14 Ways to Make Every Morning EPIC (And How it Helps You Attract Women)

14 Ways to Make Every Morning EPIC (And How it Helps You Attract Women)

14 Ways to Make Every Morning EPIC (And How it Helps You Attract Women)

how to have a great morning

For most of us, it’s like the movie Groundhog Day when we wake up.

It’s the same crap every day!

– We go to bed too late the night before.

– We hit the snooze button too many times.

– We skip breakfast.

– We have to rush to get out of the door.

– Our brain is in chaos mode.

– We’re not thinking clearly.

– We’re mad because we didn’t get up in time.

– It ruins our mood for the rest of our day and it ends up being just as crazy and chaotic.

Well, there’s a better way to start your morning – a way that the majority of people who are probably MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU are starting their mornings.

Your mornings are the most crucial part of the day because the way you start your day sets the tone for how the rest of your day is going to go.

That’s why if you have a shitty morning, the rest of your day usually sucks too.

If you have a great morning, you usually spend the rest of your day kicking names and taking ass!

Get it?

So it’s time for you to quit spending your mornings the way the rest of the mediocre people in this world do and start enjoying your mornings the way winners do!

Here are 14 things that will make your morning epicly awesome and prevent your day from feeling like a waste. (Yes “epicly” is a word because I just said it! Ok I made it up…)

I’m basing this off my personal morning routine that I stick to. A lot of people call it a “morning ritual” and it’s the single most important deciding factor in how their day is going to go.

It’s also a huge deciding factor on how productive your day is and how much success you achieve long-term.

Keep that in mind…

1) Plan The Night Before What Time You Want To Get Up

It’s proven that if you tell your brain in advance what you want to do, it’s more likely to do it.

Ever heard of people who sleep without alarm clocks and never get up late?

These people exist!

No, I’m not talking about the Amish…

How do they do it?

Just like I said. The night before, they decide in their mind what time they’re getting up and then they go to sleep. Since their brain recorded it, for some CRAZY reason, they wake up at that exact time!

I’ve done it many times but I’m not so confident about it that I’ll throw my alarm clock away just yet.

So decide what time you’re going to get up, set that time in your mind, set your alarm to THAT EXACT TIME, and crash out.

I’ve found that waking up 2 hours before you have to be to work or wherever is about the right time.

What you’ll notice is that when your alarm goes off, you’ll wake up easier and you won’t be as “surprised” by the alarm.

2) Get Enough Sleep

It’s proven that not getting enough sleep is worse than being drunk, high, or just really stupid. (Speaking of which, be sure to check out this resource on how alcohol affects your sleep The Comprehensive Guide to Alcohol and Sleep by Paul at Cassiobury Court)

Sleep deprivation LITERALLY takes years off your life and kills your brain over time.

But in the short term, not getting enough sleep will take your performance during the day from hero to zero.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like shit because you chose not to get enough sleep.

So what is enough?

Well as we’ve all heard, it’s about 8 – 9 hours a night.

For some people, only 7.

If you’re a busy guy and have a lot to do, studies have shown that productivity declines tremendously in people who don’t get enough shut-eye and increases in the same people when they get enough sleep.

So what I’m saying is to sacrifice some of your time so you can sleep and make up for that lost time the next day when you’re getting shit done FASTER like a badass!

I know I feel like a champion every day that I get enough sleep. On top of that, fatigue doesn’t seem to creep up on me throughout the day.

Studies show that those who get enough sleep are overall healthier, happier, more productive, and more successful than those who don’t get enough sleep.

So let those “cool guys” live off of 4 hours of sleep a night, but not you.

If you want to sleep better than you’ve ever slept before WITHOUT any pills or medicine, do the stretches in point 7 in this article and then go straight to bed. It makes a HUGE difference.

Also, check out this article on the effects of sleep deprivation that you might be experiencing but are unaware of.

3) Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Night

Since we’re creatures of habit, our sleep cycle is no different.

If you go to bed at a different time every night, your body and brain will be confused and you won’t feel as rested as you would if you were put on those jammies and take your awesome self to bed at the same time every night.

Oh, what was that? Going to sleep early is for wussies you say?


Then World Champion Boxers and athletes all around the world must be the most awesome wussies ever because that’s what they do.

Staying up late watching TV, drinking beer, masturbating, and throwing your health out of whack by not getting enough sleep is for losers who like to feel like crap during the day. You’re not that guy.

Getting up at the same time every day is important because once your brain adjusts to it and gets used to it, waking up is a breeze!

Once it becomes a habit, you’ll get up without having to struggle and it’ll take less energy.

4) Get OUT OF BED When The Alarm Goes Off. Don’t Hit Snooze.

