How to Flirt With Your Girlfriend Like The Early Days

Ever had that moment when you catch someone’s eye and the world fades for a split second? I did, with my girlfriend, on our very first date. But, as time passed, those sparks? 

They started fading… 

I missed that electricity, that playful banter, and I bet you do too. Wondering how to flirt with your girlfriend like the good old days? 

Check this out, because I’ve been there, done that, and I’m about to share the secret sauce. Let’s bring back the butterflies, shall we? 🦋🔥

key takeaways

  • Genuine compliments can be flirty and make her feel special and valued.
  • Dressing up boosts mutual attraction and builds sexual tension.
  • Intellectual chats reignite curiosity and deep connection.
  • Mix humor, touch, and surprise for that fresh dating vibe. 👊🔥

10 Ways to Flirt With Your Girlfriend

a guy flirting with a woman

Instead of going above and beyond with expensive gifts and holidays just to flirt with your vacations, try the things below. All tested and tried. 

Thank me later 🙂

#1 Give Her Compliments

Remember the first time you laid eyes on her and thought, “Dang, she’s hot”? 

You see, a well-timed compliment can work wonders. It’s not about laying it on thick but making it genuine. Think about the twinkle in her eyes or the way she wears her hair. 

Tell her, 

“When you look at me with those eyes, I forget what I was about to say” 


“The way your hair falls over your face? Absolutely mesmerizing.” 🌟 

With body language as an essential element, make sure you maintain eye contact when you say it. It’s all about making her feel special and reminding her why she chose you in the first place.

#2 Compliment Them In Front Of Other People

Now, if you really want to up your game, try this. There’s something magical about complimenting your girlfriend in front of others. It shows her you’re proud, and it can make her feel on top of the world. 🌍 

Once, at a dinner party, I told my friends, 

“Isn’t she the most radiant person in the room? I mean, look at her!” 

The blush on her face was priceless. 

Another thing I like to do is whenever we go out and I am already there, I say something witty and cheesy when she enters, like,

“Is it just me, or does this dress/outfit make you look even more stunning than usual? How’s that even possible?”

Start flirting this way, and you’ll be scoring major brownie points. it’s not just about words; it’s about making her feel treasured. 

#3 Get Dressed Up For Each Other

Stylish young guy in regular suit

So, here’s a little secret I learned over the years: looking sharp isn’t just for job interviews and black-tie events. I recall a time when I decided to ditch my usual jeans and tee for a well-tailored suit on a regular dinner date. 

The gleam in her eyes? Priceless.

You see, getting dressed up for each other is a stellar way to flirt with your girlfriend. It’s not about vanity; it’s about making an effort, showcasing that you care. And buddy, trust me, the sexual tension amplifies when you both look SEXY AS HELL. 🔥

Maintain eye contact as you check out her dress, and with a sly smile, say, 

“If I knew you’d look this hot tonight, I would’ve dressed up ages ago!” 

It’s all the talking you’d need to do. That’s the power of body language combined with the right attire. 

And hey, it’s not just about her; when she sees you making that extra effort, the physical affection might just go up a notch.

#4 Make her Laugh

It’s not just the best medicine; it’s the fastest track to her heart. I remember once, in an attempt to break an awkward silence, I quipped, 

“You think my dance moves are bad? Why don’t you let me cook for once?” 

and her laughter rang genuine and clear. Humor can spark up and maintain that flirty vibe. When you start flirting, using a mix of humor and eye contact can build that playful tension.

#5 Talk About Intense Intellectual Topics

Couple on a date in a coffee bar

Now, pal, this one might come as a surprise, but bear with me. I remember one time that chatted about whether Pluto should still be considered a planet, and we got so into it, hours flew by… It’s like that. 

Conversations aren’t always about the weather or the latest sports game. Dive deep. There’s nothing sexier than a man who’s not afraid to flex his intellectual muscles. 🧠

You see, from a dating coach I know, I’ve learned that women love a man who challenges them intellectually. Start a conversation about something you’re passionate about, or better yet, ask her about her views on a topic you’re curious about. 

Whether it’s discussing your favorite authors or the existence of parallel universes, these discussions can subtly flirt in ways you didn’t think possible.

Having a long-term relationship means understanding that you both evolve. And sometimes, discussing intense topics is a fun way to rediscover each other. You might find out you both love the same things or have entirely different perspectives. 

Either way, you’re learning more about your girlfriend, and that, my friend, is the key to keeping things light, engaging, and spicy.🔥

#6 Touch Her And Maintain Eye Contact

Alright, chief, let’s get into the good stuff. As the right person once told me, 

“Humans are natural flirts; you just have to figure out the language.” 

And one language we all understand? Touch. A touch can communicate things words can’t. It’s intimate, personal, and if done right, electrifying. ⚡️

You don’t need to go overboard. 

It could be as simple as letting your fingers graze her arm while you laugh at a joke. When you’re walking together, place your hand on the small of her back. This small gesture shows you’re protective and attentive. 

Or, when she says something amusing, let your hand rest on hers for a split second longer than usual. These subtle touches heighten the senses and increase the connection

Long term relationships sometimes fall into the trap of routine, but trust me, adding these flirty touches makes it feel like you’re dating all over again. 

The Gentleman’s Guide to Touching Your Girlfriend in Public

PDA can be like walking on eggshells. But here’s the deal: there’s a way to show affection without making it a Broadway show. 😎 

When you’re in public, keep it classy. A hand on the thigh under the table, holding her close by the waist while waiting in line, or simply intertwining fingers—these are touches that convey intimacy without overdoing it. 

