How To Make My Girlfriend Feel Special

Ever believed that getting a girlfriend was the ultimate challenge? 

Buddy, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The real journey begins when I tried keeping her, and wondered how to make my girlfriend feel special.

I’ve been there: showering her with fancy gifts, booking those exotic all-inclusive vacations, thinking I could buy back that early magic. 

But here’s the twist. 

The most impactful moments, the ones that truly made her eyes light up? They didn’t dent my wallet. Not one bit. 

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what these cost-free magic tricks are, stay with me. We’re about to unravel some secrets together… 👀

key takeaways

  • Active listening makes her feel like she’s the only voice in the room.
  • Small gestures often beat big, expensive gifts. Remember the details.
  • Laughter and humor: your secret weapon for connection.
  • Genuine compliments beat generic ones, every single time.

#1 Shower Her with Heartfelt Compliments

You know, once, after a rugged gym session (I was sweating like a pig 🐷), I told my girlfriend how her smile brightened up even my toughest days. It made her day! Regularly noticing and complimenting her strengths, like

“You’re really well at doing X”


“I love it when you are doing Y”

Ensures she’ll feel treasured.

Now, let’s move on to the next way to make your girlfriend feel special – plan surprise adventures. 🚗 💨

#2 Plan Surprise Adventures

a couple on a roadtrip

Remember that road trip idea you shelved? Why not bring it to life? 🚗

Surprise her with a weekend getaway or even just an unplanned visit to a local place she’s mentioned. It’s the spontaneous adventures she’ll love and remember.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take her on a spontaneous road trip to a charming little town she’s always wanted to visit.
  • Surprise her with tickets to a concert or show by her favorite artist or band.
  • Plan a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin in the mountains, where you can enjoy hiking, stargazing, and quality time together.
  • Organize a surprise picnic in a beautiful park or by the beach, complete with her favorite foods and drinks.

By planning surprise adventures, you make your girlfriend feel special because you’re putting effort into creating unique and memorable experiences just for her.

#3 Offer Relaxing Massages

I once surprised my girl with a massage when she’s sick. Trust me, it was a game-changer. Whether she’s tired or just needs some pampering, giving her a gentle shoulder or foot massage is a golden move.

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To give you a better idea of how to offer relaxing massages, imagine this scenario:

Your GirlfriendThe setting
Tension melting awaySoft music playing
Deep relaxation taking overWarm massage oil
Feeling loved and cared forScented candles filling the room
A sense of intimacy growing

#4 Kiss Her Forehead with Love

It sounds simple, right? But when I kiss my girlfriend’s forehead, especially after a long day, it’s like giving her a warm blanket of comfort and love. It says, “I’ve got you,” without words.

Here are a few reasons why a forehead kiss can be so meaningful:

  • It shows love: A kiss on the forehead is a gentle and tender way of expressing your love for her. It conveys a sense of protection and care, making her feel safe and valued.
  • It brings comfort: A forehead kiss can provide comfort and reassurance during difficult times. It is a way of saying, ‘I am here for you, no matter what.’
  • It ignites intimacy: A kiss on the forehead can create a deep emotional connection between partners. It sets the stage for more intimate moments, fostering a sense of closeness and trust.
  • It reminds her of your presence: A forehead kiss is a subtle reminder that you are always thinking of her. It is a small gesture that speaks volumes about your affection and commitment.

With forehead kisses, you can make your girlfriend feel truly special.

#5 Hidden Love in Notes

a love note

Ever hid a cheeky note in her lunchbox? 📝

Or maybe under her pillow? Small notes with lines like, “You look 🔥” can make her day. It’s an old-school move, but trust me, it never goes out of style.

#6 Respect Runs Deep

I’ve learned, it’s not just about opening doors or listening, it’s about valuing her opinions, making sure she feels heard, and standing by her side.

A healthy relationship thrives on mutual respect.

#7 Devotion Never Wavers

Loyalty, my friend. It’s about being her rock, ensuring she knows she’s your priority. Through thick and thin, showing unwavering commitment and dedication can cement your bond.

This can be super powerful if you are a busy dude. I your attention is valuable and you give it to her, she will feel special and valued.
CEO | Menprovement

#8 Quality Time, Quality Bond

Look, we’re all busy. But taking out time, even if it’s just an hour, to really connect and spend time together?

