How to Be More Romantic to Your Girlfriend Instantly

Ever pictured a scene with a princess at her window and a guy below, strumming a guitar with a rose in his teeth? The princess is getting more butterflies than a caterpillar’s high school reunion.

Now, you might think that dude’s got some special romantic gene you don’t. 

Well, guess what? 

You’re wrong! I used to be about as romantic as stale bread. But with a few tricks, I made my girlfriend tell me that I was by far the most romantic boyfriend she ever had. 


Stick around, and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to be more romantic to your girlfriend without the fuss.

key takeaways

  • Actions speak louder than words; show her that you love her.
  • Surprise her with lunch at work will make her day
  • Simple things like listening, and asking how her day went will bump up the romance.
  • Surprise dates and getaways will make your girlfriend feel appreciated.

The Secret Sauce of Romance: What Is It Really?

sex secrets

At its core, romance is a deeply emotional connection with someone. It’s the little and big gestures we make to show love, care, and dedication. 

From a surprise date to a long-distance relationship love letter, every romantic gesture counts. 🔥

Traits that Make Heartbeats Faster 🥁

But wait, you ask, “What makes a dude romantic?” 🤔 Well, being the outstanding expert I am (trust me, I’ve seen some things), let me lay down some qualities that’ll take your romantic game to the next level.


An affectionate person is like a human teddy bear. 🐻 

Studies have shown that physical touch, like holding hands or a gentle touch on the back, can strengthen the bond between romantic relationships. It’s a silent way of saying, “I’ve got you.”


Pff… I remember my first girlfriend. I forgot her birthday and tried to salvage it with a gas station gift. Yeah, not my finest hour… 

Being thoughtful means remembering the small details and acting on them


Dedicated romantic partners are like rocks—reliable and strong. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, dedication is the glue that holds everything together. It’s about prioritizing your romantic relationship even when life throws curveballs.

A Tendency of Big Gestures

Alright, so maybe you don’t need to hire a skywriter every week, but every once in a while? It’s a home run! 🛩️ 

Romantic ideas with big gestures, like surprise vacations or even just an unexpected date night, can leave a lasting impression.


Ever kept that movie ticket from your first date? That’s the spirit! Being sentimental means cherishing moments and memories. It’s a way of saying, “Our time together matters.”


Consistency is the bread and butter of romantic relationships.

You can’t just be romantic on Valentine’s Day and expect to hit a home run. Consistency means showing love regularly, even in small ways. It’s like going to the gym; you’ve got to be consistent to see those gains. 

Why Amping Up Your Romantic Relationship is a Must

handsome gentleman flirting with a pretty woman

Now, you might wonder, “Why should I up my romantic game?” 

For starters, a fulfilling romantic relationship is a cornerstone of a balanced life. It nourishes the soul, strengthens bonds, and best of all: Women absolutely LOVE a romantic man.

Just like us men, women crave genuine emotional connections. They’re not just looking for a wallet or a set of biceps (though,  those are definitely bonuses). A romantic man represents a deeper understanding, an ability to connect, and a willingness to prioritize the relationship. 

According to psychological studies, a deeper emotional bond is often equated with feelings of safety and security.

Another interesting tidbit from research: oxytocin, often termed the “love hormone,” spikes with romantic gestures. This little chemical is responsible for feelings of bonding and connection.

You’re basically giving her a natural oxytocin boost. You’re becoming her personal feel-good drug dealer – all legal and love-induced. 😂💊
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And best of all, with my method, you’ll be the Don Juan of romantic gestures in no time. 

What Are the Best Ways To Be More Romantic?

epic image of a romantic guy holding roses

With that said, grab a pen, you’ll want to remember these. 

#1 Whisper those Three Little Words

Now, this might sound basic, but trust me, it’s the backbone of every romantic relationship. 

Just the other day, I randomly texted my girl during a hectic workday

“Thinking of you.” 

and the smiley emoji she replied with was totally worth it. It’s a simple yet powerful romantic gesture. You can whisper it in their ear during a movie night, or shoot them a text during lunch. 

Just remember, in the grand playbook of romantic ideas, this move is a classic and always scores!

#2 Pen Down Your Passion

Alright, old school, I know… But who said classic ever went out of style? 😎 

Remember back in high school, when passing notes was the highlight of the day? 

Time to bring that vibe back. Whether you’re in the same house or managing a long-distance relationship, a handwritten letter is GOLD. Just last month, I left a note for my girlfriend on the fridge, 

“Cold milk inside, but my love for you is always warm.”

Cheesy? Absolutely 😂.

Did she love it? Hell yeah!

It shows you took the time, and that my friend, is the essence of a romantic gesture. 

#3 Turn Up the Temptation

Now, this is where things reaaally heat up. 🔥 

Physical intimacy is an integral part of romantic relationships. I’m not talking just about the act itself. Sensual foreplay, be it a lingering kiss or a gentle touch, sets the tone. 

Last week, I played our favorite song, held her close, and we just danced. Afterward, we started kissing for like 30 minutes, and we had another 30 minutes of foreplay before we went into sex.

The connection was electric! ⚡️ 

So my biggest tip to you; control yourself for once in a while and go for a slow and extensive build-up. The reward will be well worth it.

