Podcast 004: How to Date The Most Beautiful Women Alive

Podcast 004: How to Date The Most Beautiful Women Alive

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How to Date The Most Beautiful Women Alive by Simply Doing You – W/ Marc Summers

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In this episode, you will learn

  • How Marc transformed his dating life over a 2-year period
  • How to access your true self when you are around your buddies in front of the hottest girls
  • How being genuine and natural will make you “different” than other guys and land you the hottest girls alive
  • Steps you can take to start the transformation today


You heard me. What’s your motherfucking credit score, girl?

Marc Summers

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What’s up, guys? This is episode four of the Men Provement podcast, and the topic of today’s show is how to improve your dating life by simply being a great guy. I have a very special guest in studio today, dating expert Mark Summers of Major League Dating.com. What’s up, Mark? How are you doing?


Pretty good, man. How are you doing?


Very good. I’m glad to have you, man. What I mean by improving your dating life by being a great guy is that you often hear the saying that girls don’t like nice guys. You have to be an asshole to get women. Well, it’s simply not true. And Mark is a testament to this on his site. His tagline is I’m just a regular dude who attracts and dates hot women, which is exactly why I got him here today to explain this process all to you guys. So I guess we’ll jump in and start with your backstory. Mark, how did you get started where you were always great with ladies?

Well, I’ll tell you exactly how I got started. Yeah, I never really felt well. I mean, when I was younger, around 17 or 18, I had major problems with girls. I couldn’t get them to go out with me again, couldn’t get them to call me back, and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. But it really came to light when I dated. I dated this absolutely ridiculously hot girl. And when we broke up, she said something that kind of changed my life. And what it was, she said, was that you need to read a book on women because you need to learn what you’re doing. And I wanted to be back with her so bad because I was desperate to be with her. I did exactly what she said. And it changed my life. And I decided to start teaching this stuff when we were out at a bar. And I had three women all over me, begging to take me home. And there were about 10 guys around, and they wanted nothing to do with any of those guys; all three of them were basically competing for my attention. And I ended up taking all three home, and somebody told me I needed to write a book and start a business teaching how to do this.


So you went from Yeah, you went from getting dumped and told that you need to read a book because you don’t know what you’re doing with women to leaving the bar with three hot women. And that was kind of your pivot point. When you’re like, Wow, you know, maybe I should do this for a living, Because how long? How long of a period was that from your start to leaving the bar with three women?

I’d say about two years; I guess I had dated around maybe 40 girls from the time I broke up with my ex-girlfriend to that point. So I had gotten a lot of experience. I had screwed up a lot and learned a lot of stuff.


Well, that’s what, yeah, it’s all about failure. I know that, right? I know that from the past two months, which we’ll get into later. But before your girlfriend dumps you, were you, you know, pretty average with women, or were you a nervous guy?

Um, I would say that my older brother is a natural with women. And I would just basically copy what he did, even though I had no idea what I was doing. But I would just do what I saw him do, and for some reason it worked, but not as well as it did for him. I just had a little bit of an idea of what I was doing. So basically, I was getting lucky. When I was dating girls. It wasn’t due to anything I knew I was doing. It was basically just luck. And I really wasn’t. I was really dating women who were kind of at the bottom of the barrel. I mean, except for my ex-girlfriend, I was just dating the women I could get; I really wasn’t trying to get the top-notch women.


Yeah, absolutely. I feel you. So the last time we talked, from what I understand, your whole style of dating is all about kind of being a natural, like a great fun guy, which is why I brought you on for this podcast. So could you kind of, you know, just explain what kind of style you teach in your book and on your website, like direct versus indirect, like cocky verse, like, nice? Go into that for a little bit.

I guess I could start by saying that. I don’t really like fake people or women. Women deal with fake guys. Every single day, women meet a guy who’s putting on his great personality. And she knows that he’s full of shit, like she knows this guy is just acting this way because he wants to look like a nice guy, so he could try to get in my pants, and I have a section in my book called your natural default setting. And what that is is, imagine you’re sitting at home, watching TV, just hanging out with one of your friends. Your personality, the things that come out of your mouth, the way you look, the way you stand That’s your natural default setting. And what most of us do is, when a woman walks in the room or we get around a woman, all of a sudden our body language changes, the way we talk changes, the way we look changes, and we essentially put on an act in front of women. Well, what I teach is that when we put on an act, we’re trying to be this guy who is cooler, funnier, and more attractive than who we naturally think we are. And I teach that you can change yourself to naturally become this guy that you will find more attractive to women. When you’re just naturally being yourself, you will be this guy. And it’s all just changing your habits and really paying attention to the way you talk, stand, and behave. And working on it so much that it just becomes part of who you are. So when you meet women, you don’t have to put on an act. You don’t have to act like somebody else. You’re just yourself. And women are like, Wow, that’s a really cool guy.

Becoming a natural with women


Yeah, that’s actually amazing that you see that man, because I don’t know if you guys back home have been reading the website, but we have. I wrote this Newbies Guide to Picking Up Girls because I’ve been pretty much diving into this whole getting good with women thing. Journey myself, which is how I met Mark, and he became a contributor on Men’s Progress. And we’ve been kind of going back and forth. But yeah, like you say, the best way to be is to be in your natural state, which is what you are, but it’s so hard. Because when you’re around women, you freeze up, and everything changes. So I think for me, and you know, most of the people that I’ve talked to and guys that I’ve helped, the only way to get around this is to just go out there and, you know, get experience and just approach approach approach and be nervous as hell and, you know, shut your pants for a month or two, and eventually you will truly start to become natural with women. Is that how you went about it? Because that’s pretty much

That’s exactly. That’s exactly how it works: the more you know, the more you do it. Just like working on a car, throwing a football, or shooting a basketball, no matter what it is, at first, you’re going to be nervous, you’re going to feel dumb, and you’re going to be like, I don’t know what I’m doing. But the more you do it, you do it so much that it’s like, Yeah, that’s no big deal. I’ve done it a million times; no big deal. So like now, when I talk to women, I’ve met so many women that I just walk up to them and say, Hey, what’s up? I just walk up to them  I’ve known him for 10 years, and I don’t really give a crap what they think. Sometimes I get nervous, sometimes I don’t. But it’s all just experience. Once you’ve interacted with enough women, you begin to realize that 99% of women aren’t that different from each other when it comes to first meeting them. And you can get to the point where you can basically predict exactly what they’re going to say and do around you when you first meet them. So that’s really comforting.