That’s how a relationship grows. Whether it’s cooking together or just chatting, these moments are gold.

To paint a picture for you, here are five ways I make our quality time truly special:

  • Surprise date nights that cater to her interests and preferences
  • Taking her on adventures to explore new places and create lasting memories
  • Cooking a delicious meal together, and enjoying it by candlelight
  • Disconnecting from technology and simply having heart-to-heart conversations
  • Planning a fun and relaxing spa day for the two of us

By cherishing these moments, we strengthen our bond and show each other just how much we care.

And speaking of care, the next section will explore how I champion her dreams and aspirations. 👌🏻

#9 Champion Her Dreams

a couple taking a dance class

Remember when she told you about her startup idea or that pottery class she wanted to join? Be her cheerleader. Push her, believe in her. When I backed my girlfriend’s passion project, the joy in her eyes?


#10 Ink Love in Letters

Digital age, who? A handwritten letter, pouring out your feelings, is a classic. Every time she reads it, she’ll feel the warmth and love you put into those words. Grab a pen and let your heart do the talking. 🖋️💖

#11 Honor Her Choices

I once laughed my ass off at my girl’s choice of a vegan pizza 🍕 (I mean, where the f*ck is the meat? 😂).

But here’s the thing: respecting her choices, be it diet, fashion, or career, showcases deep affection. Tell her she’s beautiful in whatever she chooses, even if it’s those peculiar boots she just bought.

#12 Grace in Patience

Remember that one time you waited (seemingly forever) for her to get ready? Patience, my man.

Whenever I’m waiting, I remind myself: it’s the quality time later that counts. And guess what? She’ll notice, and it’ll boost her emotional well-being.

#13 Tiny Things, Big Love

a guy writing an X on a calender

You know the saying, “It’s the little things”? Trust me, leaving sweet messages on a sticky note on her mirror or remembering important dates, like the first time you went on a date. It’s those little details that make a girl feel special.

#14 Gratitude for Her Presence

Back when I was single, Friday nights meant video games.


I genuinely cherish my moments with her. A simple Netflix (and chill) evening or celebrating a random Tuesday together makes her know how special she is.

#15 Strength in Tough Times

When my girl was going through a rough patch, I made sure she knew I had her back. Supporting her, even with just a comforting arm around her, shows deep affection and commitment.

#16 Cherish Uniqueness

Every girl’s different, right?

I always make it a point to tell my girlfriend,

“There’s no one quite like you.”

Celebrate what makes her unique, whether it’s her quirky dance moves or her love for 80s rock.

To help you brainstorm ideas and make your efforts more personal, I’ve created a table below. 👇🏼

Unique QualitySpecial Gesture
Her sense of humorWrite her a funny, personalized poem or joke
Her love for naturePlan a picnic in a beautiful outdoor spot
Her passion for cookingTake a cooking class together and surprise her with a homemade dinner

#17 Wrap Her in Security

a guy holding his girlfriend and walking on the street

It’s not just about flexing muscles 💪.

Making sure she knows you’re there, be it emotionally or physically, gives her a sense of security.

A great way to do this is just to be protective. Make sure you always walk on the roadside, make sure she get’s home safe.

The last one is important. I see a lot of duds going to the club with their girlfriend and then letting her cycle home all by herself at 3 am. This is extremely unmasculine and as a man and especially as a boyfriend, you have a duty to make sure shes safe.
CEO | Menprovement

And, let’s be real; girls love a man who makes them feel safe.

#18 Adventures in Togetherness

We tried a pottery class. Spoiler: I was terrible. 😂

But it wasn’t about the pottery; it was about trying something new together. Dive into shared experiences, even if it’s just a board game night.

Other things we tried doing care…

  • Exploring new places: Whether it’s hiking through a scenic trail, discovering a hidden gem in our city, or even traveling to a different country, exploring new places together can be incredibly exciting and bonding.
  • Trying new activities: Take a dance class, go skydiving, or learn how to surf. Trying new activities together not only adds excitement to our relationship but also helps us grow individually and as a couple.
  • Share a sense of adventure: Take spontaneous road trips, visit theme parks, or ging on a camping trip. These experiences will create lasting memories and strengthen our bond.
  • Capture the moments: Take photos or videos of our adventures together. These visual reminders will allow us to relive those special moments and reflect on our journey as a couple.
  • Embrace the unknown: Be open to new experiences and challenges. Embracing the unknown together will help us trust and rely on each other, creating a deeper sense of intimacy.

