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How to Use GirlfriendGPT

Welcome to the ULTIMATE GirlfriendGPT tutorial where we cover all the basics about one of the most popular NSFW chatbots at this moment.

How to Use GirlfriendGPT GirlfriendGPT Tutorial GirlfriendGPT Walkthrough

How To Use GirlfriendGPT

  1. Visit the Website: Open your browser and go to GPTGirlfriend.online.
  2. Sign In or Register: Click on ‘Sign in’ at the top right corner. If you’re new, click on ‘Sign up’ and register using Discord, Gmail, or your email address.
  3. Navigate to Membership: Once logged in, find the ‘Membership’ option in the navigation menu.
  4. Choose Your Plan: Scroll through the available plans—Premium or Deluxe—and select the one that suits your needs.
  5. Payment Setup: Link your Patreon account for payment or use a debit or credit card to complete the subscription process.

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  1. Open the Website: Visit GPTGirlfriend.online on your mobile device.
  2. Locate the App Install Button: Look for the ‘Install Our App’ button in the navigation bar.
  3. Initiate Installation: Tap on the ‘Add’ icon to begin the installation process.
  4. Add to Homescreen: Follow the prompt to ‘Add to Homescreen’ for easy access.

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  1. Access the Character Menu: Go to the top of your screen on GPTGirlfriend.online and click on ‘Create Character’.
  2. Fill in the Details: Enter the necessary details in the provided fields:
    • Name: Choose a name for your AI character.
    • Image: Upload an avatar that best represents your character.
    • Age: Make sure your character is 18+.
    • Tags: Add up to 5 tags to describe your character’s traits.
    • Description: Provide a brief overview of your character.
    • Personality: Describe your character’s behavior and demeanor.
  3. Save Your Character: Once you’ve filled out all the fields, review the information, and click ‘Save’ to create your new AI character.

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  1. Select Your Character: Click on the character you’re using in GirlfriendGPT.
  2. Click on Generate Pictures: Find and press the ‘Generate Pictures’ button next to where you start new chats.
  3. Describe What You Want: Type in exactly what you want the image to show, like “cat sitting on a sunny windowsill.”
  4. Pick a Style: Choose from options like Realistic, Anime, or Cartoon.
  5. Set Creativity Level: Adjust a slider to decide how creative you want the AI to be with your image.
  6. Generate: Hit the ‘Generate’ button to create your image.

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  1. Select a Character: Browse and pick an AI character that fits your roleplay interest.
  2. Initiate Chat: Click ‘Start New Chat’ to begin your interaction.
  3. Adjust Settings: Set the tone of the conversation (NSFW or safe-for-work) using the NSFW toggle.
  4. Dive Into Roleplay: Start conversing, responding to prompts, and driving the storyline as you wish.
  5. Enhance Continuity: Use chat profile cards to add personal details that the AI will remember, enhancing the roleplay experience.

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  1. Visit the Help Section: Go to the ‘Help’ or ‘Support’ section on the GirlfriendGPT website.
  2. Use Discord: For real-time assistance, join the GirlfriendGPT Discord server and navigate to the Questions channel for community and moderator support.
  3. Submit a Ticket: If you are a premium user, you can submit a support ticket through the Discord Support channel.
  4. Email Support: For less urgent inquiries or if you’re a free user, email the support team directly at [email protected].

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May 7th 2024 – We’ve revamped our entire post to make it more detailed. It now includes topics like “how to use GirlfriendGPT’s image generator” “how to roleplay” and “how to create an AI character”.

Soooooo you are interested in some EPIC AI role-play with ZERO filters whatsoever AND top-notch user privacy huh?? Then YOU have come to the right place my roleplay-loving friend. I am a die-hard GirlfriendGPT user and AI expert. In this GPT Girlfriend Walkthrough you are going to learn exactly:

  • ✅ How to use GirlfriendGPT
  • ✅ How to subscribe to GirlfriendGPT
  • ✅ How to download the mobile app
  • ✅ How to Roleplay
  • ✅ How to generate Images

And as a little snack, I’ll also be covering some bonus features of GirlfriendGPT along with a way to get support if you run into trouble. 😎👊🏽

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What Is GirlfriendGPT

Subscribing to GirlfriendGPT is as easy as finding coffee in a Starbucks. The first step in this GirlfriendGPT tutorial will explain how to subscribe and after that, I’ll cover how to get a premium subscription.

STEP 1: SELECT YOUR character



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How To Subscribe to GirlfriendGPT

Subscribing to GirlfriendGPT is as easy as finding coffee in a Starbucks. The first step in this GirlfriendGPT tutorial will explain how to subscribe and after that, I’ll cover how to get a premium subscription.