Turning off an alarm clock

Let me blow your mind with some cool science stuff!

Ever heard of Neuroplasticity?

Well, you’re about to get a short “education” in it.

FOR YEARS, scientists “thought” that our brain doesn’t change much from the time we’re kids until we grow old and die.

Boy were those dudes wrong!

Recent studies over the past 3 years have proved different.

These studies have shown that not only do our brains change, WE CAN TRANSFORM THEM.

What I mean is brain scans reveal that our daily habits create neurological pathways in our brain (that can be physically seen in brain scans) and the more we do these habits, the stronger these pathways become.

These pathways actually light up on a brain scan.

Ok, that’s cool, but not good for bad habits.

Luckily, these brain scans also show that when we start a new GOOD habit and get away from an old BAD habit, those neurological pathways from the bad habit actually begin TO DIE and NEW PATHWAYS from the new habit begin to form!

The more we do this new good habit, the stronger the pathway becomes, and the old pathway eventually disappears.

This means our brain literally changes from our habits, thoughts, and behaviors.

So if you don’t get up when the alarm goes off and you’re used to hitting the “snooze” button, then that pathway is probably carved into your brain.

Right now is a good time to STOP doing that because not only are you starting your day out by procrastinating, but you’re carving a bad habit pathway deeper and deeper into your brain.

So try really hard and do your best to get your ass up AS SOON as that alarm goes off and don’t allow yourself to be a lazy asshole.

After so many times, the pathway in your brain of hitting the “snooze” button will begin to die and the pathway of getting up immediately, as a winner does, will start to form and grow.

In simple language, it’ll become easier and easier to be a man about getting up in the morning and you won’t handle it like a little girl.

5) Make Your Bed

Making your bed is the perfect first thing to do because it gets your brain into “let’s get shit done” mode right off the bat.

Not only is it a good habit, but it raises your standards on how you conduct and carry yourself throughout the day.

It raises the bar and gets your mind on the right track.

This is the single most important thing you can do in the morning to make your morning awesome.

6) Drink Water First Thing

More studies have shown that drinking water first thing in the morning actually jump-starts your system, gets your brain working, hydrates your body, and gets your head out of your ass – metaphorically. (I hope)

As to how much you should drink – I drink a regular 16.9 Fluid Oz bottle of Ozarka water that I get from Wal-Mart for like $4 for 32 of them.

On a side note, I drink Ozarka because it’s natural “spring” water – meaning it hasn’t been purified with anything.

New reports are saying not to drink “purified” water because they use chemicals that you shouldn’t ingest to make the water “clean.” That’s pretty ironic.

Also, it’s better to drink room temperature water in the morning rather than cold because the temperature difference shocks your body and isn’t good for business.

7) Relax Your Mind


Our body holds stress. Especially our muscles.

It’s a terrible idea to start your day with all that stress stuck throughout your body.

Stretching has been shown as one of the best ways to reduce stress, get it out of your system, and to relax your body.

Wanna feel as relaxed as Matthew McConaughey 5 minutes after waking up?

Stretch out every muscle in your body.

Here are 11 stretches that I do and it only takes 5 minutes – but I feel like I just smoked a fat doobie when I get done. I’m super relaxed and chilled out. I hold each stretch for 10 to 15 seconds:

1. Cobra Pose/Stretch – Abs/Back
2. Hare Pose/Stretch – Back/Chest/Shoulders
3. Downward Dog Pose/Stretch – Calves/Legs/Back/Shoulders/Arms
4. Touch Toes Without Bending Knees – Back/Calves/Legs
5. Seated Spread Eagle/ “V” Stretch – Back/Calves/Legs
6. Standing Spread Eagle/ “V” Stretch – Back/Calves/Legs (do both sides)
7. Standing Side Stretch – Obliques/Back/Abs (do both sides)
8. Tricep Stretch (do both arms)
9. Shoulder Stretch (do both sides)
10. Neck Stretch
11. Forearm Stretch (do both arms)

As I said earlier in this article, it also helps to do these at night right before you go to bed. It’ll help you relax and fall asleep faster.


Meditation isn’t just for monks or hippies.

This daily practice helps you ease your mind, worries, thoughts and helps to quiet down mental chatter that bugs most people during the day.

How to meditate like a Zen dude and find your “chi” (I’m trying to sound enlightening):

Sit “Indian Style”, on a chair, on the floor, lay down, or whatever. Just make sure to stay still. Be in a quiet room preferably. Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing. Listen to the sounds in the room, the sounds your body makes, the walls creaking, dogs barking outside, airplanes flying over, birds chirping, etc.

Focus on those sounds and DON’T THINK about anything. Just focus on those sounds. Listen intently.