Yeah, and that’s exactly what I mean when I got you, you know, when I wanted to do this podcast topic about getting girls by being a nice guy, you know, it wasn’t about, you know, being that nice guy who’s super needy and like trying to impress women, you know, like, let me buy you this, let me buy you that, no, it’s just being comfortable enough with yourself and in front of women. You’re not putting on an act; you’re not trying to be an asshole; you’re not nagging them, as people say, but you’re just confident and you’re just cool. And you go up and you say, Hey, you know you look great. I wanted to come and say hi to you, and it works better than anything else out there. And you can be a nice guy, and you can get beautiful women; you don’t have to be an asshole.

Yeah, they’re the type of nice guy that you know I’m used to being, and I am nice to women. I don’t kiss their asses. I don’t buy them gifts. I don’t buy them drinks. I don’t buy them flowers. I’m just genuinely nice to him. I’m just saying Hey, what’s up? How was your day just talking to him? But not like saying Hey, how was your day? But I really don’t give a crap how their day was if you know that if I ask them how their day was, I’m generally interested in just knowing what they did that day. And I’m nice to the point where women start getting shy, acting bratty, or doing things that they get away with with other guys. As soon as they start doing that, I’m in a gym. No manly man, or tell them, Hey, that’s not cool. Don’t do that. I don’t like that. That stuff doesn’t fly with me around other people. And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t do that around me. And what that does is make her attraction for you just skyrocket because she’s thinking, Wow, I’ve never had a guy be able to locate his balls and be this honest with me about what he wants. And that’s awesome. And the first time I did it, I’ll tell you what, it scared the hell out of me. I thought I was going to get slapped. Because somebody told me, Look, man, you need to be more honest. If a girl does something you don’t like, you need to tell her right there in front of her face. You don’t like it? But they said, Don’t be an asshole about it. Just be cool about it. So I did it. And I was so scared. And all she did was say, Okay, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to offend you. And I noticed that within the next 20 minutes, her attraction for me doubled and tripled. And she was wanting to leave and go hang out at her house. It was insane. And yeah,

How to be a cool guy


Yeah, well, do you mean it’s all it sounds like it’s all about, you know, not being a pantser, not being needy, not being outcome dependent? But you’re just truly, you know, who you are, and you’re going up and you’re like, Hey, this is a beautiful girl; I want to get to know her. You’re worthy. You know, you know you are, and you’re displaying that to the point where she’s like, Wow, you know, this guy’s not trying to kiss my ass like other guys. He’s choosing me. And you know, when you make that shift, I think I’ve started to make that shift already. I’ve only been doing this for about a month. But it’s so powerful. It’s unbelievable.

Yeah, it’s basically just being a cool guy. You know, I talk to women the same way I talk to my friends, which is exactly how I’m talking to you right now. I don’t talk to women any differently than a lot of men; they’ll change your voice tone and their attitude. The way I’m talking right now It’s exactly the way I talk to women. And I’m just a cool guy. But the thing is, I don’t let women take advantage of me, and I don’t let women walk all over me. And they know that as soon as they even begin to try it. I’m like, Don’t do that. That’s not cool. And they know that they can do it with 90% of men. But when they meet me, they’re like, Okay, this guy knows what’s up. Yeah. And he’s not stupid.


Yeah. And to clarify to everyone listening that, you know, it’s easy to say, you know, be this cool guy, you know, don’t be nervous, bah, bah, it’s easy to say. But literally, no matter how many podcasts you listen to and know how to do, no matter how many books you read, the only way to do this is to go out and approach 1000 women, like it’s literally the only way. It’s like, like you said, throwing a football is the only thing you can learn to do. At first, you’re going to be nervous. I’ve been doing this for a month. And you know, in my first approach, I quickly complimented the girl and ran away, and then I got blown out. The next two days, I was terrible. But now I can go out because I woke up and I’m genuine, and I tell a girl she looks great. You know, I wanted to come meet you; we could have a conversation. And I’m getting three out of five women I approach. And I feel great afterwards. It’s an amazing feeling. And, you know, most guys have never tried it. And they just keep reading. But really, you know, give yourself permission to be terrible at this and go out and just try to be genuine. And at first you’re going to be nervous, but eventually you’re going to start to get it, and it’s amazing. It’s really changing you.

You You made me think of two good things: you can read how to throw a football for six months and never touch a football, and then get some kid who’s never touched a football or read about a football in his life. And you could put yourself side by side with them. And both of them throw the football horribly. The first time, it doesn’t matter how much you read about it. And second, the most successful people in any walk of life aren’t the ones who never made mistakes or screwed up. But they’re the ones who screwed up the most. Because every time you screw up, you will learn a lesson from it. So say you walk up to a woman and do some stupid boy, and you’re like, Well, I’m never going to do that shit again. I know better than that now. And you just keep learning that lesson over and over with different things. Before you know it, you’re the guy who’s better than everybody with girls, but you’ve made more mistakes than anybody can even imagine. And that’s my story. Yeah, and reject I have Yeah, no, you go, I have done this stupid thing, as I have done the stupidest things with women, but just ridiculous dumb things. But I know now not to do it. You know? And it’s no big deal. Looking back on it It’s actually funny. I love telling people stories about the stupid things I’ve done because they just laugh about them. Yeah.

