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How to Grow a Beard! (2021 Guide)

A bearded face can be quite a charmer! But putting up a beard requires more effort than you think. Besides trimming and shaping it, you’ll have to sufficiently grow it for weeks or even months. But worry no more! You’re in the right place. Team Apricots have gathered all the nitty-gritty of growing a beard. From the best products to a routine that works, the solution is at your fingertips!

Are you ready for the tips and tricks on how to grow a beard fast and easily? Then, keep scrolling down!

Unlocking Beard Terminologies

Before we hop right into the main beard growing business, it’s highly important that we clear our heads over some difficult terms. Only by unlocking such can we be fully empowered in the entire beard-growing business.
Whatever the circumstances are, you have to understand every single term, register, and slang.
Let’s start off with common words we’ll definitely encounter along with our beard-growing journey.


It’s any mass of hair that grows in the face. It can be a full mass or just a portion. A beard, however, varies in form and term depending on the location where it grows. It could come in a form of sideburns, mustache, scruff, or stray whiskers.
The common perception of beard is respectively the scruff of hair that grows right along or under the chin.


Mane is a term used interchangeably with “beard.” But the mane more or less signifies a denser state of beard growth.
There are states of beard quality and growth that exist with corresponding terms and slang.


It’s simply the fresh batch of newly grown beard hair.


It’s the older and thicker beard  (coarse by texture).


A yeard is a term that refers to a state of beard which hasn’t been trimmed for a year.


A tweard is like a yeard- only that it’s double in thickness and density at about the same length of growing time (1 year).

Terminal beard

A terminal beard refers to the Godzilla of all thick, messy, frizzy, and damaged beard hair. This type of beard has eventually lost all nutrients to grow further due to extreme split ends and brittleness on the strands. (Ugh! You can already imagine the intensity of the itch in there.)

Top 3 Facts to Remember Before Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is one tricky endeavor! At one point, it may seem successful following impressive growth. On another point, however, its growth quality ends up undesirable.

The truth here is that you can’t really hurry hair growth! There’s no shortcut to it the same way that there isn’t one 100% effective product for correcting the hair quality. It’s all just a matter of efforts combined.

It entails the right amount of effort. It reminds you of the blossoming romance between two people, doesn’t it?
Growing a beard is indeed complex.

But if you observe a healthy lifestyle and are conscious of the top 3 facts to remember before growing a beard, you surely won’t fail! Let’s go to it one by one!

1. Itching is inevitable There’s no way around it!

Yeah, boy! That’s the truth. Nothing but the truth. You see, the thing about growing a beard is inducing all the necessary phases leading to the growth. Allowing the beard to grow is allowing the cycle to take its full turn.
How to Grow a Beard! (2021 Guide) 1
By allowing it, you’re also allowing the phases to complete. And part of the growing phase is the itch. By hook or by crook, you’re bound to undergo the itch. That’s all a part of how to properly grow a beard.

Oops! I know what you’re thinking. No. You can’t. You just can’t apply any chemically-oriented ointments for relief. You may apply all-natural balms and oils. Fine. But it still won’t guarantee the itches to go away.

Not to discourage you but, that’s all there is. And it’s one of the major tricks. But worry no more- if you’ll be able to withstand this for just a few days of scratching, and let pass the vellus hair to a terminal phase, then you’ll surely earn the ticket to a successful beard growth! Remember-patience is the key here. Patience!

2. The beard can carry more germs than a dog’s fur! Ugh!

Slight alert for the squeamish ones! Big, latest news, men! Our beards can get potentially filthier than a dog’s mane. And that’s an understatement.

A recent European study revealed that an average man’s beard can house more harmful human-pathogenic bacteria than the pet counterpart.

Why? How? These seem to be very interesting questions.

The simple answer: the hair’s propensity for allowing bacteria to thrive. This propensity is developed by varied factors like hair grain, texture, and natural chemicals like protein, etc. present only in the human hair. Lucky for the dogs, eh?

