How to Make It Up to Your Girlfriend The Smart Way

At 14, in high school, I was lucky enough to date the most beautiful girl in our class. Everyone noticed, including other girls. At one party, the attention got to my head, and I ended up kissing another girl. 

When I told her, she immediately broke up with me. I tried to make all kinds of silly excuses like “She kissed me”, “I didn’t want to reject her” blablabla.

I screwed up so well that she not only lost attraction to me but also thought I was a big chicken, as did all her friends.

But here’s why I’m telling you this 👇🏼

I’ve gone through a lot of breakups and made tons of mistakes since then. Every time, I learned something new.

I want to save you some heartache. So, in this article, I’ll spill everything I know about how to make it up to your girlfriend WITHOUT the drama.

key takeaways

  • Acknowledge she’s right (multiple times if neccesary)
  • Make it up to her with dates.
  • If things turn south, have the strength to walk away.

How To Make It Up To Your Girlfriend When You Hurt Her

an angry girlfriend

Alright man. So you f*cked. It might be something small like forgetting her dad’s birthday, or BIG like cheating, honestly, I don’t care. Follow these tips, and I can guarantee you, 99% of the time, you will be able to make it up to her. 👇🏼

#1 The Power of Admitting She’s Spot On

Here’s the deal: Sometimes, admitting that she’s right is the way to go. 

There was this one time I was trying to assemble IKEA furniture and insisted I didn’t need the manual. Yep, two hours in, I had a wonky table and a bruised ego.

So, if your girlfriend’s pointing something out or giving you feedback, listen to her. I am not kidding, bro; show that you are genuinely interested.

She’s not just talking for the fun of it; she’s probably onto something. When you admit she’s right, it shows maturity, and it’s a sweet gesture that says, “Hey, I value your perspective.”

It might just save you some time, pain, and that wonky table…

#2 Celebrate Her Brilliance

This one hits close to home.

I once argued about which band was better, and even if I didn’t entirely agree with her, there was that one song that was an absolute banger. 😎 

Similarly, even if you think your girlfriend might not be 100% right, there’s a high chance she’s brought up some solid points. I’m all for honesty—the same kind of honesty that once made me admit that I can’t dance to save my life.

So, even if the entire picture doesn’t resonate, focus on the part that does.

Acknowledge and appreciate the valid points she’s raised. It not only shows you’re listening when she’s talking but also demonstrates that you value and respect her perspective. And who knows, recognizing those bits might just pave the way for a healthy discussion and a stronger bond.

#3 Compliment Your Girlfriend

compliments for girls

Here’s a little secret from my playbook: Everyone LOVES a genuine compliment.

Maybe she looked stunning the other day, but amidst your chaos, you forgot to mention it. Now’s the time. Tell her, 

“The other day, when you wore that dress, I was left speechless.”

Or even when she’s talking about her day or something she loves, chime in with, 

“I genuinely love how your face lights up when you talk about things you’re passionate about.”

By acknowledging the things you might have missed earlier, you’re not only making a sweet gesture but also inching closer to making up for that slip-up.

One thing I like to do is just tell her how pretty she is when she’s sick. I would say something like: “Damnn even when you are sick, you are still the hottest girl in town”.
CEO | Menprovement

#4 Double Down on the Compliments

Yes yes yes, I know I just said this one, but to make it up to her, you’ve got to show you’re putting in the effort, and that means going the extra mile.

Shower her with compliments, tell her how beautiful she is, and just make her feel good.

#5 Bare Your Soul

As a fellow who’s also face-planted into relationship quicksand a time or two, I can tell you opening up is like throwing down a lifeline. 🆘🤷‍♂️ 

We all have that one friend who can tell stories so lively that it feels like you were there, and everyone is listening on the edge of their eat. You can make your girlfriend feel the same when you share your feelings. 

Post a huge fight, it’s tempting to clam up tighter than a jar of pickles. 

