The Gentleman’s Guide on How to Please Your Girlfriend

Ever found yourself Googling “How to please your girlfriend” at 2 AM, feeling like you’ve hit a relationship roadblock? 

Don’t sweat it; we’ve all been there. But what if I said there’s a way to navigate this maze, ensuring you both come out grinning? Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon the guide that’ll unlock those secrets…

key takeaways

  • Invest time in her interests; it builds a connection.
  • Always show genuine appreciation.
  • Date nights are essential; maintain the spark.
  • Honesty is key; always keep promises.

What is Pleasing Your Girlfriend?

a happy, satisfied looking girlfriend

Now, when I say “pleasing your girlfriend”, I’m not just talking about buying her flowers or remembering anniversaries (though that’s pretty solid, too). 

It’s about understanding her, resonating with her emotions, and letting her know that, “Hey, I’ve got your back.” 

Think of it as being her rock while also occasionally serenading her with a good ol’ 90’s jam. 😎🎸

#1 Dive Deep into Relationship Time

Back in my early days, I once tried to build a table without reading the manual. Spoiler alert: it had three legs. 

What’s the connection, you ask? 

Relationships, just like DIY furniture, need time and patience. You can’t expect to build a sturdy, long-lasting connection on occasional texts and weekend dates.

Dive deep!

Give it your evenings, your weekends, maybe even your Monday Night Football time. 


Because a relationship is an investment. The more you put in, the richer the returns.

#2 Tune In, Not Out

Remember that old video of those two girls bragging about eating the Caroline Reaper Pepper and instantly regretting it? 🌶️

Well, just like they wished someone had listened to their cries for milk, your girlfriend needs you to hear her out. 

Not just the words, but the emotions behind them. By truly listening, you show her respect and understanding, and that you genuinely care. Plus, it might save you from any ghost pepper-like situations in the future.

#3 Compliment from the Heart

I once told a friend his mullet looked “unique.” I meant it as a compliment, but…well, let’s just say it didn’t go down well. 

The point is, women have an in-built genuine-compliment-detector. It’s science (not really, but you get the gist). 

When you notice her new hairstyle or the way her eyes light up when she’s passionate, tell her! But mean it. Because nothing says “I love you” like a sincere compliment. 👌🏻

#4 Own Your PDA Game

Now, I’m not saying you should be that couple making everyone uncomfortable at a family barbecue. But a little hand-holding, a quick peck, or a playful hug goes a long way. It says, “Hey world, this amazing human is with me.” 

PDA is essential because it reassures her that you’re proud and protective of the bond you share. Plus, it’s a silent declaration of love, and who doesn’t love that? 

#5 Keep the Element of Surprise Alive

My buddy once thought surprising his girlfriend meant jumping out from behind a door… He quickly learned that’s not the kind of surprise women usually appreciate. 

Surprises in a relationship are about those unexpected moments of joy. Maybe it’s her favorite snack after a hard day or a surprise date night. 

These moments show you’re thinking of her even when you’re apart. It’s the little things, gentlemen, that make a big difference. 

#6 Explore Her World

Alright, my man, remember when you tried getting your buddies into that new hobby of yours? It’s kinda like that but with your girlfriend. Maybe she’s into 19th-century French poetry or underground indie bands you’ve never heard of. 

Dive in! 

Show a genuine interest. Why? Because it’s a way to say, 

“I care about what makes you happy. 

Plus, who knows? You might end up being the next big fan of those Victorian-age sonnets. 📜🎶

#7 Celebrate Her in Style

Ever get that warm and fuzzy feeling when someone gives you a pat on the back for a job well done? Well, imagine giving that feeling to someone else. 

Your girlfriend? She’s a star. So, let her know! Whether it’s her killer lasagna or how she handled a stressful situation – give her the recognition she deserves. Because a little “I see you and I appreciate you” goes a looong way. 

#8 Reignite with Date Nights

cinematic drawing of two people on a date talking

Okay, big guy, think back to the early days. The excitement, the planning, the butterflies… Ring a bell? Now, I’m not saying every night needs to be a grand event, but setting aside one night, just for the two of you? 


It rekindles the magic and says, “Our time together is special.” So, book that restaurant, or even better, have a home-cooked meal and movie night. Because, dude, love needs some feeding too. 

#9 Bedroom? Hit the Books!

Ah, the bedroom – the arena of intimacy.

Now, before you puff up that chest, thinking you’ve got it all covered, there’s always room for improvement. Try to find out what she truly desires. What kind of crazy fantasy does she have? If she likes oral sex, try new techniques to satisfy her.

And trust me, she’ll appreciate the homework you’ve done. 

Squirting Triggers
  • Become a SEX GOD and better than 99.99% of other men.
  • Watch her become addicted to the orgasms only YOU can give her.
  • Guaranteed to work on ALL women.

#10 Be the Rock in Promises

Remember when you promised your gym buddy you’d be there at 6 AM sharp, and you snoozed? Yeah, don’t do that with your girl. 

Keeping your word is the backbone of trust. When you say you’ll do something, do it. It’s essential because it proves reliability, and it shows that you respect her and the relationship. So, when you say you’re going to clean the dishes – you better make those plates shine dude.

My Final Words

Alright, here’s the REAL deal from my playbook. Pleasing your girlfriend goes beyond the big gestures; it’s the everyday stuff that counts. 

From my own experience, it’s about truly being there, listening, and making an effort. You’ve got to invest time and emotions, and in return, you’ll see the relationship flourish. Keep it genuine, guys, and you’ll both come out as winners.


Prioritize her needs, communicate openly, and explore her preferences together.

Listen actively, validate her feelings, and consistently show understanding and support.

Honesty, reliability, emotional intelligence, and genuine effort in the relationship.

Through consistent actions, verbal affirmations, understanding her love language, and prioritizing quality time.

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