Do this for 5, 10, 15 minutes. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

This chills your mind out, helps you relax, and gives you a peacefulness in your mind that few people have.
Do this daily and you’ll get better at it.

To learn better meditation techniques, just Google it. There’s a lot of people that know more about it than I do.
I’m just giving you the basics.

It’s also good to meditate at night before you go to bed.

In my eBook and Audiobook Course – Ace Your Dates, available only at MajorLeagueDating.com, I talk about stretching, meditating, and relaxing before you go out on a date. It makes a huge difference.

And if you’re interested in taking your meditation to the next level, look into Holosync Audio which uses around to create meditative brainwaves and induce a meditative trance 8X faster.

8) Do A Quick Small Workout

Man doing push-ups on black background

A quick workout gets your blood pumping and your brain working.

You’re not feeling groggy and waiting to finally “wake up.”

I usually do quick stuff that I can do in my room next to my bed. I also have a pull-up bar that hangs on my door frame.

If I don’t go run a mile outside around my neighborhood, I’ll do 100 pushups, 100 situps, 50 hanging knee raises, 30 burpees, 30 pull-ups, and 50 scissor kicks or bicycle kicks.

I’ve been doing this stuff for a while so it doesn’t take me long to knock it out.

At least one exercise of 5 sets is good enough. But you’ll want to add in more as you get stronger and faster.

9) Chill Out For A Few Minutes

After working out, I’ll chill for about 10 – 15 minutes by reading a book that I’m trying to finish, watch TV, read a magazine, or play on my computer.

Anything to disconnect and relax.

Going straight to work mode right after waking is overwhelming & stressful.

10) Tie Up Loose Ends

I usually have dishes to stick in the dishwasher from the night before so I’ll knock that out. I’ll sweep the floor in front of my daughter’s cat’s litter box, make my bed, etc.

Anything that needs to be done that only takes a few seconds, I’ll knock it out.

11) Eat A Healthy Breakfast

great morning breakfast

What I mean by “healthy” is not like a vegan or organic type healthy. But that’s cool if you’re into that.

I mean your normal and everyday sensible type breakfast.

Eggs, fruit, etc. with juice or protein shake.

Things that aren’t going to turn you into a fat ass or make you feel like crap over the next two hours.

Put the cake, donuts, pie, or last night’s leftovers down!

12) Take Your Sweet Ass Time Getting Ready

I’ve noticed that taking my time helps me relax – which is super important to me.

Make sure you get up early enough to do all the stuff I’ve already mentioned, plus getting ready.

Like I said, two hours before you gotta be somewhere is ideal.

Don’t move too slow but don’t rush either.

Enjoy your morning.

Take a shower, shave, brush your teeth extra good, and do all your usual stuff.

Move at your own pace.

What you’ll notice is that when you’re done, you really don’t seem to give as much of a shit as you usually do.

This is good for your mood.

13) Cut Out Nicotine and Caffeine

I’m a firm believer that Caffeine and Nicotine just screw your brain up and throw your brain and body out of whack.

Most people use this stuff to supplement a poor amount of sleep the night before.

Well, don’t be this person.

If you get enough sleep, your body will work the way it’s supposed to and you won’t need this stuff to help you out.

If you’ve been doing this stuff for years, really consider getting off of it and getting it out of your system.

Helpful Resource: Overcoming Caffeine Withdrawal

14) Leave Early Enough To Take Your Time On The Road.

Most people drive like idiots in the morning because they don’t start their morning outright, they’re in a rush, and their mind is in “chaos” mode.

What I’ve noticed is that when my morning is epic, my drive to work is as relaxed and calm as can be.
I’m not getting frustrated or acting like a jackass on the road.

This makes a huge difference in your mood at work.

So What The Hell Does This Have To Do With Attracting Women and How Will This Help Me Attract Women?

Well, the biggest reason (for me) for having an epic morning is it affects my mood for the rest of the day.

If I’m in an awesome mood all day, women are going to notice.

If I’m in an awesome mood, I’m probably not going to have much hesitation walking up and saying “Hi” to a pretty girl I’m interested in.

If I’m in an awesome mood, I’m probably not going to have much trouble conversing with that pretty girl or getting her phone number.

If I’m in an awesome mood, women are probably going to have a better time being around me and being in my company.

If I’m in an awesome mood, I’m probably not going to be making as many of the mistakes most guys make with women because my brain is relaxed and clear.

See where I’m getting at?

You’re going to be in a better state of mind ALL DAY LONG if you just start your morning outright.

Your morning affects the rest of your day so why have a shitty day when you have almost complete control over how your day goes?

Take this stuff, use it, add to it, and create your own perfect morning ritual so you can have epic mornings and be in a better mood all day long.

Thanks for reading.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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