My Step-By-Step System For Building an EPIC Lifestyle: Life Balance (Part 3)

My Step-By-Step System For Building an EPIC Lifestyle: Life Balance (Part 3)

My Step-By-Step System For Building an EPIC Lifestyle: Life Balance (Part 3)

If you’re late to the party, this is part 3 of a series I have created on building an epic lifestyle.

If you missed part 1 & part 2, then go read them now..I’ll wait..

Ok! To finish off this entire series, let’s start it off with a summary of the most important points.

– It all starts with your values – you must figure out what is actually important to you first. That will inform what specific life areas you can slice your life into.

– It is usually some sort of variation on the big four: health, wealth, love, and happiness. The reason you have to figure this out first is, that without clarity on that topic you are very likely to fall into a trap of reacting to your environment and your emotions and never thinking long term.

– The system I presented you with will keep you grounded in your long-term vision, you will be able to quickly assess any situation you and yourself in a snap of anger. In one swift glance, you will be able to make the correct decisions and stay on top of every aspect of your life effortlessly.

– From now on you will be able to correctly prioritize your actions and stay focused on stuff that matters for long stretches of time. You will know what you want and why you want it, every action you take will be aligned with your larger purpose.

#1: The Shockingly Useful Concept You Probably Never Heard About: Life Board

My Step-By-Step System For Building an EPIC Lifestyle: Life Balance (Part 3) 1

I hope that by now you start to get the feel for all aspects of your life and how having clear goals, tracking them as well as staying on top of things with habits makes life much easier.

You may think of yourself as a character in an RPG game. You have certain objectives to achieve, but you also work on certain skills and have to keep track of certain vital metrics (like your health bar, mana, etc.)

When you know your values and how those determine your areas of life, you can create a strategy that will allow you to grow in each one of those areas and be in alignment with all of them.

If right now you are thinking to yourself:

“I am way too busy with my career, college/high school, going out working on my dating skills. I don’t have time to factor in my health, family, travel, gym, reading, meditating, etc. There is way too much to do in a single day”

If you have that impression right now it’s because you haven’t shifted from thinking on a daily level to thinking on a weekly, monthly, and yearly level.

I want to bring back the concept of primary and secondary focus areas and maintenance mode.

This is how you are able to solve this apparent contradiction between competing values.

In order for you to be able to effectively balance and prioritize all those moving parts, you want to focus on, first, you have to choose what should be your primary and secondary focus.

Other areas of your life can be temporarily put in maintenance mode where you will still have to do the bare minimum to keep things stable at the same level.

My Step-By-Step System For Building an EPIC Lifestyle: Life Balance (Part 3) 2

#2: The Spinning Plates Theory

Imagine all the different aspects of your life as spinning plates.

Your job is to keep all the plates spinning and never let any of them crash on the ground.

You can’t spin all of them at once, but you can prioritize them in a way that you get a few plates spinning so fast that you can move your attention and refocus on ones that are losing the momentum and get them back to speed.

Before you know it, the plates that were spinning really fast will need to be taken care of again.

The most common thing to happen is that you will focus on one thing without having that strategic approach.

You may fully immerse yourself in one area, but you will completely lose focus of all other aspects of your life and they take a huge dip.

Let’s say you’ve been ultra-focused on your business – to a point that you completely excluded everything else and all other aspects of your life like health, relationships, or personal development entered a full-on deterioration mode.

The best thing to do in a situation like that is to go meta, and look at all the other aspects of your life and switch your focus to the ones that need your attention the most.

The most important thing is to always stay connected and conscious of how all the other aspects of your life are going.

The way you stay connected and conscious of all the other aspects of your life is through weekly strategy time (we covered this in the Getplan section).

If you are only focused on making money, your health, relationships, and other aspects of your life will become neglected.

Once you make a realization that all of the other areas of your life are completely out of whack, you then start to assume that it’s just how it is. If you focus on one thing, everything else will naturally deteriorate.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have a strategic approach to your life, you are able to put certain aspects of your life as your primary focus and other aspects of maintenance.

The difference between maintenance vs neglect is that you consciously decided to schedule all the other areas of your life for later.

There will always be trade-offs, but if you know how to make them consciously, you never have to go into deterioration mode with all the other aspects of your life.

My Step-By-Step System For Building an EPIC Lifestyle: Life Balance (Part 3) 3

#3: Create Synergies & Master Alignments

Take all the different values that seem to be in contact and set your actions in a way that creates synergies.

For example, you might be sacrificing your health for the sake of building your business.

Instead of doing that, you can look for synergies.

How can you make things that appear to be in contact work in perfect harmony with each other?

In business (primary focus) vs health (secondary focus) example, you may and that:

  • The more you can take care of your health the sharper your focus will become which allows you to work longer hours.
  • Working out can allow you to decompress and take your mind off work creating space for new ideas to emerge.
  • The more money you can make from your business the more capable you are to afford better food or have your food delivered (saving time on cooking).
  • Making more money allows you to hire a personal trainer that can systematize your workout routine and save you time figuring it out for yourself.

I hope that now you can see how a strategic approach to your time opens up new possibilities in your life that before seemed completely out of reach.

Once you can strategize and prioritize the right things at the right time, you can create leverage, where all the different areas of your life feed into one another and create a positive self-amplifying feedback loop. 

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My Step-By-Step System For Building an EPIC Lifestyle: Life Balance (Part 3) 4

#4: Bonus Concept: Life Handbook

This time I wanted to introduce you to a concept called, Life Handbook.

Why should you care about a Life Handbook?

This is another key component of the organization system that I am giving you here. This is rarely spoken about, yet extremely practical and useful way of doing personal development work.

If you are like most people, your personal development is very ungrounded and all over the place. You may watch some inspirational Youtube videos about how your life will change if you do this one thing.

You may be inspired for a day or two. But what happens after that? You forget all about it and you get back to your baseline.

In order to counteract this tendency, you need something that will ground your work.

Something that will keep you focused when there is an avalanche of shiny objects always tempting you to completely abandon what you are doing for the sake of something even better.

When you take all of those ideas that you randomly just run across and you compile them together into one source that you can make your own.

This does something to your brain where all your thinking becomes extremely organized.

Your Life Handbook will help you to:

  • Consciously design all aspect of your life
  • Shape a crystal clear vision of your who you are becoming in every aspect of your life
  • Keep the repository of all your knowledge
  • Supercharge your creativity
  • Outsource your brain (literally!)
  • Orchestrate and navigate your future
  • Keep yourself motivated in times of uncertainty

Learn How to Create Your Own Life Handbook 

This concludes this series…

You’ve made it!

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

I hope you’ve gained a ton of value from reading it and I sincerely hope that it will change your life for the better.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Also,  share it with a friend that may find that life-changing information to be of value.

Speak soon, man!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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