How rejection hijacks your brain


Well, let’s say you’re one of those.

Well, one of them was when I went out with a girl one time, and we had an excellent time. We were holding hands, and I kissed her. You know, I kissed her at the end of the night and stuff. I just never heard from her again, and I went to her house without calling, which is a no. And her car was there, so I knocked on her door, but she didn’t answer. And I set out my car and called her and called her. She didn’t answer. I came back the next day. And eventually, about four days later, I was driving by being a creeper. And I saw her coming out, so I parked my car and ran up to her. What’s the matter? Everything went so great. And she was like, Don’t ever talk to me again. You are a weird psycho. Don’t ever do that. And it wasn’t my intention to be a weird psycho. I just didn’t know any better because I didn’t understand the way it looked in her eyes. It made me look like a crazy person. In my eyes. I was just the guy who was trying to win over her affection and approval.


No, yeah. And Phil, you know, it’s kind of like, That was really dumb. It hijacks your brain almost sometimes, you know, when guys text girls over and over, and then you look back and you’re like, What the fuck was I doing that? Yeah, you’re

like, What the hell was I thinking? I look like an idiot. So yeah,


That, like, your whole point brings me to, like, the whole point of some people being scared of rejection is to just, like, fucking own rejection, because you’re going to get rejected every time, no matter how good you are. But it gets to a point where, like, you never get really rejected because, you know, the girl doesn’t know who you are, and you don’t care afterwards; you’re doing it for you. And rejection, as some of you know, almost becomes funny. And that, you know, is just even more powerful. I know; you told me a story about you and your friend who used to go out. And you would try to get rejected, right?

Yeah, we caught it. Let’s go. We’d say, Let’s go and get rejected. And what’s funny is that when this is the way your brain works, it’s something called wanting it tax. When you want something too bad, you actually drive it away from you. So you know, me and my buddy were always getting rejected. So I told him, You know what? Every time we get rejected, we’re not trying to get rejected. I said, How about we go out tonight and see how stupid we can be? And let’s see who can come up with it. Let’s see who gets rejected the most. And let’s see who could get the better rejection story. Well, it’s funny because I think he only got rejected once that night, and I didn’t get rejected at all. And I was trying to get rejected. And the way that works is that I just quit giving a sh*t. That’s what it came down to. When I was getting rejected. I was giving, and I was caring too much about what the girl thought. I walked into those bars, and I didn’t give a flying fuck what anybody thought. And women were just lighting up like firecrackers and calling their friends over. And I had a group of five girls just make them all laugh and act like idiots. And I didn’t understand what was going on. And after me and my buddy thought about it, the first couple of nights we talked about and thought about it, we were like, You know what it is? It’s that we really don’t care. We’re trying to get rejected, and we can’t get rejected. When we want to get approval, we get rejected; it’s not working the way we want it to. So it made me realize that rejection is something women can see all over your face. The minute you walk up to him, they can see it in your eyes, whether you care what they think or not. You just have those desperate eyes, like your eyes are the windows to your soul. When you are desperate. Everything that’s going on in your brain reflects not only in your eyes but also in your body language. So that night, I just didn’t give a sh*t; I wanted to get rejected. That desperate look in my eye just completely went away. And my body language just said, like I just don’t care. And women were just one after another, just laughing and having a good time with me, and women were coming by and smacking my buttocks. And I had just barely talked to him, and I was just like, Man, what is going on here? So yeah, we used to play a game called Let’s Get Rejected.” And we actually laugh about it now because we still do it. But we know we’re not going to get rejected, so we just say,, Let’s see the dumbest thing we can walk up and say or do, and see if we get away with it. You know?

The importance of not being dependent on the outcome of an encounter


Yeah, absolutely. You know, it’s a powerful thing. And it’s kind of hard to grasp or wrap your head around it. But, like, imagine going out. And it’s the guys who go out and see a girl, and they’re completely dependent on the outcome. They’re like, Oh my God, I want this. I want to sleep with this girl so bad. Meanwhile, there’s a guy who is not trying, and that’s the one the girl wants. So it’s almost like, exactly, you can’t even try to not try. You literally just have to, over time, start to not be dependent on the outcome. We have to stop there. Yeah, you have to not be dependent on the outcome. And again, the only way to do that is through repetition. Repetition, repetition. Yeah. So, really, I want to jump into some really practical applications that people can go out there and do, and number one is that you have to go out there and start approaching women, you know. Just start approaching women. Tomorrow, I go out to the mall. It’s kind of embarrassing. I just walk around the mall right now and approach women every single day. Because I really want to get good at this. I’m trying to improve my life. And it’s what it takes. But, you know, don’t be embarrassed. It’s a beautiful thing. Because right now, I’m probably in the top 90% of guys who can approach women after a month, just because I went out and made it happen. And then, like, now I’m teaching my friends to do it, and they love it. So So yeah, you know, go out and approach, but let’s say you see a girl walking down the street—a beautiful girl with a short skirt and tanned skin. What do you do, man? What? Like, what’s your go-to approach? You know, talk, walk us through an interaction.

