Pick Up is Dead: Social Heartistry is Born (A Must Click if You Like Girls)

Pick Up is Dead: Social Heartistry is Born (A Must Click if You Like Girls)

Pick Up is Dead: Social Heartistry is Born (A Must Click if You Like Girls)

john cooper social heartistry

john cooper social heartistry
Throughout my journey of personal growth, conquering social and sexual freedom was one of the biggest, but hardest goals for me to achieve. And while I will admit I have a long way to go – I have made strong progress. Like most guys, 3¬†or so years ago I started with books like “The Game” and pick up theory.

As time progressed I came to see how shallow and far of this was. And as personal development became a complete part of my life, I saw more and more evidence that the true path was through personal development and detaching the need for women to “fill a gap” in my life. Yes, this takes a lot longer than learning lines and tricks. But it is far more powerful.

I then progressed to learning from guys like Daygame.com and RSD, who bypass the PUA world and teach men to attract women by being the most beautiful version of themselves, drawing fun and state from within, and being authentic. This is when things began to change. Fast forward to today, where I stumbled across someone I have never heard of, but to me has it down pat: John Cooper.

john cooper
I first found him while searching through a new, but the awesome site, notpickup.com – where I found a video of John’s techniques of building momentum throughout a night out, which he ended with approaching and making out with 3 blonde Norwegian girls, consecutively.

Yeah, he’s got skill. And I had to learn more. As I dug deeper I uncovered his philosophy of social heartistry, which seems to put everything I have been learning over the past 2 years together, like it’s the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
I finally “get it.”

And it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. (When you align your goals, thoughts, and actions 100% – this tends to happen. You find what you need, when you need it.) All this happened 2 minutes ago. And before contacting John to get him on for a podcast episode and pick his brain more I want to share his gifts with you.

Because a lot of guys need this. And it may be your perfect time too. (And BTW That Podcast Episode can be found herejust subscribe already! App store – podcast app – download – search Menprovement – subscribe – improve)

“Pick up” is dead. And I think John is one of the most innovative guys leading the charge.

Look forward to more, because John has decided to join the team over here at Menprovement to change the lives of millions of men.

So head over and listen to me and John chat on The Menprovement Podcast on Itunes, Sticher, or the podcast app on your phone.

Don’t get left behind.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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