So, by the time you’re planning to grow a beard (again- not that we’re discouraging you), you ought to be hyper-aware of such consequences. Only through a conscious series of actions can you be able to properly grow a clean and healthy beard!
The ultimate secret- regular grooming!

3. Combing doesn’t hurt.

When your beard grows long enough to be combed, then it must be combed. Besides the fact that it doesn’t hurt, combing proves to be every beard hair’s right. Thus, you can’t deny your beard of that.

Now, since we’re talking about combs- it’s important for you to know the difference between a comb and a brush. You see- a comb has a finer set of teeth that penetrates through the strands. A comb is usually made of cellulose acetate and functions to organize, style, and maintain the hair.

The beard brush, on the other hand, has thicker animal hair tips that cause the beard hair strands to come out of place. This particular function of the brush is to temporarily set the hair to a frizz state for it to remove dry skin and filthy residues from the beard. By the looks of it, a brush works more as a cleaner than a style-keeper.

You ought to use both, by all means, especially when you’re growing a beard. But when to brush and when to comb?
How to Grow a Beard! (2021 Guide) 2
I’d say- brush when it’s necessary. But it shouldn’t be done excessively for it can potentially endanger the hair by drying it up of natural sebum. More so, it can also damage the hair quality. So don’t be overly compulsive about it. But what’s recommended is to regularly comb your beard. Comb once, twice, thrice, or several times a day. It doesn’t matter!
Again, combing doesn’t hurt!

Significant Factors to Consider When Growing a Beard

Growing a beard, as mentioned earlier, is an entirely complex matter. It demands careful attention to both external and internal contributory factors.

Growing a beard is no less than growing a plant. You’d have to be very keen on nurturing and taking care of the hair. Being keens means being conscious of your surroundings and your own body as well. Now, let’s delve into these significant factors to consider when growing a beard.

How Hormones Affect Beard Growth

Hormones or hormonal behavior greatly determines the health or the speed of your own facial hair growth. Beard growth cycles are scientifically known as consequences of male hormonal development.

That needs no further explaining, doesn’t it? Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). These two need explaining though.

If we were to break down the male genetic hormones, we’d get these powerful two. Powerful. Yeah! How? Because these two hormonal codes present in your reproductive system determine how much beard and how healthy the kind of beard is that’ll be growing in your face.

Of the two, dihydrotestosterone, or DHT has a greater influence. If you’re keen enough to observe the growth patterns of your beard, then you can be able to tame the DHT to your favor.

How do you tame the DHT?

As you can see- the DHT is a reproductive hormonal code. It’s actually the one responsible for the developments in your body beyond puberty- facial hairs, muscle size, fertility, and the like.

The DHT, is, of course, a natural chemical in the body that automatically blossoms as you age.
Some people have high concentrations of DHT in their bodies. Very few, under certain circumstances, end up having a scarce amount.

The main consideration for taming the DHT always has to do with taming the body first. Consequently, some bodies react well to the hormone, while the rest do not. Such is the reason why some men have difficulty growing beards. Thus, taming the body by keeping it healthy proves to be the main consideration for growing a beard.

Top 4 Foods to Eat When Growing a Beard

Diet. Nom nom nom …

If you’re on track to growing a nice beard, you’ll have to choose your food. Now, if it turns out that some of these are your actual favorites, then you’re in for a luck! Here are the top 4 foods to eat when growing a beard:
There’s no denying that eggs are major source of protein. And they’re fatty in a good way. Eggs play a major role in the development of hair and nails. What’s in them, then? Well, besides protein, they’re very rich in essential micronutrients like omega complex, biotin and, saturated and monounsaturated fats. All of these make the body responsive to the DHT hormone.
Fish doesn’t only promote hair growth, it also keeps it strong and healthy. How? First, its omega-3 vitamins stimulate follicles to hydrate their own root, lest the strand. Second, it coats the cuticles with protective layers, keeping them from damage. Certainly, fish is very rich in protein, micronutrients, and B-vitamins, stabilizing the hormones vis-à-vis the body.
Orange Juice
A major factor that delays the body’s response to DHT is a protein strand called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).
This hormone-body activator strand, due to low metabolic events in the body, ends up betraying the sex hormones by binding them instead, eventually slowing down the body’s access to hormones.