#7 Give A Little Kiss

Remember that time when you bumped into your old crush in the middle of the street, and your heart raced like it was about to sprint out of your chest? 🔥 

That’s the same level of magic that comes from a kiss. 

But I’m not talking about those steamy, passionate movie-style smooches (though they have their time and place). I’m talking about the subtle, fleeting ones; the kind that makes you want more.

So next time you see your girlfriend do the dishes just sneak in a quick peck on her neck. Man, I can’t tell you how much women love that!

It’s an unexpected, fun way to remind her, “Hey, I’m still into you.” Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just starting to flirt with your girlfriend, these spontaneous kisses keep things light and maintain that fresh, dating vibe. 

Kissing your girlfriend on the neck is also a great way to build sexual tension. So next you want to take things to the next level use this knowledge to your advantage.
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#8 Make Dirty Double Entendres

Double entrendres meme

So, I was at this BBQ party, right? 

We were all talking about our favorite grilling techniques (classic man chat). Someone mentioned they loved their meat well done, and without skipping a beat, I quipped, “Well, I prefer things a bit juicy.!” Cue the laughter. 😂

Now, my man, if you’re the right person with the right wit, double entendres can be your playful weapon of choice. Natural flirts know that sometimes it’s not about what you say, but how you say it. Turning an innocent statement into a cheeky comment can be hilarious and flirty – as long as it’s done tastefully.

Imagine you’re helping her with a jam jar. After opening it, you could casually say,

 “Got any other tough nuts for me to crack?” 

Or when she’s searching for her keys, 

“Looking for something else fun to play with?” 😉

The key is to keep it light-hearted and ensure she’s in on the joke. 

#9 Sexting

You know, my buddy Dave always used to say, “If you can’t be near, at least keep things spicy from afar” And, man, was he onto something.

Sexting, when done right, can be a fun extension of flirting. It’s about more than just sending risqué messages; it’s about building anticipation and showing you’re thinking of her.

Remember that relationship is built on trust. So, before diving into the deep end, ensure she’s comfortable with it. Start small.

Send a “good morning” text with a winky face or mention a little detail that reminded you of her. Gradually, as the comfort grows, you can up the ante.


Example time!

Instead of the blatant 

“You look hot today,” 

try something with a little more finesse, like

“Couldn’t stop thinking about the way your dress hugged your curves today 😏.” 

Or after a nerve-wracking day, 

“I could really use one of your stress-relieving massages right about now.” 

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These examples, (although powerful) are more in the flirt category than in the sexting category. I tried dozens of messages myself but the ones I am going to mention now are hands down one of the best sexting messages ever and will get her super horny. 👇🏼

If she’s at work, I like to say something like:

“Can’t wait till you get here so I can pin you to the wall while I kiss you”

“I can’t stop thinking about what I am going to do when you get home…”

Something a little bold would be:

“I Just want to put you on your knees and get your mouth to work”

Keep in mind that she might be opening this at an “inconvenient” location. If she’s a high-school teacher, giving a presentation, and then her phone lights up with a text saying you want to put her on her knees and fuck her in her mouth it might raise some questioning… 

#10 Surprise Her

Let me paint a picture for you: You’re in a steady relationship. You both talk daily, laugh about the same old jokes, share details – everything’s good, but it’s… routine.

That’s where the extra effort comes in. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. I remember when I surprised my girlfriend with her favorite breakfast taco on a random Wednesday. The joy in her eyes was gold. Those little details, my friend, make all the difference.

Imagine that she’s been talking about a book she wants to read. 

Get it for her on a day she least expects it. Or maybe she’s had a rough day, so you run a bath for her when she gets home. The point here is the thought and showing her you TRULY listen.

Here are some fun and flirty surprises for your girlfriend

  • Love Notes: Leave a cheeky note in her purse or lunch bag. Something like, “I bet you look gorgeous today. Can’t wait to see for myself tonight .”
  • Random Dance: While she’s cooking or doing something mundane, play her favorite song and pull her in for a random dance.
  • Favorite Snack Delivery: Send her favorite treat to her workplace with a flirty message. “I thought you could use a sweet treat, but remember, it’s not as sweet as you!”
  • A Flirty Playlist: Curate a Spotify playlist with songs that remind you of her or your relationship, and let her know every track makes you think of a special moment between you two.
  • Personalized Jewelry: A necklace or bracelet with the coordinates of where you first met. Add a note: “Right here is where my world changed.”
  • Surprise Date Night: Blindfold her, drive to a special spot, and reveal a romantic picnic setup. “I wanted our date nights to be as breathtaking as you.”
  • Random Texts: Send her a message out of the blue: “I was just thinking about the way your eyes light up when you laugh. It makes my day.”

Wrapping Up 

Gentlemen, enhancing your relationship isn’t about grand gestures, but consistently showing you care. From sexting to surprises, it’s about keeping the spark alive and making her feel valued. 

Remember to communicate, keep things light, and occasionally push your boundaries to keep the flame burning strong.

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Send playful and teasing messages, use emojis to convey emotions, and don’t forget to give her genuine compliments.

Hold her hand, caress her face, give her spontaneous hugs, and surprise her with gentle kisses in the neck.

Compliment her genuinely, whisper sweet nothings, engage in playful banter, and express your appreciation for her qualities.

Yes, flirting with your girlfriend can strengthen your bond, keep the romance alive, and make her feel appreciated and desired.

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