I will. I’m just naturally stupid. I say stupid things all day long to people. And I’ve had one that works pretty well. And it depends on what mood I’m in. And I’ll just walk up to a random girl, and I’ll be like, Hey,  you know, don’t think I’m real serious. And I’ll be like, What’s your motherfucking credit score? and they’ll just start laughing. And they’re like, What? Yeah, because you’ve heard me say, What’s your motherfucking credit score, girl? and they’re just like, That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. And I said, Yeah, but you’re laughing? And I said, No, seriously, what’s your credit score? And they’re like, What? I’m just kidding. And then, and overlaying, it never seems like you’re serious; you want no more credit score. And I’m like, Look, if we’re going to date, I’ve got to know what your credit score is. I wanted to know if we could buy nice things with it. That’s what I’ll start talking to him about. And we’ll get into a full conversation about stuff like that. They don’t even know my name. I don’t know how old I am. And I would just be like, Look, I don’t have a job. I’m lazy. I still live with my mom. You know, my mom can’t even get me to mow the lawn. I need a girlfriend who has a good credit score. And, you know, so we could get some nice things. And she’s like, Who said I’m going to be your girlfriend? And I said, Well, who says The choice is up to you?


Yeah, man. Like, you know

Once you get to know me, you’re going to be begging me to be your boyfriend. And they’re like, Oh, whatever you are. They’re like, You are cocky. And I’m like, No, I got a lot of wieners.” But I wouldn’t call myself cocky. Just like stupid things, you know?

The magical secret of what to say to girls


Yeah, it just shows, man, that there’s no magical secret. If you’re trying to find the magical secret of what to say to girls, you know, that’s fine, too, because it doesn’t matter what you’re

It doesn’t exist. There’s no perfect line to say to a woman.


You said, Yeah. And it’s important. It’s important to say, You know, you need to do you. You need to f eventually find what works for your past personality, because you do this kind of ridiculous stuff.nd that’s hilarious, you know, but for me, I’m, you know, a different guy, obviously, a different human being. For me, what works is that if I go up, I’ll run past the girl. And I’ll stop her. And I’ll say, Hey, sorry, this is completely random. But I just saw you over there. And I had to come tell you how great you look in a very genuine way. and I do it naturally. And then it jumps into, You know, what are you up to today? You know, you look fantastic. Do you have a boyfriend? And that’s what works for me. And that’s what works for you. The point is, yeah, you know, all that matters is that you’re confident and that you’re not dependent on the outcome. You’re enjoying yourself. You’re amusing yourself; you’re doing it for you. And the only way to get there is to approach, approach, approach. Yeah, every single day. So that’s great. You know, it’s a great point.

There is kind of a little secret.nd the secret is, if you are having a good time talking to her, That’s all that matters. Because if you walk up to her and it feels like you’re dying, more than likely, it’s not going to work because she’s going to notice something’s not cool. But you know, when I walk up to a woman and say something that’s so ridiculous that I have to actually stop talking to her because I’m laughing so much, She’s going to automatically have a good time because laughing, smiling, and all that stuff are contagious. So when you walk up to a woman and you’re just naturally having a good time, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying to her. If you’re laughing and smiling, and she’s laughing and smiling, She’s going to forget about what you even talked about 10 minutes before?


Yeah, absolutely, man. I mean, it’s incredible. It really is so great for the street, and I’ve been working on the street, but I have a lot of trouble in the bars and the clubs. You know, I got good at the street. And then I started going out with my friends to bars and clubs. And as soon as I walk in there, I’m like, Bam, you know, I shut down because it’s a different world. So what, but you know, I got a little better. We’ll talk about that after, but what do you do, you know, when you’re in a bar setting?

When I’m in a bar setting, there are many things. If there’s a girl standing at the bar ordering a drink or something, I’ll deliberately stand too close to her until she elbows me, and then I’ll act like I’m her. Tell her I’m going to sue her, or else. I’ll let a girl bump me. I’ll let her bump me. Me and I’ll just look at a real serious guy, and I’ll be like, Watch it, punker, I’m going to whip your SSI. Just like, you know, just something stupid, you know? And I’m like, Look, error, I’ll just look at a real serious, and she’ll be like, Oh my god, I’m sorry. And I’ll be like, Do me, and you’ve got to go to the back and hash this out. And she’s like, Oh, no, and I’m like, Don’t be a pervert. I meant to fight. Don’t be a pervert; you’re not getting in my pants. Or, if a girl’s playing pool, I’ll deliberately walk too close to where she hits me with her pool stick. And I’ll just act overly dramatic and stupid. And being like, You know what? You’ve got to buy me a beer. I’m going to have a bruise. Now. I say I probably broke a rib. I gotta you buy me a beer. I’m going to go home and cry now and do all this stuff. And I’m going to need to call you on the phone and cry to you because I’m going to be in pain all night. Just anything stupid—literally anything stupid that comes to mind. I say it. And I’ve never had a girl be like, Get away from me. You are an idiot. Most of the time. They are like, Dude, you are insane. What is your name? And I’m like, Mark, and they’re like, Well, I’m back. It’s nice to meet you. They’re like, You are crazy. They’re like, All the guys in here are boring. And you’ve been here all year. Just being goofy and stuff. They’re like,You’ve got a girlfriend. I’m like, Nope, they’re like, whatever. You have a girlfriend, and you’re a player. And I’m like, You know what? I have a wife and nine kids. And I’m just looking for a side piece. What do you think?

How to get girls by being cool


I think I need to change the name of the podcast from How to Get Girls to Be Nice Guys to How to Get Girls to Be Absolutely Ridiculous.” That’s great, though, man. So

Well, during all of it, all of them were perfect. I’m a perfect gentleman. I’m really nice to him. I’m not rude. I don’t go, you know, slapping their ass like 10 seconds after I meet them. Or


The point is that you’re being yourself. You know? Yeah, I’m

just being cool. So it is. Yeah. And


You know, as you know, people say, Just be yourself. It’s great. It’s great. But when you’re nervous, it’s not going to work. So you’ve got to be yourself for a long time until you become, you know, confident and relaxed.

You just have to be accustomed to talking and interacting with women. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will get.


Yeah, it’s really amazing. All right, man. That’s hilarious. That’s awesome. So, you know, you say on your site that you’re just a regular dude who gets hot, real hot women. So you know, do you dress like a regular dude? What do you wear when you go out?