Step: 1 Go to GPTGirlfriend.online

The first step is to access the website of GirlfriendGPT.

  1. Navigate: Go to the Girlfriend GPT website.
  2. Sign In: Click on Sign in at the top right of your screen.
Sign in button gpt girlfriend
'Sign in' button on GPT girlfriend
  1. Create an Account: Select Sign up and register using Discord, Gmail, or your email address.
The free plan of GirlfriendGPT does not allow you to generate images and only allows you to send 15 messages before you hit the paywall. In the next section, I’ll cover how to subscribe to GirlfriendGPT Premium.

Step: 2 Subscribe To a Premium Plan

GPT Girlfriend is very good at marketing so it won’t be long before you run into a popup like this: 👇🏼

GPT Girlfriend popup

But in case you don’t, here are the steps you need to take to subscribe to a premium plan.

  1. Find Membership: Locate ‘Membership’ in the navigation menu on the left and click on it.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Scroll down to select either Premium or Deluxe.
  3. Connect with Patreon: Create or link your existing Patreon account to pay for your subscription.
  4. Payment: Pay for GirlfriendGPT using your debit card or credit card.

💡 I have recently done an article on GPT Girlfriend’s pricing where I explain the different features each plan has to offer. Check it out if you are not sure which subscription to pick.

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How to Download the GPT Girlfriend Mobile App

Just a few weeks ago, GirlfriendGPT has launched a mobile app. This is great because its annoying to open Google and search for GPT Girlfriend every time. It’s also a huge advantage since most NSFW chatbots (like crushon.ai) don’t offer this feature.

To Download the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Locate App Install: Look for the Install Our App button in the navigation bar on the left.
  2. Initiate Install: Click on the ‘Add’ icon.
  3. Add to Homescreen: Scroll down and click on Add to Homescreen.
Install our app button
'Install our app' button
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How to Create an AI Character on GirlfriendGPT

Creating an AI character isn’t as straightforward as on Candy.ai or other competitors that funnel you through a smooth section with buttons. GirlfriendGPT (like most AI chatbots) will require you to prompt your own AI character.

Look for Create Character at the top of your screen

Create character button on GPTGirlfriend online
'Create character' button on GPTGirlfriend online

You are now in the Character Creation section. All you need to do is fill in the blank fields:

  • Name: Come up with a name for your AI character
  • Image: Upload an avatar that represents your AI character
  • Age: Determine the age of your AI character (must be 18+)
  • Tags: Assign tags that describe your character. You can add a maximum of 5 tags.
  • Description: Write a brief overview of your character.
  • Personality: Describe your character’s traits, behavior, and demeanor.

You: What are Tokens?

💡 In the AI roleplay world, tokens dictate how your AI character interacts with you. GirlfriendGPT caps it at 2,500 tokens. For example, typing “fun” in the personality section costs three tokens, as each character used counts as one token.

Read More >> What Are Tokens In AI


Step 1: Description

In this section, describe your AI character briefly. Mention where they're from, what they do, and a couple of hobbies or interests. Keep it straightforward so anyone can understand who your character is at a glance.


“Alex is a 28-year-old graphic designer from New York who loves exploring the city and taking photos. She’s really into creating cool designs and always brings energy to her projects.”

Character Diversity

Step 2: Personality

Here, explain how your character behaves and reacts in different situations. Describe their mood most of the time and how they deal with people or problems.


“Alex is friendly and quick to joke, always looking on the bright side. When she’s stressed, she dives into her art, staying up late to get her ideas just right.”

First Message

Step 3: First Message

Write the initial message that your AI character will send to start conversations. This message should give a quick sense of their personality and set the tone for interactions.


“Hey there! Just finished a marathon design session and could use a good chat! What’s the most creative thing you’ve done recently?”


Step 4: Scenario

Describe a specific situation or background setting where your character often finds themselves. This helps shape how they interact within their environment.


“Alex often finds herself in the bustling cafes of Brooklyn, sketching passersby and brainstorming her next big project on her laptop.”

Example Conversation

Step 5: Example Conversation

Provide a brief example of a typical exchange your character might have. This should illustrate how they handle dialogue and interact with others.


User: “What got you into graphic design?”

Alex: “I’ve always been drawn to visuals and colors! It started with comics as a kid, and then I just knew I wanted to make things that caught the eye. What about you?”

