Menprovement 2.0 is Here | Our Promise to You

Menprovement 2.0 is Here | Our Promise to You

Menprovement 2.0 is Here | Our Promise to You


In 2016, Menprovement was 4 years old and reaching millions of men a month, providing the best content for improving your life you could find anywhere.

At this time, the CEO Sean Russell experienced a reoccurrence of a nervous system disorder that left him unable to continue running the site.

For the next 4 years, the site was run under new management.

Our high quality content was replaced with sponsored posts designed to make a quick buck. The podcast was abandoned and we lost our integrity and trust with you the reader.

I apologize.

This is Sean Russell, CEO of Menprovement – and I am back.

My Promise to You

Menprovement has not been serving you for the last 4 years. My promise to you is to do everything in my power to get Menprovement back to it’s former glory.

I promise to provide only the highest quality content, written by the most experienced experts on the planet. No more bullshit sponsored posts.

If we do recommend a product or service, it will only be one who we know can provide extreme benefit to you, or that I would use myself if applicable. If we do post any sponsored content we will first make sure it is of massive value to you and use the proceeds to continue to grow Menprovement.

Menprovement is about helping you bridge the gap between who you are now and who you want to be.

Menprovement is about serving you.

So thank you for joining me on this journey. It is an honor to be on it with you.


Sean Russell – CEO of

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18 thoughts on “Menprovement 2.0 is Here | Our Promise to You”

  1. Sean, so glad to see you are back. Hope you have been able to break through your personal challenges. (re)subscribing now, and looking forward to reading and hearing from Menprovement again. Finally could not remember you as a married man. congrats Sir.

    • Jacques,
      Thank you and thank you man – It’s been a slow start, but things are picking up. I’m doing well. If you resubscribed before last week it was not working, but now everything is good to go. Cheers man!

    • Wow man, I’m honored to have had an impact on your life. I’ll have to re-listen to that one and look forward to getting the podcast back on air <3 Thanks brother.

  2. I remember back then when you made your MPP Special episode, you’d given me a real boost in your take off.
    I myself have been struggling madly these past years, know that you aren’t alone my man.
    I’m so happy to see you coming back on the podium.
    I respect the fact that you recon the deviation that has been done in Menprovement and the podcast. Just as the content was starting to get even more real you had to fly off.

    Blessings on you Sean. Every single man back on their feet is truly Valuable.

  3. Welcome back and congrats for pushing through your struggles. So glad that Menprovement has rejoined it’s original mission. Men are struggling with so many things these days. I look forward to the new content.
    Cheers for 2021!

  4. Holy Shit! Is this for real?!

    I was a huge fan of the podcast (the solo episodes were my favs) and wondered if you’d ever return! Every few months I do a quick Google out of curiosity (the Style Girlfriend article is always at the top haha) and am extremely shocked in the best possible way to read this! Welcome Back mate! You’ve been missed.

  5. So happy to hear you are back, Sean! I still listen to your episode with Marc Summers on how and why to quit porn. (#23). Very profound and meaningful for me.

    • Hi Damian,

      Thank you for your comment! Sean is working a lot “behind the scenes”, creating 2 online programs at the moment- one is about quitting porn.

      Hope that will help you as well!

      Best luck on your journey!



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