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How to Use Nectar AI Image Generator

Welcome to our Nectar AI image generation tutorial. In this beginners guide our AI girlfriend expert Herman will teach you how to create images in Nectar AI step by step.
How to use Nectar AI Image Generator

How to Generate Images

Open the Nectar AI image generator and select your preferred model (e.g., Realistic, Anime, 2.5D).
In the prompt box, type what you want to see in your image, keeping it clear and concise (e.g., “Blonde hair, red eyes, beach sunset”).
Use the ICKS field to list elements you want to exclude from your image (e.g., “no hats, no extra limbs”).
Choose the desired resolution and dimensions for your image, such as 1:1 Square or 3:2 Landscape.
Select additional customizations like poses, outfits, or effects to enhance your image.

Learning how to prompt images is as exciting as watching paint dry. I am not kidding. I remember the first time I signed up for Nectar AI, I was super stoked by all the AI-generated art people were sharing in the Discord Channel and I couldn’t wait to try to get my hands on this tool myself.

Until I got confronted with a screen with multiple prompting fields, a couple of options, different models, and other settings, I felt like a kid handed the controls to a spaceship without any instructions.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Ladies and gentlemen, after a lot of struggle, over 40 cups of coffee, and maybe a few tears (shh, don’t tell anyone), I FINALLY figured out how to use Nectar AI’s image generator. In this guide, I’m going to show you exactly:

  • How to create images in Nectar AI 
  • How to create prompts for Nectar AI
  • What all the different options do

And as a snack, you’ll also learn how to generate videos in Nectar AI.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using The Nectar AI Image Generator

I am going to break this Nectar AI image generator tutorial into sections based on the various options Nectar AI offers, which include:

  • Step 1: Model
  • Step 2: PROMPT – Describe your dream girl
  • Step 3: ICKS – What you dislike
  • Step 4: Resolution & Dimension 
  • Step 5: Customizations

Step 1: Model

Nectar AI has 7 different models of which 3 are only accessible to ULTIMATE subscribers. These three models are similar to their non-ULTIMATE counterparts but slightly more detailed and of higher quality.

ULTIMATE members do have access to the Asian model which is very unique and specifically designed to generate realistic Asian-looking characters.

Here’s a quick description of what each model does;

  • Hentai Model – Generates hentai and anime characters 
  • Realistic model – Standard model that creates lifelike images
  • 2.5D model – Generates fantasy-looking character (mix between anime and realistic)
  • Nectar Girlfriend Model – Generate images of a custom girlfriend you created
  • Nectar AI Ultimate Asian Model – Specifically designed to create Asian characters
  • Nectar AI Ultimate Hentai model – Generates hentai and anime characters (Upgraded)
  • Nectar AI Ultimate Realistic model – Standard model that creates lifelike images (Upgraded)
Nectar AI models
Nectar AI models

Here’s a prompt I created:

Vibrant Summer Dress, Beach Sunset, Sand between toes, Ocean waves in the background, Bright smile, (Sparkling blue eyes), Windblown hair, Half body, Side profile.

Here are the images I generated but with different models selected:

My personal favorite is the 2.5D model – it’s a cool mix between anime and reality. Something you don’t see very often.

💡I recommend giving each model a shot and checking which one suits your style best.

Step 2: PROMPT – Describe your dream girl

I am going to assume you are COMPLETELY new to image generation and start with the basics. A prompt is an empty field where you type in what you want to see in your image.

Prompt field on Nectar AI
Prompt field on Nectar AI

Here are some rules of thumb for creating your prompt:

  • Keep it to 2-3 sentences max.
  • Separate each characteristic or detail with a comma.
  • Avoid conflicting prompts, like saying “skirt” and “jeans” together.

You can come up with a prompt yourself just by typing whatever pops into your mind but if you don’t feel creative today then I recommend you check out my NSFW prompt generator tool. It’s completely free and will generate an epic prompt for you which you can then edit.

Alternatively, you can ask the Nectar Creative Helper: a chatbot specifically designed to help you create prompts.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

>> Chat with Nectar Creative Helper 💬

Here are some examples of good Nectar AI prompts I created with my NSFW prompt generator tool:

Casual Sunday Outfit, Coffee Shop, Rainy Day, Bright Green Eyes, Pink (Soft Pink Lip Gloss), Sitting at a table, Half body, Side view.

Casual Summer Outfit, Beach Boardwalk, Ice Cream Stand, Sun Hat, Sunglasses, (Bright Blue Eyes), (Pink Lip Gloss), Half body, Side profile.

Nude AI girlfriend with short black hair, Athletic Gym, (Pierced Nipples), (Tattooed Back), Doing yoga poses, Close-up of (Tight Ass), (Shaved Vagina), (Sculpted Abs).