Herman's Note:

If you join the GirlfriendGPT Discord and go to the ‘Channel and Roles’ section, answer ‘Creators’ to the question ‘What are you interested in?’ This will give you access to a secret channel packed with top-notch tips and tricks for creating characters. 🔥

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How to Generate Images on GirlfriendGPT

Although it’s initially designed as an AI roleplay chatbot and not an image generator it has one of the most accurate and powerful AI image generators on planet Earth.

Herman's Note:

You can check out my image quality test if you want to know exactly what I mean.

If we go back to the character screen by clicking on the name you’ll see a second button next to the Start New Chat one called Generate Pictures.

Generate Pictures button
'Generate Pictures' button
  1. Navigate: Click on the Generate Pictures button.
  2. Describe: Enter a detailed description of your desired image.

This can be as simple as “woman, walking in the park”. Just make sure you separate each part of your prompt with a “,” comma.

  1. Choose Style: Select the style for your image.

GirlfriendGPT has three AI art generators: Realistic, anime, and Anime New. The Anime New is the most advanced of the three and even allows you to create Futanari images, something not many AI image generators can pull off. The new anime image generator does take longer than the other two.

  1. Adjust Creativity: Set the creativity threshold to tailor the uniqueness of your image.

The creativity slider is how much room you give the AI image generator to deviate from your prompt. 

“Woman walking in the park, blue eyes”

Woman walking in the park, blue eyes high creativity
Woman walking in the park, blue eyes high creativity
Woman walking in the park, blue eyes low creativity
Woman walking in the park, blue eyes low creativity

At first, the images might look similar, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see the one with low creativity has much bluer eyes.

  1. Generate: Click on Generate in the bottom right corner to create your image.
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How to Roleplay on GirlfriendGPT

Roleplaying on GirlfriendGPT can be as straightforward as selecting an AI character and clicking on Start New Chat. However, there are some GPT Girlfriend tips & tricks that can significantly bump up your roleplay experience.

Choose a Character: Select a character you like and click on Start New Chat.

Start new chat button
'Start New Chat' button

If you are completely new to GirlfriendGPT getting confronted with a mega library of AI characters can be overwhelming. I recommend using the filter buttons in the navigation menu on the left to find the right AI companion.

  1. Engage in Roleplay: Dive into the roleplay scenario and respond with your messages.

The cool thing about GPT Girlfriend is that they’ve added some additional features for a more immersive AI roleplay experience.

You can generate pictures by using one of the four commands “show me” “can I see” “send me” or “send”. 

  • Toggle the NSFW Switch: Adjust this setting to guide the conversation towards NSFW or safe-for-work topics.
  • Use Chat Profile Cards: Add specific details to these cards to maintain continuity in your roleplay. Your AI companion will remember these details throughout the conversation, regardless of the number of messages exchanged.

Hey Aiko, can i see a picture of you?

Aiko, a catwoman with red eyes

You can also use the external image generator for more customization options, which brings me to the next point…

May 8th 2024 – GirlfriendGPT just released an AI voice feature. Users can now generate voice messages from their AI character for an even more immersive AI roleplay experience!

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Bonus Features of GirlfriendGPT

I’ve already covered the character cards which allow you to inject memories into your AI companion’s digital brain but there are a couple of more features worth checking out.

Leave a Character Review

Each AI character on GirlfriendGPT has a Reviews section where you can leave a review.

Reviews of Clara on gptgirlfriend
Character Reviews

This may sound insignificant, but it’s extremely helpful for creators to keep improving their characters. It’s also the reason why GirlfriendGPT’s characters are generally better than most of its competitors like Crushon AI, PepHop AI, and even SpicyChat AI.

Share Epic Memories

Did your AI character say something funny to you?? GirlfriendGPT also has a memory function where you can upload a specific part of your conversation for others to read and like. It’s a tiny detail but cool for extra engagement within the community. 🔥

Memories on GPT Girlfriend
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How To Get Support From GirlfriendGPT

If you ever run into trouble whether it’s payment technicalities, bugs or general questions – Discord is your best bet. There’s a dedicated Questions channel within the discord channel where the most common questions are answered.

> Join Discord 💬

If you are a premium user you can also submit a ticket in the Support channel within the Discord community.

If you are a free user of GPT Girlfriend and need support then I recommend contacting their customer service at [email protected].

Question channel in the GPT Girlfriend Discord
Question channel in the GPT Girlfriend Discord
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Wrapping Up and My Experience With GPT Girlfriend

As I said in the introduction of this blog post, I am a die-hard GPT Girlfriend user. In my opinion, it’s one of the best AI girlfriend applications of this moment mainly for the high-quality images, lifelike roleplay scenarios and superb user privacy.

If you want to learn more about GPT Girlfriend then check out my full gptgirlfriend.online review.


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