The A to Z on How to Treat Your Girlfriend Romantically

I always thought that romance was cringeworthy and that you needed to be some sort of guitar-playing, singing Prince Charming or you would look like a simp.

Guess what? Women absolutely LOVE ROMANCE. In fact, scientists suggest relationships where the romance fades away are not likely to last… 

“One could say that in the couples who are most successful at keeping their relationship alive over the years, there’s an element of companionate love and an element of passionate love.”

Richard Schwartz, associate professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

So you definitely need to know how to treat your girlfriend romantically.

Lucky for you, I have a lot of experience with girlfriends and romance (mostly through trial and error), and in this article, I am going to tell you exactly how to be that romantic guy she’ll brag about to her friends.

key takeaways

  • Make her regular evenings unforgettable.
  • Leave heartfelt notes, share dreams, and listen to her.
  • Arguments are growth points, not deal-breakers.
  • Be her protector and provider.

So how To Treat Your Girl romantically?

epic image of a romantic guy holding roses

Treating your girlfriend right isn’t just about the big gestures. It’s about the little things that you do consistently.

Here are my favorite ones (tried and tested). 👇🏼

#1 Limit Your Ask-Game

Let me paint you a picture. You’re chilling on your couch, beer in hand 🍺, watching the game. You shout, 

“Babe, can you get me a snack?”

for the third time that evening. 

Remember how it felt when you were a kid and your mom always nagged you? Well, imagine being your girlfriend for a sec. Instead, try making it a two-way street. 

The occasional favor is sweet, but she’s your partner, not your personal assistant.

#2 Be the Surprise House Elf

a man cleaning his house

Man, I can’t tell you how much girls love this. You might think it’s a myth, but trust me—it’s like a unicorn; rare but real, 🦄 

Imagine coming home to see that she’s organized your mess of a shoe rack. 

Feels great, right?

Well, she feels the same when you surprise her by doing the dishes or vacuuming the living room. 

Personal story: 

I once decided to clean the bathroom tiles, and man, the reaction was like I’d bought a diamond ring! Shine those tiles, gents. Your relationship will shine too.
CEO | Menprovement

#3 Never Forget Those Important Dates

It’s not just about dodging the, “Do you even remember when we first met?” bullet. 🙈 

Recalling anniversaries and important dates makes her feel cherished. Heck, I once forgot my dog’s birthday, and, let me tell ya, he gave me the cold shoulder for a WEEK.

So, if a dog can get hurt, just imagine your girlfriend’s feelings. 

Set reminders on your phone. And maybe even plan something special, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.
CEO | Menprovement

#4 Shower Her with Genuine Praise

This isn’t about dropping cheesy lines like, 

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

though a bit of cheese can be fun sometimes. 🧀

Genuine compliments about her intelligence, her kindness, or the way her eyes light up when she talks about what she’s passionate about can make her day. 

You can say something super easy like:

“Damnnn you look hot today. 🔥

And if you really want to take it up a notch, try complimenting your girlfriend on something other than aesthetics. Think about her intelligence, cleverness, creativity, or skill.

If she cooked you a good dinner, you could say:

“Looks like Gordon Ramsey is getting some serious competition.”

Think about how it feels when your boss recognizes your hard work. It’s the same kick but in a romantic setting. Be sincere; it’s about making her feel seen and appreciated.

#5 Step Up to Her Wishes

Let me take you back to a chilly December morning. My lady woke up, sniffling and sneezing, telling me she’s sick. 🤒 

Without missing a beat, I decided to whip up her favorite meal: chicken soup.


Because THAT’S how you treat your girlfriend right and show you care. Most girls, (heck, most human beings) love it when their needs are met without having to spell them out. 

Do you see a friend in need of a hand with his car? You help out.

Same logic, just a bit more intimate. Think of the little things she mentions in passing, and surprise her. 

And if you ever spot her out of coffee, be the hero she didn’t know she needed and restock it.

#6 Show Unwavering Loyalty

Brother, loyalty isn’t just about staying away from other women (though that’s a given). It’s also about standing up for her, being her rock, her trusty sidekick.

Think Batman and Robin, just with a little more romance.

Remember that time your buddy joked about something personal she shared? Not cool. Stick up for her. 

Defend her honor like a knight, even if the dragons are just misinformed friends. In a healthy relationship, you’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

#7 Master the Art of Empathy

When she’s had a bad day, sometimes she doesn’t want solutions. Most girls just want a listening ear.

