How to Pleasure Your Girlfriend Beyond Her Wildest Dreams

So I took her pants off, fucked her, came in 5 seconds, and then went off to play video games.

So I walked up from behind, grabbed her, and whispered in her ear:

“The thought of me bending you over the counter won’t leave my mind” 

before I kissed her neck and started to dry-finger her.

Now which one of those two do you think would turn your girlfriend more on?

The truth is, a lot of men only think about themselves and don’t know how to pleasure a woman. Look, I can understand, it is difficult as hell. But there are some sneaky tricks you can apply.

Keep reading, and you will find out exactly how.

key takeaways

  • Put her sexual desires first: The rewards will be two-fold. 
  • Ask her what she likes, and act on it.
  • Mastering the basics, like oral sex, will make you a sex master 
  • Keep exploring new sex acts and toys to spice things up 

This is Why You need to Know how To Pleasure Your Girlfriend

Woman in bed sexy

Let’s be real. Ever tried to assemble that IKEA shelf without reading the instructions? I have, and I ended up with a very unsteady ‘thing’ that wasn’t even fit for stacking paperweights. 

Just like that shelf, when you dive headfirst into (penetrative) sex without knowing the basics, things can go sideways. Knowing how to pleasure your girlfriend is the instruction manual you didn’t think you needed, but you absolutely do.

But here’s the kicker: It’s not just about having good sex. It’s about connecting with your girlfriend, understanding her desires, and making sure you’re both vibing on the same frequency. When you truly get this, you’ll see that it’s a game-changer.

Trust me, taking the time to understand her needs is a testament to how much you care. And bro, women find that attractive!

How it will benefit you

That said, when you genuinely put in the effort to understand female pleasure, guess what? She’ll notice. And she won’t just appreciate it – most women will actively want to return the favor. 😏 

I’ve been there, and it was the best head I’ve ever gotten. Not to mention, we had some great sex afterward.

As you focus on her pleasure, she’ll be more inclined to explore yours, leading to more passionate sex for both of you. In essence, it’s like upgrading from economy to first class; once you get that taste, you don’t want to go back. 

11 Proven Ways To Pleasure Your Girlfriend

woman having an orgasm

Grab your notepads and put on your learning cap because I am about to teach you 15 proven tactics that’ll leave you looking like a romance guru, and your girlfriend begging for more. 🔥

#1 Make her comfortable

Think about that recliner you love so much. 


Because it’s comfortable. 

The same logic applies here. If she’s not relaxed and at ease, she won’t fully enjoy the experience. Soft lighting, some romantic music, a glass of wine, and a warm temperature make a world of difference. 

Plus, when she’s comfortable, she’s open. It’s the bedrock of intimacy, my friend. Just like you wouldn’t start a car race with flat tires, don’t initiate intimacy without ensuring she’s comfy. 

#2 Foreplay Long Before Penetrative Sex

Who says you need to be naked to get the party started? The tease is half the fun! Draw it out, and build the anticipation. If you kiss her, touch her on her thighs and butt, while she still has her clothes on. 

You can also  “dry-finger” her and make her extremely horny.

If I want to please my girl, I always let her take it to the next base. I focus on making her wet and eventually, she just can’t resist it anymore and rips my pants off.
CEO | Menprovement

For women, the journey is as exciting as the destination. Maybe even more…

You can also try to introduce new sex toys and sex acts. Sex toys are great to spice up your sex life. Some sex toys are not just for your partner’s body but also for yours.

#3 Asks what turns her on

firewoman role play

Sounds simple, right? But how many times have we men gone into situations thinking we’re mind-readers? (Spoiler: we’re not.) 

Instead of guessing, just ask her. 

“Hey, what do you like?”

Communication is key. Her desires can be as unique as that one sock that always disappears in the laundry. When you understand her turn-ons, you’re better positioned to press all the right buttons.

#4 Compliments

You know that feeling when you rock a new shirt and everyone notices? It’s like you’ve been given a dose of superpower juice. The same goes here. Complimenting her genuinely can boost her confidence and make her feel desired. 

Tell her how beautiful she looks, or how you love the way she laughs. But remember, just like you wouldn’t want someone to overdo the salt on your fries, don’t overdo it – keep it genuine.

#5 Dirty Talk

dirty talk example

Alright, bro, this isn’t for everyone, but when done right, it’s like adding chili flakes to your pizza—a spicy kick.

What I like to do is kiss her on the neck and tell her some dirty talk like:

“I need your body pressed against mine. Your warmth. Your smile. Your fingers wrapped around my back. The taste of your kiss. ”

Now this is some high-level 50 shades of gray shit, that I would only recommend if you can say it with absolute confidence and fluency. The best part about this dirty talk line is that it is very detailed, so it creates a painting the girl’s head.

Another one of my favorites is:

“I wish my hands were combing through your hair, pulling it, making you groan with pleasure.”

If this doesn’t sound like you, you can just say something like.