#19 Respect Her Desires

You might not get her fascination with rom-coms or antique shopping. But show interest, ask questions, and genuinely listen.

Respecting her desires solidifies your bond, making her truly feel special. Remember, a happy girl leads to a happy life. 😉👍

  • Listen attentively: Taking the time to truly listen to her thoughts, feelings, and desires can make her feel valued and understood.
  • Support her decisions: It is important to respect her choices and decisions, even if they differ from my own opinions. Showing support and encouragement can strengthen our bond.
  • Give her space: Recognizing and respecting her need for personal space and alone time is essential. It allows her to recharge and maintain her individuality within the relationship.
  • Surprise her: While respecting her desires, surprises can still be a way to make her feel special. Finding small ways to surprise her, like planning a spontaneous date night or leaving little love notes, can show that I am thinking about her and want to make her happy.

#20 Ears for Her Stories

I once made the mistake of half-listening while she shared a story, and trust me, the couch isn’t as comfy as it looks for a night’s sleep. 😂

So, here’s what I learned: lend her your ears.

When she talks about that colleague or her favorite book, dive into her narrative. It takes a few minutes, but it makes your girlfriend feel genuinely listened to. Plus, it’s free and beats any expensive gifts.

I know women talk a lot. And the majority of it is 💩 . But trust me on this one, it is better to listen now and then.
CEO | Menprovement

So, as you listen to her stories, let them guide you toward the next step: expressing your love in gestures.

#21 Love in Gestures

Man, you’d be surprised how those little gestures amp up relationship satisfaction. Once, after noticing she’s tired, I surprised her with her favorite snack.

No strings attached. It’s those minor acts, not the diamond necklaces, that make her day.

#22 Discover Her World

Last weekend, I binge-watched her favorite show (Wednesday), just to see what the hype was.

Turns out, it was a window into her world. By showing interest, you’re telling your girl she’s special.

To help you better understand her world, I’ve created a table that highlights some key areas you can explore together. 👇🏼

MusicConcerts, karaoke nights, dancing
FoodCooking classes, food festivals
TravelWeekend getaways, exploring new cities
FitnessYoga classes, hiking, running together

#23 Hug of Surprises

This is probably the easiest way to make your girlfriend feel special. Hug her when she doesn’t expect it. The key here is the “surprise” part. If you randomly think of her and give her a hug she will consider it as genuine and appreciate it more.

#24 Sunrise to Sunset

From the moment the sun peeks till it bows out, make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Forget other girls; keep the focus on her. It’s about making every moment count.

#25 Morning Text Warmth

Dude, a simple

“Good morning, beautiful”

text message can work wonders. But try to spice it up occasionally.

“Dreamt of you, and now I can’t get you out of my head”

Cheesy? A tad. Effective? Absolutely.

#26 Celebrate Special Moments

Remember the first time you held hands or that hilarious date mishap? Celebrate those moments. Maybe a surprise note on that special day or a little re-enactment. Nostalgia, my man, keeps the relationship alive.

#27 Caring Touch

She once told me how she loved it when I’d tuck her hair behind her ear or hold her face gently before a kiss. These caring touches? They’re like non-verbal love letters.

#28 Floral Tokens of Feelings

Look, flowers might sound cliché. But, trust me, it’s the thought behind them. She had a bad day? A single daisy with a note, “To brighten up your day”, and watch her glow.

#29 Decisions, Your Support

She’s torn between career choices or whether to get bangs. Stand by her. It might seem insignificant to you, but showing her you’re in her corner? That’s golden.

#30 Hear Her Thoughts

You know, my buddy once told me he learned a rare quality: active listening. While you might think you’re all ears, giving her undivided attention when she shares her dreams or fears is an art. F

orget the expensive gifts; she’ll cherish a few minutes of genuine interest. It’s like you’re telling her, “Your voice? It’s the only one I want to hear right now.”

#31 Hold Close, Hold Hands

Remember when you guys first started dating? Those sneaky hand-holds? Keep them alive. Once, while crossing the street, I grabbed her hand, and the smile I got? Worth a million bucks. Simple but effective guys!!

