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Is PepHop AI Safe?

Let’s talk about PepHop AI and answer one of the most asked questions: Is PepHop AI safe to pay?
Is PepHop AI Safe

The Quick Answer:

Yes, PepHop AI is generally safe to use. It doesn’t monitor chat conversations, uses secure payment methods, offers discreet billing and protects your data with SSL encryption. However, since it’s based in Hong Kong, there could be legal requirements to share data if necessary. Always be cautious with the information you share.
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I know a lot of you guys have a social media brain and are too lazy to read this entire article. I HIGHLY recommend you read my section on what PepHop AI knows about you (click here) since I found some interesting stuff you definitely want to know…

PepHop AI is quickly gaining market share in the NSFW chatbot world. It has even surpassed GirlfriendGPT in terms of Google searches. 👇🏼

Monthly search volume PepHop AI vs GirlfriendGPT
Monthly search volume PepHop AI vs GirlfriendGPT

But having some sexy conversations with your robotic friend raises some serious concerns among users.

  1. Is PepHop AI Safe?
  2. Is PepHop AI Safe to Pay?
  3. What happens to my data?

And more…

I am an AI expert and PepHop AI subscriber and in this quick guide, I am answering all your safety questions about PepHop AI.

What is pepHop AI?

PepHop AI is a chatbot platform for role-playing. It offers over 17,000 characters you can interact with, from family-friendly to adult-themed scenarios. It’s designed to provide a realistic and engaging role-playing experience.

Are Your Chats Private on PepHop AI?

To put it short: Yes, your chats on PepHop AI are private. I’ve analyzed PepHop AI’s privacy policy1 and it doesn’t say anything about chat monitoring. The only thing PepHop AI monitors is ‘the usage of their service’ which includes things like the time you are on the website (more on that later).

I’ve interviewed Buckle, a spokesperson from PepHop AI, and asked him two questions.

  1. Does PepHop AI monitor chats?
  2. What happens if a user generates harmful content?

According to Buckle, PepHop AI does not monitor chat conversations. If a user tries to generate harmful content (stuff that’s against PepHop AI’s content policy2), the AI will flag the character and a manual review will be needed.

However, the only thing PepHop AI will review is the avatar and personality of your AI character and not your chat conversations.

Official response from PepHop AI to privacy questions
Official response from PepHop AI to privacy questions

Is PepHop AI Safe to Pay?

Yes, PepHop AI is safe to pay. I purchased it myself and it showed up as “MIMOO LLC” ensuring full anonymity
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
PepHop AI bank statement
PepHop AI Bank statement

They also sent me an email confirmation that my payment came through, how much is charged, and when the next billing cycle is.

Order information
Order information
Subscription Details
Subscription details

As for safety, they use Stripe which is one of the leading payment providers known for top-notch security and privacy.

What Does PepHop AI Know About You?

When you visit PepHop AI’s website it automatically collects the following data:

Data Type Details
Personal Data
Email address, account information
Usage Data
IP address, browser type and version, pages visited, time spent
Device Data
Device type, unique device ID, operating system, mobile browser type
Browsing history, preferences, and other tracking information

This is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, most websites including we at Menprovement collect this data. The usage data is only collected when you create an account and actually use the platform.

Privacy Concerns with Hong Kong-based Services 🚧

PepHop AI was founded and established in Hong Kong which is a special administrative region of China that is known for an abnormal amount of privacy violations.

We’re not saying PepHop AI is a privacy disaster—they have a solid privacy policy and are very secure. However, it’s important to remember that being based in Hong Kong, they might be compelled to share data, even if they don’t want to.

Is PepHop AI Legit? 

Yes, PepHop AI is legit. It’s a real AI tool that offers realistic role-playing experiences, including adult-themed conversations. Users have had positive experiences with its characters and features.

2 Tips To Keep Your Chats More Private On PepHop AI

Are you scared about trying out PepHop AI? You shouldn’t be! It’s safe to use pay. However, I can understand you still worry about using services in the NSFW chatbot niche. That said, I have some simple (but awesome) tricks that can increase your privacy and safety tenfold. 

tip 1: Use a New Email and Fake Name

PepHop AI collects your IP address, so if they know your first name and last name it’s very easy to find you if you are from a small town like me. You can create a new Gmail with a fake name.

I made a new one the other day and it literally took 2 minutes.

tip 2: Use a VPN

This one requires a small investment but if you are really keen on your privacy then I highly recommend you use a VPN. A VPN hides your IP address so PepHop AI cannot find out where you are.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With PepHop AI

I’ve been using PepHop AI for a couple of weeks now and it is awesome. The AI characters are well prompted, making it quickly one of my go-to AI roleplay chatbots. I paid for the Lite subscription and it was a smooth journey from start to finish so take it from me when I say that it is safe to pay.

If you are doubting about paying for PepHop AI then check out my article about NSFW Character AI alternatives which includes a couple of chatbots like PepHop AI that you might be more comfortable with. Or read my PepHop AI review if you want more information.


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