“Just the thought of you naked drives me crazy.”

It is not as fancy as the first two, but it is still highly effective.

Good to remember that talking dirty is not about being vulgar, it’s about expressing desire and building tension. 

#6 Fingering

Honestly, guys, a well-executed finger game is one of the BIGGEST pleasures you can give your girlfriend.

Preparation: The Unsung Hero

First things first, ensure your hands are clean, your nails are clipped, and there aren’t any sharp edges. A smooth glide is what we’re aiming for.

The Setting

If you read the first part of this article, you should have already nailed this part. If not, start with kissing, cuddling, etc. Gauge her reactions. If she seems receptive, slowly let your hand drift down.

If she’s still wearing pants or underwear, start gently rubbing her pussy while you are kissing her in the neck and ears. The wetter she is when you unzip her pants, the more sexual pleasure she will have.

The Exploration Phase

If you think she’s wet enough, unzip her pants and start by gently caressing the outer labia, using your fingers to tease and stimulate. As things heat up, you’ll feel her labia part and moisten.

The Main Event: Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris is the pleasure powerhouse. Approach with reverence. Use a gentle, rhythmic motion with your index and middle fingers. 

For the sake of this article, I can not tell you how to finger a girl in detail since it requires practice and visuals. If you want to learn techniques that will make her orgasm. Join our community and get all your questions answered by our sex coach (Jakub) who will guide you through every move and technique.

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#7 Oral Sex

Now, let’s navigate the nuanced art of cunnilingus. Get this right, and she’ll be singing your praises… quite literally.

Setting the Stage

Just like fingering, first, make sure she’s comfortable. 

Pro Tip:

Use a pillow under her hips to elevate her pelvis, granting you better access and an enhanced experience.

The Initial Descent

Begin by planting soft kisses on her inner thighs, gradually moving to her vulva. This teasing builds anticipation, making her crave more.

The Flat-Tongued Technique

Once you’re there, start with a flat tongue, using broad strokes to cover the entire area. Think of it as painting a masterpiece. This is also something we teach at Menprovement X, along with a couple of other techniques.

Right now we are launching the Beta which means you can literally learn all the secrets that will save you hours and hours on YouTube for the price of a fancy dinner at McDonalds.

Oral Sex Mastery 🐱
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Clitoral Focus

The clitoris, again, is the crown jewel. Once she’s warmed up, focus your attention here. Employ the tip of your tongue for precise licks and circles. Watch out for her reactions; they’re your best guide.

#8 Kiss her a Lot

If you’re not smothering your girl with kisses, you’re missing out! Kissing increases intimacy, creates a bond, and ignites passion. It reminds her that she’s desired, which is an incredible feeling.

Now you can start by kissing her on her mouth but if you really want to spic things up, throw in some neck kisses.

I personally like to do a lot of ear kisses, this will also allow me to do some dirty talking at the same time. Combine this with (dry) fingering and you have hit the home run of pleasuring your girlfriend.
CEO | Menprovement

#9 Do her Favorite Positions

Guys, I know we all like things like Doggy Style, Reversed Cowgirl, and the missionary position but have you ever asked if your girl likes it? 

Every woman has the go-to moves that reaaaaaally get her going. When you prioritize her favorites, you’re showing you care about her pleasure. 

And trust me, when she’s having good sex, you’re in for a treat too.

#10 Hair pulling & Spanking

Alright, mate, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all, so tread carefully. Some ladies absolutely love a little BDSM – it can amplify the intensity of the moment. 

Heck yeah, I even had this girl who was so much into it that she wanted me to choke her until she almost passed out… I am not saying every girl is like this, but your girlfriend might be less innocent than you think.

Again, asking her what she wants and likes is key. If she says she likes it rough, start by gently grabbing her neck and pinching her butt. If you get positive signals like heavy moaning you can go further by spanking her and pulling her hair back.

#11 Take the Lead

I’ve been in situations where I hesitated, and let me tell you, regret is more bitter than the last sip of beer at 2 AM.  

Taking the lead shows confidence, which can be incredibly sexy. It tells her, 

“I’ve got this, relax and enjoy.” 

Then you are just hesitating and awkwardly moving around. Even if you have no idea what the fuck you are doing.

However, it’s essential to strike a balance. While it’s great to take the initiative, be attuned to her needs and wants. After all, a real man knows that a shared dance is better than a solo performance

So What Have We Learned?

You don’t need to be a professional sex educator to pleasure your girlfriend and giver her an amazing sexual experience. Understanding her desires will put you ahead of 99% of men, it’s as simple as that. Put her needs first, and trust me, the rewards will be mutual. 

Communication is key, so ask, listen, and act. Now, take these tips, show her some love, and enjoy the journey together.

And if you want to take it up a notch, Join Menprovement X and learn how to spice up your sex life and give your girlfriend a sexual experience like never before

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By understanding her sexual desires, communicating openly, and focusing on foreplay, emotional intimacy, and mutual respect.

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