Now I am not advocating you should be emotional. But what you can do is pouring your heart out. Let her in on your fears, hopes, and dreams. It’s a romantic gesture
CEO | Menprovement

Who knows? 

By the end of it, both of you might be looking at each other not just as girlfriends or boyfriends, but as life partners in the grand adventure.

#6 Unleash Your Inner Chef for Her

a chef cooking

Cooking her dinner is an oldie but a goodie.

You don’t have to whip up a five-course meal; even a simple dish from her favorite restaurant would do.You want to spend time and show effort. If you’re like me and once mistook salt for sugar (true story 🙈), don’t fret. 

The internet is brimming with recipes. Whether it’s a surprise gift of her favorite dessert or a surprise party of flavors in the main course, she’ll appreciate the gesture, and it will make your girlfriend happy.

#7 Sweet Gesture: Spend Quality Time 

Now, I’ve been in those shoes where the couch seems like a magnet, and binge-watching seems like the most tempting date night. 📺 

But guess what gets the adrenaline and the romance pumping? Taking her out!

You ever heard of love languages?

Well, for many, their love language is spending quality time together. So why not plan a special occasion. Something she’ll remember for days, weeks, or even years to come? Not just a run-of-the-mill dinner, but maybe that new theme restaurant she’s been hinting at or that pottery class she said she’d enjoy? 

Heck, even a surprise weekend getaway can do wonders.

But hey, if you’re tight on cash (because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there), even small sweet gestures like leaving a note on the bathroom mirror can leave an impression. It’s all about making her feel valued.

#8 Ditch the Scoreboard: Love Isn’t a Game


The age-old tussle of who’s right and who’s… less right. We’ve all been there. I once spent 20 minutes arguing about the ‘correct’ way to place toilet paper (it’s over, not under!). But here’s the golden nugget: it’s not about tallying scores. 🚫

Your words nailed it—it’s not about who wins or loses the argument.

It’s about finding that sweet spot, that middle ground where both of you can stand hand in hand. Maybe it’s a compromise, maybe it’s an agreement, or perhaps it’s just laughing over how silly the argument was in the first place.

Keep the main goal in mind: building a foundation so solid, not even a jackhammer could break it.

#9 Reflect, Then React

Before attempting to sort things out, park yourself in a quiet spot and genuinely reflect. Rolling into a conversation without fully understanding your feelings is like trying to win a race with a flat tire. You might get somewhere, but it’ll be messy and inefficient..

#10 Say It Like You Mean It: Apologize

Ever had a buddy hand you a beer, only to realize it’s non-alcoholic? That’s what an empty apology feels like. 🍺 

Always, always mean it. I get it; pride’s a tricky thing…

But sometimes, it’s less about who’s right and more about keeping the peace. Even if you’re standing firm on your viewpoint, apologize for that jab you took or the way the argument escalated.

Let her know that, at the end of the day, the two of you matter more than any disagreement. You’d much rather be cuddling up on the couch than squabbling over who forgot to buy the bloody milk.

#11 Finding the Sweet Spot: Decision Time

If you’re gonna solve a problem, do it right. 🔧 

Don’t just slap on a bandage and hope for the best. Because, truth be told, that same issue will pop up again. And again. And before you know it, it’s like a pesky rerun of a show you never liked in the first place. 

So, whether it’s a sit-down chat or seeking advice from those who’ve been through similar trenches, ensure you iron out the wrinkles properly.

10 Game-Changing Strategies to Win Her Heart Back

Credits: rikandlav9740

With that said, here are some foolproof strategies that will definitely get her back into your arms.

#1 Feel Her Forgiveness Vibes

Your girlfriend’s level of attraction to you is a MAJOR determining factor in her willingness to forgive. If she isn’t feeling that pull anymore, it’s an uphill battle…

But if you reignite those feelings, trust me, she’ll be grappling with a decision—forgive and rekindle, or risk missing out on something beautiful.

But how do you do it?