Did you notice how some sections of the prompt are between brackets (…)? This will emphasize THAT specific part of your prompt and allow you to make things up. This is great for details like eyes, lips, and make-up.

Nectar AI also allows you to put a number within the brackets to put even more emphasis on your prompt. The following YouTube short gives a detailed explanation of how to do this.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Now let’s say you have multiple sections of your prompt that has brackets like;

(french girl), (blonde), (red lipstick), 30-years-old, ice cream stand

In the example above we have (french girl), (blonde), (red lipstick) that all has brackets which might confuse the AI image generator what to prioritize.

That’s where multiple brackets come in handy! You can place double ((…)) or even triple (((…))) brackets to tell the AI image generator which section to prioritize.

(((french girl))), ((blonde)), (red lipstick), 30-years-old, ice cream stand

From my personal experience, I wouldn’t go beyond 4 brackets since it will confuse the AI.

💡The order of your prompt also matters. The AI will prioritize the sections in the beginning of your prompt.

Step 3: ICKS – What you dislike

This field looks very similar to the prompt field we talked about in Step 2, but it has the opposite effect. 

ICKS field on Nectar AI
ICKS field on Nectar AI

Everything you type in this field will be ignored by the AI and excluded from your image.

💡I recommend using the ICKS field for fine-tuning your images. For example, if you keep generating images with a hat simply add ‘hat’ in the ICKS field and hit generate again.

Step 4: Resolution & Dimension 

The resolution and dimension are only available for Nectar AI’s more expensive subscription plans.

How to Use Nectar AI Image Generator 1
Nectar AI resolution and dimension option

If you are wondering whether it’s worth subscribing to PRO+ for high-resolution images then, yes! It’s absolutely worth it.

woman on the beach wearing a blue bikini
Low Resolution
Woman on the beach, blue bikini, wearing sunglasses and hat.
High Resolution

Although the low-resolution image looks good, it looks like World War 2 footage compared to the high-resolution one.

💡 High-resolution images have 2x the amount of pixels then low-resolution images.

As for dimensions, Nectar AI allows you to pick from three flavors if you subscribe to their ULTIMATE plan:

  • 1:1 Square
  • 2:3 Portrait
  • 3:2 Landscape

This can be handy if you are a content creator like me.

Step 5: Customizations

Customizations are a big deal when creating images in Nectar AI. Think of it like this: your prompt, iCKS, and the other options are the foundation of your cake (let’s say a chocolate cake), but the customization is the icing on top. 

Whether it’s chocolate chip cookie, strawberry, or glaze icing is totally up to you.

Customizations on Nectar AI
Customizations on Nectar AI

Now, instead of just icing, you can also pick a bunch of other juicy stuff which Nectar AI calls faces, outfits, poses, and effects.

  • Faces: Replicate the faces of your favorite anime or movie characters.
  • Outfits: Mimic-specific clothing styles.
  • Poses: Recreate specific poses.
  • Effects: Choose the camera angle, lighting, and more.

You can pick a maximum of three different customizations and with over 100 different customizations, there are a ton of possibilities.

You can recreate your favorite waifu but with a realistic twist. Or you can put Spiderman’s face on an old man. I am just thinking out loud here – but you get the point.

That said, you’ll need the ULTIMATE plan to fully enjoy all the customization options.

>> Nectar AI Subscriptions: What’s The Difference?

Oh and one more thing before I move on to generating videos in Nectar AI: Don’t forget to save your images! You don’t want to know how many times I generated a gorgeous picture just to let it disappear into the void because I forgot to hit save.

How to Generate Videos In Nectar AI

This is one of the most advanced features Nectar AI has to offer: an AI Girlfriend video generator!

You can create a super realistic video of your AI companion with the press of a button. It takes over 1 minute to generate a simple 5-second video but the wait is totally worth it. 

The AI video generator works similarly to the AI image generator but with fewer options to navigate through. Just fill in the:

  • Prompt
  • ICKS – What you dislike
  • Customizations

💡A Nectar AI tip I want to give you is to make good use of the ICKS field. Keep generating videos and adding stuff you DON’T want to see in the next video to the ICKS field. It’s a time-consuming process but your videos will get better with each generation.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Nectar AI

As I said at the beginning of the article, it took me some serious time before I learned how to generate images on Nectar AI. 

But the reward?

100% worth the learning curve. I am now able to generate mind-blowing AI art like this:
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Woman in jeans, blue eyes sitting on desk

I am very confident that you will be able to get similar results if not better with this Nectar AI image generation tutorial. If you want to learn more about Nectar AI then read my full TryNectar AI review or one of our Nectar AI tutorials:

If you have any questions then feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].



ICKS are details you don’t want to see in your generated images.

Yes, press the like icon on the top right to save your images.

Yes, the ULTIMATE plan includes video generation, the best models, and over 350 customizations.

Yes, Nectar AI offers a free plan which lets you generate 10 images daily.

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