This protein bind can only be suppressed by a powerful concentration of fructose, visibly present in Orange extract. Fortunately so, besides the high fructose concentration, Orange juice is famous for its Vitamin C—an important antioxidant that is responsible for the production of the collagen protein strand.   And, this protein strand happens to promote healthy skin, hair, and bones!
How to Grow a Beard! (2021 Guide) 3
Uhhhmmmm….Who’d say no to a juicy, fleshy slice of red meat? Someone who’s growing a beard surely won’t. The fats. Yeah. The fats. Your body highly needs one for it to respond well to the DHT hormone. The beef’s fats, specifically known as saturated fats, smoothly pair up with proteins.

Once the pair-up happens, your body undergoes major unlocking of its own nutrient box. This unlocking of the box, in turn, activates the body’s high access to the DHT hormone. And the rest is yours for the taking!
How to Grow a Beard! (2021 Guide) 4

Top 3 Physical Exercises to Do When Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is a physical event. Thus, it would be very plausible to consider that one of the best ways to enhance its process is physical exercise. We all know that beard growth is a consequence of a hormonal event right? Physical exercise happens to be an influential force in maintaining a hormonal balance in the body, or shall we say, testosterone play in the body.

So, if you’re up to it, then put on your suit, and let’s get down to business. Here are the top 3 physical exercises to do when growing a beard:


To say it simply, running activates the body. When your body is exposed to cardiovascular activities, it undergoes some kind of polishing.

That would then involve boosting the immune system, pumping up the adrenaline, and igniting the entire nutrient-giving system in the body. In order to do so, the body would almost always require the help of testosterone and DHT.

Without these hormones, your body won’t be able to move. When all the polishing has been completed, the hormones would duplicate variants of themselves to make up for those it spent for polishing. At the end of it all, your body’s production of hormones will have doubled up to a prize!


Sprinting, like running, is another physical exercise that prompts the increased production of hormones testosterone and DHT. Sprinting proves to be slightly different from running because it’s shorter, and more briskly in motion. Sprinting requires more effort to do so. Thus, it burns fat more than running does.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is more concentrated in toning the muscles. For such an amount of strength to do so, the body would again require access to massive hormonal strands. These strands, along the process, naturally attract protein. Eventually, the strands and the proteins pair up to help the body counter the weight and burn the fats down. Consequently, the fats get to be used up as energy. All-in-all, this mutual dramatic interplay between the power points in the body contributes to the equally dramatic production of the hormones.

With the increased hormones, you are most likely to end up with thicker, fuller, and healthier terminal beards.

Finally- The Top 5 Tips for Growing a Beard

We’ve scoured the world for the crème de la crème of the beard-growing tips, and eventually came up with these top 5 tips for growing a beard! Read this article as added reference.

Again, we won’t make any claims. It may, or may not work for you. But, what actually matters here is that your commitment will truly be explored through these efforts. That is the whole point of the beard-growing business. If you’re really committed to it, then you can finally say goodbye to the ugly yards and tweards. It’s time to grow the best beard!

Here are the tips to grow a full beard:

1. You’ll have to do nothing at all during the first phase of the growth cycle, except be patient!

As they say, the best thing to do sometimes is do nothing at all. Since growing a beard would firstly involve shaving a previous one, it would always entail an itchy amount of stubble therein.

What’s a stubble then? Stubble is a set of short young hair that grows right after a shave. Longer stubbles can now be referred to as vellus. And here’s where the trick lies! Around the first 7 days, during the pre-phases of the growth cycle, you’re not to do anything at all except be patient.

As mentioned earlier, there is that itch that you’ll have to go through. Being patient would definitely help you successfully move on from this phase. Why?