  • Confidence: Remember how you feel after watching your favorite movie, all inspired and unstoppable? That’s how you should approach this. Believe in your worth.
  • Flirt: Just like how wine gets better with the right pairing, your relationship does too with a touch of playful teasing.
  • Humor: Remember that time she laughed so hard she almost spilled her favorite wine? Yeah, bring on that humor, even if she’s acting a bit distant.
  • Stay Calm: Even when she’s being aloof, be the rock. Let her waves crash, but stay grounded.

Your main goal?

Making her feel the way she did when you both started out. And avoid coming off as desperate or overly apologetic; that’s a sure-fire way to drown that attraction.

#2 Her Hesitation May Hide a Soft Heart

Now, onto the complex code of female behavior.

Sometimes, she might seem standoffish or downright cold. But often, there’s a method to the madness. She could be testing the waters, seeing if you’ve truly changed.

Or maybe she’s playing a bit hard to get you to really value her. Remember your close friends who pretend they don’t care about birthdays but get upset when they are forgotten? kind of like that.

Here are potential reasons for her distant behavior:

  • She’s protecting herself from potential future hurt.
  • Acting distant ensures you realize the gravity of what transpired.
  • Maybe it’s a front for her friends, showing she won’t be easily swayed.
  • Or, she might be evaluating if your confidence remains intact.

But here’s the kicker:

If she’s acting cold, it doesn’t mean game over. Stick to your guns, remain confident, and focus on attraction. If you do, you might just find her willing to come around.
CEO | Menprovement

#3 Sorry Not Sorry? No! Be Genuinely Apologetic

Groveling or sounding desperate won’t help. Too much desperation is bad for relationships. So here’s the recipe for a genuine apology:

  • Stay Cool: Keep that confidence up. Nobody likes a wobbly Jenga tower.
  • Brief and Sweet: Say the sweetest things, but keep it short. No need to draft a novel.
  • Sincerity is Key: Mean it. Just like you mean it when you say you love your grandma’s apple pie.
  • Acceptance: You messed up. Accept it. Just like that time you accidentally put salt instead of sugar in your favorite coffee. Mistakes happen!
  • Shift Gears: Once the apology is out, shift the convo to something fun, maybe plan a fun activity.

By sticking to this, you’re not just saying sorry; you’re showing her a matured, new version of you. And trust me, that’s one million times more attractive than desperation.

#4 Radio Silence? Beware of Boomerangs

a soldier talking through a radio but getting no response

So, picture this: After a heated argument, you decide to give her the cold shoulder, thinking absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s like deciding to light candles during a power cut only to set off the fire alarm. 🚨 

Bad idea, right? 

That’s what happens when you cut off contact without context.

The No Contact Rule might work in some rom-com, but in real life, especially when you’ve hurt her, it can seem like another slap in the face. It’s almost like you went out, found her favorite wine, and then drank it all by yourself.

A big deal breaker!

She might think you don’t care or worse, she might seek solace elsewhere. And in the age of social media, she could post that she’s having the time of her life with some other dude, making your life easier… said no one ever.

So, here’s what I would do:

  • Stay in Touch: Not stalking-level, but don’t vanish either.
  • Re-attract: Be the right person she fell for, not the one she wants to forget.
  • Don’t ignore her. If she reaches out, answer. It’s like leaving someone hanging for a high-five—just rude.

#5 Dive Deep: The Core of Her Commitment

She doesn’t just want a guy who nods at everything she says. Think of it like this: Would you want your buddy to agree with you even when you’re downright wrong? Nah, right? 

Just as a sweet text in the morning is amazing, standing your ground when she’s wrong is important too. Let her talk, and you talk back.

A bit of teasing? 

Bonus points if you can maintain your cool when she’s trying to make you feel jealous. She wants to see that unshakable confidence in you.

If she sees even a hint that you’ve grasped this, she’ll be more inclined to stick around.