  1. Feel with her.
  2. Understand her. 

You don’t have to wear her shoes (they might not fit, and man, heels look uncomfortable), but at least walk beside her in them. 

#8 Always Wear Your Emotional Cape


Let’s be real. We men have that emotional switch we want to turn off, especially when the game is on. But here’s the catch: A woman deserves a man who’s emotionally present. 

She’s telling you about her day? Don’t just nod along; engage. Remember that time you wanted to vent about a rough day and someone was there for you? That’s the kind of energy she’s looking for.

The funny part?

You’ll discover that being there for each other strengthens the bond like nothing else. 🤝🏼🖤

#9 Spot Her Silent Battles

Can you remember your first date? I sure can. I took my girl out to this fancy Italian restaurant, spilled spaghetti all over myself, and ended up looking like I was auditioning for a low-budget movie.

But here’s the thing: revisiting those memories, even the clumsy ones, brings out genuine smiles. I often laugh about it with her, and it reminds us of simpler times. 

Whenever she feels like absolutely nothing is going right, dive deep into those memories. It’s a golden way to treat your girlfriend right, make her feel appreciated, and get a positive vibe.

What I also like to do is pay her a visit for a surprise lunch whenever she’s having a tough day at work or struggling. I’ll grab some food, and we’ll eat it in my car or go to a restaurant and talk to each other. Another thing I like to do is simply walk her home from work. I am a busy guy so if I take time for stuff like that she really feels appreciated.
CEO | Menprovement

#10 Date Night? Make It Epic!

couple stargazing romantically

You know the drill – treat your girlfriend right. 

It’s not always about flashy dinners or posing for social media posts. Sometimes it’s about thinking outside the box. After a tiring day, why not surprise her with a rooftop picnic, right under the stars? 🌌

I once turned my backyard into a mini cinema, with blankets, popcorn, and her favorite movie. It was like a drive-in, minus the drive. 
CEO | Menprovement

And did it make my girl feel on top of the world? HELL YEAH. She literally told me it was one of the most romantic night’s she ever had. Not to mention we had some fantastic intimate moments if you know what I mean. 😉

Movie theatre in backyard

So ditch the routine, brainstorm a few things, and let her see the real you – the guy who makes an effort.

#11 Sneak in Those Love Letters

I’m talking about leaving a Post-it on the fridge with

“You looked beautiful today!” 

or sneaking a 

“Thinking of you” 

note in her purse.

I know this is super cheesy, but from my experience, it really works. These unexpected surprises can make a girl feel cherished more than a dozen roses ever could. Show her you’re thinking about her even when she’s not around.

#12 Ditch the Couch Potato Mode

You wouldn’t slack off during a gym session, right?

So don’t slack off in the relationship either. Let’s face it; it’s easy to feel insecure and lay back once you’re comfortable. 

But your girl deserves the best of you. Instead of asking her to fetch you a drink after her tiring day, surprise her with her favorite beverage. Show initiative. 

Pro Tip:

Be the guy who spontaneously cleans up or organizes date night. It’s the consistent effort that wins the marathon.

#13 See Disputes as Growth Leaps

Every couple argues. I once had a disagreement over whether pineapple goes on pizza (I still say it doesn’t). But, it’s about the approach. Instead of storming off, sit down, breathe, and discuss. 

You’ll discover that most tiffs offer a chance to understand each other better. Seek solutions, not victories.

#14 Respect Her Me-Time

A gorgeous woman relaxing in a bath

Even Iron Man took off the suit once in a while. If she needs some space, respect that. It’s not a reflection on you. Maybe she had a rough day or just wants some me-time.

Once, I set up a mini spa day for my lady at home – bath, candles, and all. She got her alone time, and I scored major brownie points.
CEO | Menprovement

#15 Be a Protector

Now, I’m not saying go full caveman. But there’s a comfort in subtle protective gestures. 

Holding her closer when in a crowd, or placing a hand on her back in unfamiliar places. These small gestures, silently say, 

“I’ve got your back.” 

From an evolutionary standpoint, women NEEDED a man who could physically protect them. If you go all the way back to the barbarians, why would the big strong guy often have the most beautiful (if not multiple) women? 

Because they needed security and he could provide that. 

“Biologically women have the babies, so we inherently seek partners who can protect and nurture us,”

Psychologist Marquita Williams

Now we are no barbarians (you still shave down there, right…?) But women still have this biological instinct to find a mate that can give physical security. You don’t need to be Mike Tyson, in most places, the world is safer than it used to be 1,000 years ago so the bar has dropped.