I wear I wear sandals, board shorts, like surfing shorts, and just t-shirts with different things on them. They don’t even have to be funny. As long as it’s just the t-shirt that I log. And I wear backward baseball caps all the time. That’s it.


So what you’re telling me, as you don’t get a spray tan, I don’t know. tight neck, and you still get girls. That’s amazing. I don’t believe

Oh, my shirts are wrinkled; I don’t iron my shirts; I don’t do anything. And I’ve gone to the bar after work on several occasions. I’m an aircraft mechanic, part-time. And I wear white T-shirts to work sometimes. And they’re literally covered in grease. And I’ll go to the bar, walk up, and start talking to girls. And you would think that I’m wearing a $10,000 suit because women are cool and fun. Women really don’t care what you’re wearing. And they might ask you, Why are you so dirty? And I’ll just be like, Oh, I fell down outside in the parking lot. You know, say something stupid. I’ll be like, Oh, some old lady tricked me while I was walking in here. And I got all dirty.


Yeah, women don’t like guys for the nice car or the nice shirt. They like guys for the way that those guys usually act, you know, rich guys; really, they don’t even care if you want to go deep into it, looks really don’t matter. Women like guys who look good because of the way they act when they know they look good. You know, when they’re not insecure, they’re confident. You know, it’s all based on their looks. But in reality, if an ugly dude were to act the exact same way, which is easy, you know, with practice, and many guys do it, You have the exact same results. It’s amazing.

I see beautiful women with ugly guys all the time. And I used to say, How the hell did he get her? but now I’m like,I’ve got to go meet that guy. And I’ll go meet him. And sure enough, he’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. And I’m like, Yeah, I can perfectly understand how he was able to get her. Yeah, man. Just a cool guy.


So yeah, you’re just a regular dude; you wear regular clothes. You have no special lines; you just go out and have a great time. You’re natural, so what do you know? What are these girls looking like that you’ve been dating over the years?

Oh, they’ve got I like to work out, and they’ve got to be in shape. I don’t date chunky girls. They’ve got to be pretty; you know if they are beautiful, but they have a shy personality. They don’t stand a chance with me, and I’ll tell them that they have some luck. You know? You are so pretty, and it’s such a waste that you have such a terrible personality. And they’ll be like, That’s not nice. And I’ll be like, Well, you know what? You had a chance to be really nice and genuine, and you’ve been acting ugly. And you know, I just go for women who are genuinely nice girls. And they don’t look like they get around; if they are overly friendly, like they’ll sleep with anybody, I don’t really waste my time on b themcause that’s if you’re looking to get herpes or c crap. ou know, so I go for girls who are in great shape, who dress nicely, and who carry themselves very well. I’m not overly picky, but they have to be very attractive. They have to be, you know, rare and in very good shape.


So essentially, you have your pick of the litter because you’re one of the only guys out there who’s actually being genuine with himself.

Dealing With a Supermodel


Here. The good story of my success is that I’m not going to mention any names just for their own sake. But I ended up dating this world-famous supermodel, who’s not only a supermodel but also an actress and a singer. And she’s very famous all over the world. And, as you know, she’s well known. Well, we ended up dating, and I, you know, learned that supermodels and famous people have the same issues and problems as we all do. Well, we ended up, you know, I ended up dumping her. Let’s put it that way. I ended up dumping her. And you know, she was telling me you’re a nobody. You’re not famous. You’re not this; you’re not that. Well, she ended up stalking me, begging me to date her again. And I told her no. Why don’t you go date one of your famous NFL players or one of your famous actors from TV? Go do that. And this woman was blowing up my phone nonstop. I ended up having to block her on Facebook. I had to block her phone number. And I didn’t change my number, but I got close to it. Well, you know, at the end of it. She said my friend is there in San Antonio, Texas. And she’s having trouble with their BMW. And I know you’re a mechanic. So can you take a look at it? So I said, Yeah, sure. Well, her friend ended up coming over. I looked at her car, and she was very charming and all that stuff. So we ended up going out. I ended up finding out that her friend’s dad used to be the president of a big Asian country, to put it that way. And she was loaded with money, like we would go out. And she would say she has to buy a purse. Well, any normal girl is going to just go buy a, you know, $50 or $100 purse at the most. This girl dropped $80,000 on a person who didn’t even blink. And I was like, shitting my pants, and she was like, Do you want anything? And I’m like, No. Yeah. Ya know? That kind of money made me nervous. I didn’t know what to do. So I told her no. Well, we ended up coming to Louisiana for a contract I was working on. And I ended up getting really mad at her, and we got into an argument. And when I came home, my brother called me and said there’d been a car in the driveway for the past couple of days. I didn’t know if it was yours. I said, No. Well, I came home. And she had bought me a $50,000 Infiniti that I had been looking at. And she was mad.

Making women feel things that other guys don’t.

I made her take it back to the dealership. Now most of you guys are like, Are you fucking crazy? Why would you do that? It’s because, once again, I’m a normal, regular guy. I don’t play that stupid game with people. You’re not going to buy my attention. You’re not going to buy my affection. So she was mad because I made her take the car back to the dealership. And she lost like $18,000 because she drove it off the lot. And she was like, I can’t believe you made me take the car back, and I’m like, Well, I don’t want it; you should have kept it. And she was like, I lost $18,000. Because you may take the car back, but that’s the kind of success I’ve had: women will do almost anything for me; they will stalk me to the end of the earth; They will buy me cars; and it’s all because I’m just a normal, regular, nice guy and I treat them well. Yeah. And you know, I make them feel things that other guys don’t make them feel, which is basically, if you were to take my book, Ace Your Dates, and sum it up and ask me to mark some of your book up into one sentence, what is this book going to do? This book is going to make women feel gratitude for you that they don’t feel for other guys.


