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How to Master The Fine Art of Texting | Part 2

Hello and welcome to part two of the wonderful world of TEXTING with women. You DID read Part One, right?

Part one focuses on some basics for exactly what to do once you have a woman’s phone number. A lot of that advice is stuff that guys are paying their hard-earned money to learn through some “how to text chicks” course offered on the web. So don’t be like those dudes – go read part one – for FREE here at MenProvement – and come back to part two.

I’ll wait.

Okay – you all caught up now?

Let’s boogie.

You and I both know that 99% of men (statistic made up) have ZERO ideas what to text to a woman once they have her number. Heaven forbid they call her…

Men ask me all the time what to write to her (that part isn’t made up – I do this for a living) and if they did their job right, they don’t have to text her one single word.

The main objective is to get in with her before your window of opportunity closes. You can’t text too soon (see Part 1) but if you wait too long you are running the risk of her totally forgetting what a great time you had at the party, club, golf outing, etc., wherever the heck it was.

And worse yet, forgetting who you are.

There was a little magic that night, right? Capitalize on that – without sending her a wordy text.

Stick with me.

I’m going to get into one of my absolute favorite texting techniques ever. Something I believe I developed myself, and will no doubt become a viral sensation on the web with the publication of this article.

A lot of the questions I get in my role as Dating Coach and Adviser center around What To Text Her to maximize the effectiveness of a text.

And this is where we need to take a small step back and look at two things.

1. What did you do during your interaction with her, leading up to getting her number?
2. Smartphones offer a lot more than just a few flirty words – you can send images as well.

There’s one thing I always recommend to a man when teaching him the basics of interacting with new women, approaching, building rapport, etc., and that is this:

Always try to get a picture of you and her together the night you meet.

And if you are chatting along and things are going well, it’s pretty easy to do. A pretty fun way is to suggest something like the following to her:

Pull out your phone (camera!) and say, “Hey – let’s take a picture with the dumbest faces we can make…” (or goofy, or weirdest, or whatever…just start out with a “fun” face.”)

And then hold your phone out in that “Selfie” position…AND…lean in next to her. Shoulder to shoulder faces close together.

You see what you’re doing here, Rocko?

I like to think of it as breaking down the physical barriers between you – in a totally non-threatening and relaxed way. Hey – you have to lean in together to get this goofy picture. You weren’t trying to brush up against her body…


And what happens next is pretty natural – you both immediately look at the picture and comment on what dorks you are. Hahaha.

Okay. Great.

Now, if you haven’t got her number yet – now’s a great time.

“I will totally send this to you – “ as you are opening the contacts in your phone to add her name and number.

Okay – so far so good.

This is freaking genius, isn’t it?

Thank me later. I’m totally going to put this into an online course and sell it.

Next – lets’ suggest something like:

“Okay – let’s do another one, but this time make the most SERIOUS face you can.“

Selfie position.

Getting in close again.

Physically becoming more comfortable around each other.

Doesn’t she smell great?


Comment comment comment….bla bla bla.

“Okay – last one. This time let’s stare at each other like we are madly in love – like the cover of one of those romance novels.”

This is always a fun picture to look at when you’re done.

And you get the idea here – but you may be wondering what this has to do with Texting her. And we’re getting to that.

Remember earlier I said, “What did you do during your interaction with her, leading up to getting her number”?

Most of the time – I get guys who want to know what to text her for the first time. So I ask them about their first interaction together. Texting something relevant to the drunken night at the bar and whatever you can remember is apropos and will serve to jog her memory of who the heck you are and how you met, etc.

Normally, there isn’t much to speak of.

So that’s why I teach the above technique.

Get those pics.

When you first text her – boom. There’s you and her – together. Having fun. An image of both of you.

That’s 10x more powerful than “Hey – this is Jeremy from Club Xtacy”.

Now she has your number. And your picture. With her. In her phone.

Who do women have pictures of in their phones? People they are close with. People they know. Boyfriends.

One of the biggest hurdles to get over when you get a woman’s phone number is keeping that “magic” going from the night before. There is a window of opportunity to keep her interest in you and prevent a flake-out or no-response.

What better way to recreate the moment that you were both interested in each other than to take a picture of it – and send it to her.

Worth a thousand words, as they say.

And that’s a thousand you don’t have to come up with in a text conversation.

Now, of course, don’t miss part 3 of this series on texting a woman. MenProvement has you covered.

Got any great text techniques? Please share in the comments!

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