#6 Care Authentically, Not Over-The-Top

Now, some women might amplify a situation – maybe to test your mettle or gain a bit of the upper hand. It’s like when your mate tells everyone about that one time you overcooked the barbecue, making it sound like you nearly burnt down the neighborhood.🔥 

Funny, but exaggerated. Acknowledge your mistakes, sure, but don’t let the narrative spin out of control.

#7 Her Heart Pines in Your Absence

If she truly loves you, give her some space, and she’ll feel your absence. Think of it as a short break, maybe 3 days, for her to appreciate those late-night date night chats or how you effortlessly light up her day. 

But as I said before, don’t pull a Houdini and vanish for too long.

We don’t want her thinking you’ve left the planet, right? Strike a balance, and you’ll see her draw closer to you.

#8 Confess Love, But Have the Strength to Walk Away

Here’s a romantic idea that may sound counterintuitive, but bear with me. Sometimes the bravest way to show love is by having the courage to let go. You need to tell her straight,

I love you, but if this isn’t working, I respect your decision. 💔 

This isn’t about playing games; it’s a genuine, mature approach. By doing this, you’re not just making your girlfriend happy because you’re respecting her feelings; you’re also showing her your growth and emotional intelligence. 

Think about it…

When she’s talking with her close friends about you, do you want to be that guy who whined and begged or the man who stood tall, recognizing the importance of a healthy relationship? The choice is yours. 

This declaration, while tough, will either lead her back into your arms or help you both find the paths you’re meant to be on.

If you ask me, this is a great last resort. It will require massive balls but it will definitely show her your maturity and confidence which women find insanely attractive.
CEO | Menprovement

#9 One Slip Doesn’t Taint the Journey

Would you make your girlfriend embarrassed by calling her out for that haircut, especially in front of her friends? Ouch! 

Or maybe fibbed because honesty seemed like climbing Everest? We’ve all been there. But here’s the real deal: One wrong move doesn’t crown you ‘World’s Worst Boyfriend’.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, fumbles in relationships. 

Just like that one time I tried making spaghetti and ended up with noodles glued together. It’s not about the mess you make, but how you clean it up. 

Transform that goof-up into your stepping stone. Instead of dwelling in the ‘I’m such a horrible guy’ alley, take a U-turn, and channel that energy to better yourself. 

Pro Tip:

Aim to be the man she’d proudly boast about within a week. Make that mistake your redemption song.

#10 Stoke the Flames of Your Allure

Remember the you who confidently strutted into her life, making her heart race? Yep, that dude. In the aftermath of a blunder, it’s easy to switch gears to ‘Mr. Overly-Nice’. 

Thinking of constantly nodding in agreement to every single word she says, like one of those bobblehead dolls? Think again. 🤔

While she definitely doesn’t want a villain, turning into a 24/7 doormat isn’t the answer either. Rekindle that flame that made her eyes light up initially. Bring back that confident chap who wasn’t afraid to stand his ground, who had that rugged charm. 

But this time, season it with added respect and love. Merge the original you with a touch of maturity.

In doing so, she’ll not only see the guy she fell for but also a man who has evolved, ensuring she has a dependable shoulder to lean on. 

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My Final $0.02

We’ve covered the highs, lows, and everything in between of relationships. 

The bottom line? 

Tell her she’s right, apologise and take her mind of it by taking her out, making her dinner and doing something fun.

If you’re set on leveling up your love game, hit that subscribe button at Menprovement X. We’ll guide you step-by-step on how to secure the right girlfriend and keep the sparks flying.

Stay sharp, gents! 🔥👊


Apologize sincerely, acknowledge your mistakes, and take actionable steps to show her your commitment to change.

Express genuine remorse, listen actively to their feelings, and work collaboratively on rebuilding trust.

Acknowledge her feelings, offer a sincere apology, and discuss ways to avoid the issue in the future.

Rekindle the connection by recalling shared memories, improving communication, and consistently showing genuine affection and care.

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