Yeah, and you told me that I remember you telling me that most of these women that you still keep in contact with, a lot of them would drop their husbands on the altar if you came back. Oh yeah. Okay, let’s stay, you know. You just create this lasting rapport and emotional connection with them.

We have a good relationship. And yeah, there’s such an emotional connection there. And for me, a lot of them have gotten married, and they are like, I will dump my husband in a heartbeat to get back with you. And a lot of them—you know, not a lot of them—have gotten married and had children. And she and they are like, I don’t care; I will give up everything I have to be with you. And it has nothing to do with the women being emotionally screwed up. It has to do with whether it is possible to make women feel such a deep attraction for you that they will give up their firstborn child just to be with you. Yeah. And it’s very possible, and you learn that stuff from my book. It’s incredible.


So all right, before we jump into, you know, the outro, you brought up this insane story of you leaving the bar with three women. I got to hear this story from start to finish. And I think everyone else is probably pretty interested in

All right. It was a couple years ago when Golden Boy de la Jolla was boxing. I think he was boxing Pacquiao a couple of years ago, and I was watching that fight. Yeah. And I went to the bar by myself because my coworkers said we’re going to go watch it at the bar. They said okay, cool. And I had slept, I had gone, and I got home from work. And if I was going to be like, nine or something, I got home. And I took a two- or three-hour nap. I woke up, put on a wrinkled t-shirt, and put on sandals and shorts. And I had a hat on. No, I actually had a button-up shirt that had holes in it, like from cigarettes. And I was like, I don’t give a shite.” I’m just going to wash. And I showed up. And usually I have this bad habit everywhere I go. I don’t really look around at people. I just mind my business. And I ran into my friend Ruben there, whom I hadn’t seen in years. He’s from Panama; he’s a good guy. And he was with his wife and his wife’s friend. And he goes and takes a look at my wife’s friend, and I’m like, Man, she’s cute. He goes, You need to go talk to her man. She likes you. And I’m like, Oh, okay, let me get my beer. So I went and got my beer, and I was just minding my business. I didn’t even bother talking to her. And I had a lot. I used to smoke cigarettes. So I had a cigarette, but I had a letter in my pocket. But I was like, You know what? Screw it. I went up to her. And I said, Hey, you’ve got a ladder. And she was like, Yeah, she gave me a she. And I let my cigarette And I was just like, So what’s up? I was like, You know, Rubin, huh? And she was like,Yeah, yeah. I was like, Yeah, I used to work with them. And all this stuff. I just started talking to her. Well, I’ve been talking to her for about 10 minutes. And these two—it was funny because she was a brunette, and a redhead and a blonde walked in both of them with fake tits. Beautiful bodies walked in and sat down. And they kept looking in my direction while I was talking to this girl. And on a side note, when other women see you talking to an attractive woman, your attractiveness to them skyrockets by like 100%. Yeah. So that because women want what they can’t have, if they see a guy sitting by himself and they see a guy talking to another girl, they’ll be more interested in the guy talking to the girl. So what happened was that these girls kept staring. And for some reason, I still don’t know to this day when she was in the middle of a sentence. And while I was talking to her, I just put my hand up at those girls and just made a SIG, a hand signal, like, Come here. So both of those girls got up and walked straight over to us. And I just kept talking to this girl; I didn’t even say hi to them. I just put my hand out, like telling them to hold on. So I told them to hold on. And they were just standing there, and I just kept talking to this girl. And then I turned away from her and looked straight at those girls.