#32 Joyful Girls’ Night

I’ll let you in on a secret: sometimes, she needs her girl time. Encourage her. Say,

“You’ve been working hard. You deserve a night with your girls.”

You’ll score major points, and she’ll feel loved.

I wouldn’t recommend sending her off to a shady nightclub so other men can start hitting on her. Something like a karaoke bar is more than fine.
CEO | Menprovement

Bonus: you can have some time with the boys. 😎

#34 Car Care with Love

Alright, man. So, I once filled up her tank and washed her car when she was tired.

She thought I had ulterior motives (maybe I did – some brownie points?).

But seriously, these small sweet gestures? They keep the relationship satisfaction meter high.

#35 Compliments and Dirty Talk

I wish i could control myself when i am with you

Skip the generic

“You look good.”

Dive deeper.

“You look sexy as fuck in that dress, It’s a shame I want to rip it off”

Sincere compliments? A sure-shot way to make your girl feel special. And between us? It takes just a few seconds.

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#36 Love Quotes Shared

Dude, trust me on this. Send her a random love quote. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare; even a meme works.

“In a sea of people, my eyes always search for you.”

Sounds cheesy, but the glow on her face is worth it.

#37 Cherish the Little Details

Notice her new earrings? Say it. Remembered she likes her coffee with a hint of cinnamon? Buy it. These little things tell her you are thinking of her.

Tips On How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special Over Text

epic image of a guy texting a girl, love emojiis coming out of his phone

You know, back in my day (I mean… the times when I was in a relationship), I noticed how a simple text can light up someone’s day, especially when you’re trying to make your girlfriend feel like a million bucks. 

Imagine this: she’s having a rough day at work, her coffee spilled, and she’s about to lose it. Then, bing! Her phone buzzes, and it’s you with a little dose of sunshine.

Start with the classic:

 “Thinking about you…” 

It’s simple, but believe me, It does work wonders! 

The key is to be genuine. If she’s sick, drop a line like, 

“Hope you’re feeling better. If not, just imagine me as your personal doctor… 😉

I like this one a lot because it will make her happy and appreciated while keeping it fun and flirty at the same time.

And while emojis can be fun, don’t overdo it. Two or three can sweeten a message, but twenty? It might just give her a headache.

Spending time crafting that text, asking about her day, or just sending her a meme you know she’ll love can create a foundation for a healthy relationship. And trust me, she’ll feel the effort.

Tips On How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special In A Long-Distance Relationship

long distance relationship

The long-distance relationship – uncharted waters for many, but not for you and me. I’ve seen countless LDRs, and let me tell you, they’re tough but oh-so-rewarding. 😌

#1 Use Technology

First off, my dude, technology is your best pal here. 

Remember, it’s not always about grand gestures. Small things count. Start a series together and watch an episode simultaneously. Then spend time discussing it. 

“Did you see that twist coming? I nearly spilled my popcorn!” 🍿

#2 Surprise Her

Surprises? Yes, dude!

How about ordering her favorite meal from a local delivery service out of the blue? Or sending her a personalized playlist on Spotify? 🎶 

You know, 

“Songs that remind me of you.” 

She’ll love it!

#3 Videocalls

Regular video calls can also bridge the gap. 

And here’s a tip from an expert (that’s me): During your call, show her a spot or activity that’s special to you. Maybe it’s your secret chill corner or that DIY project you’re working on. 

Share your world with her.In the vast digital ocean, it’s the islands of thoughtfulness that keep the relationship sailing smoothly.

Wrapping Up

Relationships require effort, not extravagance. It’s the sincere moments and gestures that leave a lasting impact, not the expensive ones. With the insights I shared, you’re pretty well equipped to make her feel special and cherished.

If you truly want to make her feel special, sign up for Menprovement X. 👇🏼

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Prioritize her feelings, listen actively to her stories, plan surprise dates, and always be there for her, both in celebrations and challenges.

Send genuine compliments, remind her of shared memories, and occasionally drop a simple “Thinking of you” message. Keep it heartfelt and authentic.

Beyond saying “I love you”, show it through acts of kindness, respect her boundaries, give her undivided attention, and always support her goals and dreams.

Consistently be there for her, understand her needs, appreciate the little things she does, and always prioritize open communication in your relationship.

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