Because growing involves observing the full capacity or potential of your stubble. These signs are very much visible during the first few days of the pre-growth cycle. Thus, you’ll have to leave it alone for the first seven days to avoid altering its growing nature. Folliculitis won’t surely be occurring during this period, anyway. So, there’s no need to fear, mate. Just be patient!

2. Golden Rule: Maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Now, this should be gold. A classic rule of the thumb! Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle. You see- outside taming the hormones or keeping the body activated, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, and exercise) in general, answers to a whole row of benefits to the body.

A healthy body entails a well-circulated blood flow, conditioned system, sharpened senses, and of course, a balanced hormone. A balanced hormone is just one bonus track in all these undertakings. By all means, living a healthy lifestyle is leading a healthy life. And leading a healthy life proves to be a bigger, fuller, and eternal commitment.

By that sound of it, we’re talking about something more permanent than merely growing a beard here. That’s because a sound lifestyle automatically results in a healthier and denser beard.  And that’s just a mere part of its benefits.

Keeping a sound mind and body requires giving your body the right amount of sleep it needs, feeding it with the right food, and keeping it active through physical exercise. If you live by it and not just simply do sections of it, you’ll definitely be surprised at the kind of beard you’d be growing.

Let me reiterate this- nothing beats a healthy lifestyle! And that largely contributes to men’s health beard growth.

3. Do the skincare routine ASAP!!!

Start the skincare routine right after the shave. And don’t ever stop. Exfoliating the skin with essential oils—jojoba oil and coconut oil simply hydrate the skin.

Consequently, healthy, well-nourished, and hydrated skin almost always yields healthy hair! It never did fail. Cleaning the skin is always the main priority!

Such routine rids the follicles off dead skin and other dirt trapped inside. This also prevents the occurrence of folliculitis early on.

Folliculitis is the condition, common among coarse-haired men, which involves the tip of the ingrown hair-tearing through and penetrating back to the skin. This feels most uncomfortable and itchy.

So, by cleaning and exfoliating the skin beforehand, you can eliminate the chances of folliculitis and other irritations of such likeness occurring in your skin. The skincare routine is respectively observed by washing your face after waking up in the morning and right before sleeping at night. But there’s a trick in doing the routine.

The trick involves keeping up with routine at least 2-3 times a week. And, when you wash your face, make sure you rid your hair of residues from soaps and creams. When you use applications, please do make sure that you’re using organic ones. If possible, don’t put any applications at all except essential oils.

Most importantly, avoid touching or scratching your face when washing. When you’re done with the washing, dab it with a clean and dry towel. And lastly, when you apply beard oil, always use a dropper. Not scratching the skin underneath the beard is what I was referring to earlier when I said you ought to not do anything during the growing process except to be patient.

4. Always choose the best beard care kits!

The whole beard growth cycle takes 4-6 weeks to take a full turn. Somewhere in between the cycle, the vellus hair will have already reached its terminal phase. So, you’ll now have longer beard hair.
How to Grow a Beard! (2021 Guide) 5
By this time, you’d come across choices like trimming, combing, styling, or conditioning your beard. Certain corresponding products will come hither for your taking as well. Fortunately, there are quite a large number of these products in the market.
Unfortunately, however, not all of these products are what they claim to be.

Thus, it’s of very high importance that you go through these choices with meticulous eyes. You just can’t entrust the fate of your beard hair to low-quality products. Wait! Wait! I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but, it’s not about the brand. So, how you do really know?

Well, you can start by immersing yourself in comprehensive product reviews. You can only become fully empowered in the whole buying business by doing so.

5. Massage your hair follicles using specialized combs!

Massaging the skin activates high points for the beard hair to grow! In other words, massaging stimulates the folliculitis to weave its own nourishment and hydration and therefore, promoting it to produce hair in the long run.

But don’t ever make the mistake of using your fingers. There are specialized beard combs to do the work. Specialized beard combs are usually made of cellulose acetate. Such comb functions with an anti-static phase in its teeth, prodding the skin zones to circulate well. As the blood in the zones circulates, so do the cells. By then, the folliculitis will have been motivated to produce the best hair qualities and quantities.