Let’s play a game and they’ll forget their names

And I said, Hey, what’s your name? And one of them was like, Back, or whatever name was the blonde. And then the redhead. She was like, Oh, my name is Rachel. And I’m like, Cool. This is Diana. I said it was nice for you girls to meet each other. I said I’ve been over here flirting with Diana, and she’s been all over me. We need some company. And the girls were all laughing. You know, and I had just met this girl, Dan, a couple of minutes ago, I always accused women of flirting with me even if they weren’t, even if they were mad at me. I told them to stop flirting with me. But so I’m like, It’s nice for your girls to meet each other. I said, You know what? I’ve got a great idea. And they’re like, Like I said, let’s play a game. And they’re like, Okay, I said, Do you guys know my name? And they’re like, No, and I’m like, I’m Gunther. It’s nice to meet you. And they’re like Gunther, and I’m like, Yeah, Gunther. I saw it, and they’re laughing, and I’m like, I can’t believe you guys are laughing at my name. That’s totally messed up. I was trying to be nice to you guys. And they’re like, Oh, no, I’m sorry. And I’m like, I’m just kidding. My name is not Gunther. And then I made up another ridiculous name. I was like, My name is Carlos; Jorge esta vez. And they’re like, really? And I’m like, No, it’s not. And they’re like, What’s your name? And I’m like, Mark, and they’re like, Oh, nice to meet you, Mark.” And I’m like, if you guys forget my name, you’ve got to go buy me a beer. And they’re like, Okay, and they’re like, If you forget our names, you’re going to buy us a beer. And I’m like, Well, this makes it fun, because there are three of you and only one of me. So who do you think’s going to win? And they’re like us? And I’m like, All right, so I’m going to try not to forget your names. And I’m like, You need it. If y’all can do me a favor and tell your boobs to stop staring at me, that’d be awesome. So they’re laughing and all that stuff. And we’re just talking. And they were telling me that one of their exports, for instance, is a UFC fighter, and the other’s ex-boyfriend is a kickboxer, and their ex-boyfriends are best friends. And they just broke up with them, like a month or two ago, and they were visiting from out of town, all this stuff, and one of them forgot my name. So I just pointed to the bar. I said, You know what? My beer is getting a little low. Rachel, how about you give me a beer? And they were just like, laughing. You know, eventually, they’ve had enough drinks where we were all in, and I just acted like an idiot the whole damn time, just being totally stupid and just saying the stupidest stuff you could think of. And I was telling them, Hey, smile, where do you want Daddy to put it? They’re all just laughing. And I’m like, Man, you really want to open your mouth all the way. And they’re like, Oh, shut up. Just honest, stupid stuff. So they started drinking. And Diane was like, Wow, you have really nice boobs. Are those real or store-bought? And both of them are like, Oh, we got ours done together and all this stuff. And she was like, I want to see him. And they’re like, I don’t know, not in a bar. And I told him, You know what? I don’t hang out with pansies. You wanted to quit being chicken shits; just pull them out, you know. And sure enough, they pulled them out. And they were grabbing my hands. And eventually, they were all sticking their hands down my pants. And the fight had already started. And everybody from work was showing up. And there were all the guys walking up trying to talk to them, and they just weren’t having it. And they were all like, Oh, I see you met my coworker Mark.” And they’re like, Yeah, we did. And they’re like, Well, my name is Alonzo. And they’re like, Nice to meet you, Alonzo. And then they’ll just, like, completely ignore the guys. So they eventually were, you know, like, We’re not really into boxing. They were like, Where do you live? And I was like, I live about a couple miles away. And they’re like, Do you have anything to drink over there? And I’m like, yeah. And they’re like, Well, let’s go over there. And I’m like, damn it. I was like, I really want to see the fight. And I’m like, I’ll tell you what, if y’all just hang out and be cool. After the fights are over, then we’ll go. So they were like, Okay, and what I did, I did that on purpose. Because if I had been like, Okay, let’s go right now, then it would have made me look desperate. But I told him, Now I want to watch the fight. I said, Yall hang out; be cool. Let me watch the fight. So the whole time they thought it was funny that while I was watching the fight, they were getting down on their knees and biting my dick through their jeans through my pants. And all this stuff. And they were trying to see if they could distract me from watching the fight. And they were just having a good time with this, thinking it was hilarious. Yeah, and all the guys from work. We were just looking at me like, Man, you are an asshole. So what happened was that at the end of the fight, I told him, Okay, let me finish my beer. But at that time, they were already literally grabbing me and dragging me outside. So I left my tab open at the bar and took everything back to my house. And about three hours later, she brought them all back. Everyone was still there. My coworker’s wife told him, I don’t want you ever hanging out with that Mark Summers guy, ever. She was like, I don’t want to ever see you hanging out with this guy. And he told me the next day at work. He was like, Man, my wife doesn’t want me hanging out with you. No more, man. He goes. And I was like, Dude, I did not plan that. That just all happened. And then another guy came up, and he said, Oh, dude, I will pay you $1,000 To teach me to do what you did last night. And then so the story ran around work that, you know, Mark Summers took three girls home, and everybody was like bullshit. But there were so many. There were so many people. They were like, No, it’s true. We saw it. And they were like, What do the girls look like? They were like, They were smoking hot. And these girls were sending me pictures and stuff. You know, so I was showing people pictures. And they’re like, oh my god, they were like, You must have paid him. I’m like, No, I didn’t do anything. I was just hanging out with them.

The importance of changing your dating habits.

So that’s kind of the same guy. He was like, Dude, you know? You need to write a book or start teaching this stuff. So that’s pretty much how it went. It was a whole lot of fun. Let’s put it Put it that way. Yeah. And


Now that you’re here, you wrote the book, you started the website, and now you’re on the podcast. That’s awesome. That’s an awesome story, man. It’s legendary, seriously. Inspiring, but yeah, talk about your book, man. Where can people find your book? What’s it called? What’s it about?

It’s on Major League Dating.com. It’s called ACE your dates: how to stand out and know exactly what you’re doing with women and dating. It basically goes over, you know. Why do women behave the way they behave? Why do we behave the way we do? And it talks about how everything we do is about habits. And if you can learn to start changing your habits, like a lot of us have unattractive habits that if women see us doing, they’re just like, Yeah, I’m not interested in that dude. But if you become conscious of your habits and start paying attention to what you’re doing every day, to the point where it becomes just natural, whenever you get around women, you don’t have to turn on this switch that most of us turn on. When we get around women. They’re like, Okay, I’ve got to turn on the cool side of me. Yeah. Well, you eventually work on being this cool guy so much that there’s no switch to turn on. It’s always on, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. That’s who you are. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t go back. So the book goes, the book talks about a lot of inner game because I’m not a big fan of pickup artists. Well, if you’re an honest pickup artist, or whatever you call it, that’s okay. But most pickup artists use the rehearsal lines, like, Hey, can I get your opinion? My friend’s girlfriend just dumped them. And she said it was because of this. What do you think? And in all reality, that story is complete bullshit. They’re just trying to find a way to talk to the girl instead of walking up and just being like, Hey, what’s your name? and showing their intentions. In my book, I literally detail everything I talk about: why you should stop complaining; why you should control your emotions; how to be more fun; how to stop being boring; and a full section on not being predictable. I have a whole section on how to be funnier and what you should watch to be funnier, because I go through how I became funnier. And this stuff I learned from and all that I talk about One of the biggest things that changed my dating life was that I quit masturbating. This is a little off-topic, and I’ll just make a quick buck. And like every guy, I masturbated on a regular basis, but I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped. And I noticed that when I stopped doing it, my results with women got a lot better. And it was ridiculous. And I was like, Okay, I think I’m onto something here. So what I did was write an entire section of my book about why you should stop masturbating, the effects it has on your brain, and how it affects your results with women.


Yeah, man. I’m probably one of the six guys in the world who doesn’t watch porn anymore. So yeah, no, I’m telling you, it fucking works, man. It’s life-changing. It really is.

