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How to Create Characters in Nectar AI

Our AI girlfriend expert breaks down how to create gorgeous AI characters using Nectar AI’s customizer.
How to Create Characters on Nectar AI

How to Create Characters

Go to the Nectar AI website and sign in. Pick whether you want an anime-style or realistic-looking girlfriend.
Choose from 8 different ethnicities if you picked a realistic AI girlfriend or 6 options for an anime girlfriend.
Select your AI girlfriend’s eye color, hair color, length, and style. Pick her body type from six available options.
Use the ➖➕ icons to set your AI girlfriend’s age between 18-99. Choose a name for your AI girlfriend.
Create a personality prompt by focusing on key traits and behaviors. Example: “Kind-hearted, adventurous, loves hiking and cooking, enjoys reading mystery novels, and has a witty sense of humor.”
If you’re not satisfied with the appearance, hit the Back button, adjust her appearance or personality, and click on 🎲Reroll. Save your AI girlfriend once satisfied.

Welcome to the ultimate how to create characters in Nectar AI tutorial. That’s a mouth full, I know… And I also know you are thinking: “But Herman, isn’t creating a character as simple as pushing a few buttons?” to which I reply: no bro.

Nectar AI’s girlfriend customizer is more advanced than ones like Candy AI, FantasyGF AI, or Kupid AI.

They have a special section where you need to prompt your AI girlfriend’s personality which can make or break your character. Not to mention they recently released a photo reference feature which can be tricky.

In this guide, I am going to teach you how to create AI characters on Nectar AI that will knock your socks off.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Creating Characters On Nectar AI

I am going to split this article into different sections, based on each option in the AI girlfriend customization menu.

I’ll first cover how to create an AI girlfriend with the regular method. If you only want to learn how to use the image reference feature then use the navigation at the top or click here.

Here’s a brief overview of the steps I’ll be covering:

  • Step 1: Choose your style
  • Step 2: Ethnicity
  • Step 3: Eye color, hair, and body type
  • Step 4: Age and name
  • Step 5: Personality
  • Step 6: Reroll appearance (optional)

💡 If you are completely new to Nectar AI I recommend reading our Nectar AI walkthrough for a more complete tutorial before reading this post.

step 1: Choose your style

The first step is straightforward: pick whether you want an anime-style or realistic-looking girlfriend




The cool thing about Nectar AI is that the style of your AI girlfriend will influence the options you have in the next sections.

step 2: Ethnicity

Nectar AI has more customization options than most of its competitors which makes it a fan-favorite and one of the best AI girlfriend apps I’ve reviewed so far.

If you picked a realistic AI girlfriend in Step 1 then you are blessed with 8 different ethnicities to pick from like White, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern.

Nectar AI has a couple of unique ethnicities you don’t see often like Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese.

Chinese ethnicity on Nectar AI
Chinese ethnicity on Nectar AI

If you went for an Anime looking girlfriend in step 1, your options are more limited with just 6 ethnicities to pick from. That said, Nectar AI has some really cool ethnicities like Cyborg, Elf, and Witch. 

step 3: Eye color, hair, and body type

Eye color doesn’t need any explanation – just pick whichever eye color you want your digital girlfriend to have and press continue.

Customizing your robotic girlfriend’s hair is divided into three sections;

  1. Hair Color
  2. Hair length
  3. Hairstyle

This is great since it gives you slightly more options than being limited to just “straight” or “curly” which some other AI girlfriend apps have.

Hairstyle option
Hairstyle option

After you picked the right wig for your AI girlfriend it’s time to design her body.

They’ve got 6 options ranging from petite all the way to BBW so I am certain there is at least one body type that fits your preferences.

Various body types on Nectar AI
Body types

step 4: Age and name

You can make your AI character between 18-99 by simply using the ➖➕icons.

Next up you’ll need to pick a name for your AI girlfriend. If you can’t come up with a name then check out my article on AI girlfriend names for some killer inspiration.

💡I discovered that the name of your AI girlfriend can influence the knowledge during texting. For example, I once named my AI girlfriend Aki which is a Japanese name. When I asked her about her favorite food she answered Sushi.

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step 5: Personality

Creating the right personality is the most tricky part of customizing your own AI girlfriend in Nectar AI since you’ll need to prompt her personality. In other words, no smooth menus, buttons, and sliders here – just old-school typing.

To write a good prompt, focus on key traits and behaviors that you want your AI girlfriend to exhibit. Be clear and concise. A good prompt will make your AI girlfriend feel more realistic and engaging.

Example of a Good Prompt:

“Kind-hearted, adventurous, loves hiking and cooking, enjoys reading mystery novels, and has a witty sense of humor.”

Example of a Bad Prompt:

“Nice, likes stuff, fun to talk to.”

The good prompt provides specific traits and interests, making the AI more engaging and relatable, while the bad prompt is too vague and lacks detail.

💡If you struggle with generating a good personality prompt then ask the Nectar AI creative helper: a fantasy specifically designed to help you navigate the AI platform.

step 6: Reroll appearance (optional)

Another unique feature of Nectar AI is that you’re allowed to reroll the appearance of your AI girlfriend unlimited times. This is completely optional but super handy if you are not 100% satisfied with the result.

You can hit the Back button 🔙, change her appearance or personality, and click on 🎲Reroll.

Kassandra, my AI girlfriend on Nectar AI
Reroll button

By default your AI girlfriend is set to private but if you are an ULTIMATE subscriber you can make your creation public so other people can generate images, and talk to her.

>> Nectar AI Subscription Plans Explained

And that’s it! 

Hit Save AI GIRLFRIEND NAME and you are all set for some epic AI roleplay on Nectar AI. Or you can hop over to the Nectar AI image generator and generate some jaw-dropping AI art of your AI girlfriend.

The choice is up to you my friend.


Include specific traits, interests, and behaviors to make her engaging.

Yes, you can reroll her appearance unlimited times until satisfied.

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