Best Tips on Maintaining the Beard after Growing

So you’ve finally grown handsome beard hair. Now what? Maintaining the beard after growing it is a total development, a leap-off from the previous efforts.

Thus, it involves an entirely elevated context and requires along new efforts, knowledge, and consciousness. All-new routines. Maintenance tips. Continuous cycles. These are what await this new phase. Here are our best tips on maintaining the beard after growing.

1. Continue the skincare routine.

The skincare routine seals the fate of your skin underneath. With that secured, you can be confident of the beard quality that grows in your face. Most certainly, washing the skin also inevitably washes the hair. It proves to be the basis of the basic routines. So there’s just no failing over this one.

Now, a full-grown or terminal beard hair requires elevated skincare and a washing routine. This means that if you’ve been doing the routine 2-3 times a week previously, then you’ll have to up it to 4 times a week this time. The process of washing this time, given that the beard hair is thicker, will have to take a longer turn. Lastly, don’t ever forget to apply more beard oil and essential oils at least twice a day. God forbid it might become high maintenance in due time. But that’s just the way it is.

2. Comb your beard twice a day to train the hair to observe shape.

Now, this is especially true for those who have coarse, stubborn hair. Obviously, shaving the hair and starting anew with fresh growth doesn’t automatically result in a neat beard. Efforts still need to be done.

And one of these efforts is combing the hair twice a day with beard oil. This, in a way, trains the hair to observe the shape you prefer. There are stroke styles like combing the chin from below upwards. This whole routine may take another 1-2 months before finally keeping the beard hair in place.
How to Grow a Beard! (2021 Guide) 6

3. Trim your beard and mustache when necessary.

How do you know if it’s necessary? For the mustache- you’d know if it needed trimming if the lower portions of the hair are already reaching your upper lip. Once a beard succumbs to split ends and frizzes, then you’ll have to trim it. Here’s a thing about trimming though. Trimming is, by all definitions, different from cutting. So, don’t ever confuse the two with each other. No.

Trimming is eventually shaping and training the beard hair. And, the tool? I’d recommend you use barber’s scissors. The result should be dramatic, I reckon! Take a look at the best tools that can help you trim your facial- hair-beard-


Growing the beard has three (3) important phases- the pre-cycle, the main growing cycle, and the post-growing maintenance. From the points, tips, and tricks discussed above, it would be safe to conclude that growing a beard is a way of life.

Thus, you cannot entrust the success of beard growth to mere external forces. You’ll have to do 80% of the work on your own.
Growing the beard means taking in mind a full commitment, a responsibility, a display of patience, and a pledge to live a healthy life. While it may partially require the help of tools, foods, and routines, it fully needs your whole-hearted awareness of the science of how to grow a beard and a lifetime commitment to its varied maintenance routines.

TOP FAQs About Growing a Beard

Does everyone have the capacity to a grow beard?
Yes. I mean, if we’re talking about males here- that would be a yes. Every male has the capacity to grow one.
Does shaving yield a thicker beard during regrowth?
No. It doesn’t.
How do I grow a beard at a young age (18)?
Although that would be nearly impossible, you can still try. The simple answer is exercise. Physical exercise influences your hormones to boost, in a way.
Can I still grow a beard despite some patches on my face?
Yes. You still can.  But don’t expect much.
Can beard oil help in growing a beard?
Yes. It can.
Can I thicken up my beard?
You technically can’t. A thick beard is a consequence of genetic reality. However,
you might influence it to grow thicker through some actions like boosting your
testosterone and DHT. But again, it’s not an assurance.
Can I still correct my frizzy beard even if it’s already in a terminal phase?
No. You’ll
have to shave and regrow it.
Do steroids help in speeding up the beard-growing process?
Yes. Steroids do help greatly. But, these pose alarming side effects in the body.
When do I trim my beard?
Trim your beard if it’s bound to have split-ends, frizzes, or when it gets coarse.

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