And what else is in? What else is in my book? I talk about why most guys right now, you know, if you’re listening to this, you can understand when I say the words bid shield, you know exactly what I mean. It means when you walk up to a woman and she just acts like a bitch to get you away from her. I talk about why women do this and what you can do to overcome it. I talk about how to make women think you’re sexy when you talk to him. I talk about how to get women to chase you instead of you chasing them. I talk about how women have an attraction to guys who are naturally good with women; they can walk up and say, You know, just talk to a woman for a minute or two. And all of a sudden, this woman is insanely attracted to this guy. And she doesn’t have any idea what he did. But I talked about it in the book How to Flip Her Attraction Switch and Keep It On As Long As You Want It. I tell I have a lot of simple tricks and mindsets to overcome shyness and nervousness and fear. Because shyness and nervousness and fear are the biggest things stopping you from walking up and talking to that woman who you could possibly spend the rest of your life with and other guys would be like that lucky bastard how Did you get her?

How to overcome the shyness


Yeah, that’s true, but for me and probably for most people, there is no way to get over that shyness and for you to do it. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, you know, so you’re going to have to be shy and nervous; your first couple of approaches are probably your first 50 approaches, and it’s going to hurt; you know, it’s going to feel like shit. You’re not going to want to do it. You might even be sweating. But you have to do it.

Yeah, my Yeah, my book talks about how to overcome that stuff. And basically, it talks about experience; you’ve got to get experience. I talked about the things that annoy women because I personally know that things that annoy women because I’ve done it. I’ve got all the annoying stuff. I’ve done it. How to be one of the funniest guys she’s ever met And I you know, I talk about that I talk about meeting some really funny guys that are cool and hang out with them. I talk about, you know, and I’ve talked about it before, how to get women to like you just by being yourself, by your natural default setting, and by being a great guy. Yeah. When women meet you, they’re just like, There’s something up with this. Yeah, yeah. When women meet you, they’re just like, Hey, there’s something different about this guy. And I get that all the time ever almost 90% of the women I meet, I talked to them for a few minutes. And they’re like, You’re different. Yeah. And I’m like, What do you mean, I’m different? Because I’m short, you know, just being stupid.


Honestly, dudes, and I’m telling you, this stuff does work. I’ve read Mark’s book, and I’ve applied the stuff that he teaches. And, you know, I also have learned from other sources like daygame.com, but I’ve been doing this, you know, for about six weeks, and  I was terrible to start; I couldn’t approach a girl. I only used to get wasted and then end up getting girls, and, you know, I used to get girls because I was the captain of the soccer team and everything. But you know, once I graduated college and everything, I pretty much started from scratch. And I’m telling you, this stuff works. There’s no Pickup Artists program you could read about you know, doing magical things and NLP and crazy shit that’s going to be more powerful than getting out of your house and going up and approaching 40 year old women 18 year old girls like hot girls groups. Yeah, girls sitting down and eating lunch like girls with other guys Just if it makes you feel uncomfortable and you’re like sh*t, I can’t do it. Oh, man, doing it is so powerful. And eventually, you just become a different person, and it echoes out throughout your entire life. You become more confident, and you’re going to be more confident at work. You’re going to see the world in a different way. And you’re going to feel powerful. You really are. So this stuff Oh, yeah, stuff is really powerful. It’s

great. Yeah, my book talks about an inner power. Once you become good with women, you develop this inner power that’s hard to explain. But you develop this inner power that you feel radiating from you. When you talk to women, women feel this power. They’re like, Wow, there’s something with this dude. You know,


I know, man. So we’ve had a, I gotta use

You said talking; you said talking about groups of women. Usually, if I see two girls sitting by themselves, like at a restaurant or something, I’ll literally go sit with them and just start talking to him.


Yeah, man, it’s powerful. It’s powerful stuff that’s working. I’ve got to wrap this up here. We’re on the hour mark, you know. I could talk to you for hours; we’ll get you back on here another time. And sure, everyone’s going to want to hear it because this was a lot of fun. Man, this was hilarious. Where can everyone find you? And where can they find your book?

You can find me on majorlydating.com. And the book is called Ace Your Dates. You just go to products. And it’s there. It’s a, and I’ve written an ebook. And I created a workbook that goes with the ebook. And it has a bunch of questions in there that you ask yourself. And as you ask yourself these questions, you answer them as you read the book. And it’s going to give you insight into your own brain and your own behavior. And you’re going to start learning things about yourself that you never knew. And it’s going to help you have success with women. 10 times faster than if you were just reading the book and didn’t have anything to follow. I also created an audiobook. So if you don’t have the time to sit down and read, you can actually listen to the audiobook. Whether you’re working out, whether you’re driving in your car, if you’re sitting at work with headphones, or if you’re walking around with headphones, you can listen to the audiobook, and it’s the entire book.


I think that’s a really powerful man because I listen to podcasts like all day, every single day, and I can’t read shit, man. I listen to podcasts. And you know, you’re an entertaining guy, and I could listen to you talk and read a book. I think that’s great, man. I might actually check that audiobook out. So you can also find Mark at menprovement.com writing for us some great articles. He’s got a pretty funny one up there right now, if you want to go check that out. But that’s it, guys. You know, you can get any girl you want, you know, just by being a genuine guy, just by being yourself, but a better version of yourself, a version of yourself that’s gone out for the past three months and approached over 200 Girls, you know, and that’s faced his fears, that’s still human, and that you can be that guy. So, you know, make it happen, and maybe one day you’ll be leaving the bar with three women. I plan on doing it someday. Thanks a lot, Mark. Man. This

has been awesome, man. No problem. It’s been fun. Hi, man. Take care, dude. All right, man, later.

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The 6 principles of attraction by John Cooper


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