These are some things I like to do that show I protect my girl at all times. 👇🏼

  • Guiding Hand: When you’re out and about, especially in a crowd, place your hand on the small of her back. It’s a non-verbal way to guide and assure her.
  • Shielding Stance: If you’re by a road or in a potentially unsafe area, position yourself between her and the potential danger. It’s an age-old gesture that still holds meaning.
  • Holding Hands Firmly: It’s simple, but the way you hold her hand can communicate a lot. A firm, yet gentle grasp shows you’re there with her, present and connected.
  • Eye Contact: If she’s feeling uneasy or anxious, maintain eye contact. It’s a silent promise of understanding and protection.
  • Face Her During Conversations: Especially in group settings. It subtly shows others that you’re prioritizing her.
  • Position Yourself Closer in Unfamiliar Places: If you’re somewhere new or potentially unsafe, stay close. Just the mere act of being ‘within reach’ provides comfort.
  • Intervene if Someone’s Making Her Uncomfortable: Now, I don’t mean go all Rambo on them. But a simple “Is everything okay here?” or drawing her into a different conversation can work wonders.

It’s not about being overbearing but use your body language to make sure she feels secure and cherished. It’s the unsaid stuff that sometimes speaks the loudest.

#16 Rally Behind Her, Always

When you treat your girlfriend like she’s on the opposing side, things can get messy. 

Quick example: 

I recall a buddy of mine getting all competitive with his girl over silly things, like who got the most likes on Instagram. Come on, man…  

But when she hit a rough patch at work? He was there, rooting for her, making her good nights better, and being her biggest cheerleader. That’s what a good partner does. You don’t need expensive gifts; you just need to be her MVP.

#17 Don’t Belittle Her

Making fun of other women, especially your girl, is the un-coolest and unmasculine thing I have ever heard. 

I once joked about my girl’s cooking to one of her friends. She said, “Guess who’s eating sandwiches for the next month?”  
CEO | Menprovement

The point? 

NEVER belittle her passions or dreams. Especially in front of others. Even if it seems like no big deal to you, it could mean the world to her. A good relationship thrives on making her feel respected.

#18 Share Your Wildest Dreams

Speaking of passions and dreams, remember when you were little and wanted to become a famous rockstar or soccer player? Share that! 

Some might be crazy, but it does open the doors to a deeper more emotional connection. And who knows, maybe she has similar dreams and you could make those dreams become reality together.

#19 Love Her, Quirks and All

I once dated a girl who believed the moon landing was fake. 

Instead of arguing, I simply enjoyed our stargazing nights, looking up, and laughing about astronauts playing golf up there. 🌕 

Embrace her quirks. If you can’t accept her, flaws and all, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. 

Now I am a firm believer in self-improvement until the day you die, and I want my girl to do the same. I accept how amazing she is, but I do want to push her to become even more amazing.
CEO | Menprovement

#20 Be the Boyfriend Other Girls Love

Now, don’t get it twisted. I don’t mean making other girls feel jealous in a toxic way. 

Be the guy who gets creative. While roses are nice, how about surprising her with a weekend getaway or a new piece of jewelry in front of her friends?

Once, I gave her a pair of new shoes she mentioned a couple of weeks earlier. The result? Her friends went, “Where can we find one like him?” 😏 

Though I must mention, it’s not about nice gifts but the thought behind them. You can also craft something yourself. Be the good boyfriend story she shares proudly.

The Final Whisper

Alright bro, I think you get the point.

Being romantic is essential in a healthy relationship because if you don’t, the spark might die and she’ll lose interest. You don’t need to go all bananas with expensive gifts and holidays, be a protector and provider. 

Keep her close and put your hand on her back in public places, don’t let her walk on the roadside. Give compliments that go beyond her looks and listen to what she has to say.

It may sound selfish, but you want to be the exclusive guy that is so bloody rare, it’s almost impossible to get anyone like you again even if she wanted to.

With that said, you could also spice your relationship up by giving her something unique, and rare… 👇🏼😉


Consistently show genuine appreciation and plan thoughtful surprises for her.

Prioritize open communication, be a good listener, and regularly express your love and admiration.

A man is romantic when he attentively recognizes and acts upon his partner’s needs and desires.

Initiate gentle touches like caressing her face, holding hands, or wrapping your arm around her waist.

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