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Top 10 Masculine Traits That Women Find Sexy

masculine traits

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Women love men with great personalities and kind hearts, but there are physical traits that they find damn sexy. The traits that make men masculine are the traits that attract women the most.  

Some men spend years amassing their fortune only to find that the amount of cash they have is making it difficult to find a woman who values them for their character. Cash flow and expensive accessories do not attract women of value. Masculinity, on the other hand, is very attractive to high-quality women as it is directional energy that penetrates through resistance in pursuit of achieving a result.

Here Are 10 Irresistible Traits That Women Find Sexy:


Women love seeing a display of self-confidence. Men who take charge of a situation, make decisions, and deal with problems make women feel secure.  Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men who pose in front of beautiful apartments and expensive cars as they make them appear rich. Weak and unconfident guys always find themselves in the friend zone because women may not be physically attracted to them.

Pro Tip:

Embracing confidence is a piece of cake—just flaunt your own distinctive style. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you deck yourself out like a wild west cowboy, but don’t shy away from being a little offbeat either. Be bold, be you, and let your outfit scream personality!


Women love men who make commitments and follow through. Responsibility attracts men to women as it sends a positive signal that you will make a wonderful spouse. Strive to please her even if it is just by remembering to pick up milk on your way to her place. Women want to know that you can be a good father and a good role model for your future kids. Tell her about the intern you are mentoring at work or about your nephews and nieces to show her you can be patient and caring for young ones.

Strong And Fit Body

Muscles are an element of masculinity that does not go unnoticed by women. Women are attracted to men with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and abs as they are a sign of strength in a toned masculine body. Abs are the epitome of what a man is defined by, and women consider them sexy as they naturally arouse their desire toward a man. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder on steroids or spend hours in the gym, but a fat body does not appeal to women. To get in shape start working out and eat healthy to eliminate belly fat.

Trust And Honesty

Being truthful shows a woman that you have the potential to be a good man and a decent partner. You have to learn to be honest with yourself and with your woman, so she can trust you. Women love men who are open to them about their shortcomings, challenges and struggles as they feel that they can trust you with their darkest secrets too. Trust reassures her that you are not going anywhere.

A Sense Of Humor

Humor is at the top of the list for every woman so if you can make her laugh you have a bonus point. A study has shown that women find a sense of humor in men as a sign of intelligence.  A smile on a guy shows that he is a nice guy and he can easily handle stressful situations in life.

Passion And Purpose

Being passionate about something proves that you care about something beyond yourself. Your purpose can be a number of things including a passion for music, humanity, or art. It can be a desire to change the world, build your business or home.  Ask yourself what you are most passionate about so you can discover and get connected to your purpose.  If you are passionate about your career and are successful, this will add to your sexiness because it shows women that you follow through with your goals and achievements.

Being Good In Bed

Women are more attracted to men who are all about open sexual communication. This is because women struggle with talking openly and honestly about what they want in bed for fear of seeming promiscuous. A good body tells women you can keep up with her in bed, but if you are finding it difficult to please your woman, you can boost your libido with pills. Sex enhancement pills improve libido by limiting factors such as stress and lowering the level of hormones to boost testosterone levels in the body.

Affection And Romance

Women find men who are affectionate and tender very sexy. Romance and display of desire for your woman reveal a softer and vulnerable side of you that she finds irresistible. Your willingness to spend time with her and lend an ear is what she finds most sexy in you. You don’t just have to be affectionate towards her but towards other people too. Some of the things that make women melt for a man include helping the elderly, playing with children, and showing affection towards animals. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men with dogs.

Handsome Face

Women find men with a symmetrical face, square jaws, high cheekbones, and a broad chin tremendously sexy. Most women prefer a certain eye color on their ideal man, and your eyes can tell a woman whether you are kind or laugh a lot. Good looks can be a factor. However, studies have shown that women choose good-looking guys for flings, not long-term relationships. The quickest way to improve your looks is to smile more.


Height is one of the most required masculine factors by women. Research has shown that women love guys who are 6 feet or taller. However, most women simply prefer a guy who is taller than them. But if your height is less than the woman you love that does not mean she won’t find you sexy.


The above traits and behaviors don’t affect women in the same way because each woman seems to value different things. Often the attraction is not due to one of the traits but to two or more. In any case, masculinity is a magnet for women, but you do not necessarily have to have these qualities to appear sexy to a woman.

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