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#4 Dive Deep, Emotionally in Bed

Speaking about sex, the most romantic things happen when you slow down.

I recently read about the benefits of emotional intimacy, and let me tell you, it changed the game. 

Slower, more connected intimacy isn’t just about physical sex; it’s about building and deepening trust. 

Evander’s Tip:

Think candlelit rooms, longer foreplay, holding each other close, and lots of compliments and dirty talk.

It’s about truly feeling each other. Flames burn longer when fanned gently.

#5 Ears Open, Wallet Ready!

Now, I’m no Sherlock Holmes 🕵️, but listening is my superpower, and it should be yours too. A while back, my girl casually mentioned she loved this specific book. 

So, what did I do? 

Took a mental note and surprised her with it a few weeks later. Man, the smile on her face! This method is one of the easiest romantic gestures. It’s like storing romantic ideas for a rainy day. It shows you care, you listen, and you act. 

Not just limited to gifts, but maybe she mentioned a romantic movie she wanted to watch or hinted at her partner’s love language. 

#6 Plan Passionate Pit-stops

a couple on a roadtrip

You ever feel stuck in the daily grind? Your lady probably does too… 

A few months ago, I booked a surprise weekend escape for us. No plans, just a beautiful weekend of wine and croissants in Paris. A romantic getaway is like hitting the refresh button.  They don’t have to be extravagant. A local bed and breakfast, a cabin in the woods, even a surprise camping trip. 

The change of scenery, combined with the element of surprise, is a romantic gesture she’ll never forget. It says, “I want to create memories with you.” And man, the stories you’ll have for later are priceless.

#7 Dawn Delights: Start the Day Right

Do you know what’s better than a morning coffee? Good morning kisses! 💋

I started this simple ritual, and it’s a game changer. Before I reach for my phone or put on my socks, I make sure to give her a peck. It’s a small act, but it says, “You’re the first thought on my mind.” 

It not only kick-starts your day on a romantic note but also fosters a sense of intimacy and connection.

#8 Daily Debriefs: Share and Care

a woman flirting with a guy on a date

After a long, exhausting day, it’s tempting to veg out on the couch and watch Netflix all evening, but here’s a twist: take 10 minutes to talk about your day. 

I tried this with my lady, and it’s like a mini date every evening. It’s not about unloading your woes, but more about sharing moments, big or small. 

Did someone at work crack a hilarious joke? Share it! Did she have a win at her job? Celebrate it! It creates a bond, makes her feel involved, and trust me, those little moments of sharing? Gold. 

#9 Diary of Love Adventures

Ever gone on a fantastic date and, weeks later, struggled to recall the details? Happened to me. So, I started a ‘date journal’.  Every time we went out, I’d jot down a line or two about what made it special. 

Not only does it give you a trove of memories to look back on, but pulling it out on anniversaries or random nights and reminiscing? Man, it’s like reliving those moments. A surprise for her and a walk down memory lane for both. 

#10 Stroll Down Memory Lane

Ever sat with your buddies and talked about the epic times? Do that with her. I’ve had nights where we just lay down, looked at the stars, and chatted about our best moments together. 🌌 

Whether it’s the time you both got caught in the rain or that hilarious misadventure on a trip, reliving those memories strengthens your bond.

#11 Ask her what makes her feel loved

Sometimes it’s the straightforward questions that make the biggest difference. Dive deep into romantic conversations and ask her directly, “What makes you feel loved?” You’ll be surprised at her answers. 

Might be a love letter, a small gesture, or just being there for her. Don’t assume; get the blueprint directly from her.

#12 Remember important dates

a guy writing an X on a calender

Alright alright. Our brains aren’t designed like a calendar, I get it. That’s why technology is your biggest friend in this battle.

Set reminders for anniversaries, birthdays, or the day you first watched romantic movies together. Trust me, recognizing these dates will earn you major brownie points.

#13 Lunch Surprises At Work

Of all the things in this article, this is my personal favorite. I brought my girl a romantic meal at the office once, and, dude, the smile on her face literally made my day.

Drop by her workplace with her favorite lunch or take her out. I know it’s difficult if she only has a 30-minute break, but I do recommend going somewhere so you can just be with her alone. If she’s really short on time you can always get takeout and have lunch in your car, or if the weather is good, outside.
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Not only does it break her work monotony, but it’s also a romantic gesture that screams, “I’m thinking of you.”

#14 Rise and Shine with Romance

Now I’m no Gordon Ramsay, but the effort? A+. Cook up something simple or order in, serve it on a tray, and voila! Breakfast in bed isn’t just about the food; it’s also about the sentiment that you want to pamper her.

#15 Sneaky Hugs From Behind

A second personal favorite here!

Sneaking up gently and wrapping her in a hug, or planting a soft kiss? Man, it’s the romantic things that need no words but to say everything.

#16 Delve Deeper Down Under 👅

Alright, big guy, leaning in close for this one. Pleasure isn’t just a one-way street. Taking the time to make her feel special and appreciated in the bedroom (or wherever you adventurous folks end up) is a guaranteed way to show love and dedication. 

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#17 Public Proclamations of Love

Ever been out with mates and just felt that urge to hug her? Do it. Telling her you love her, especially among friends, solidifies your bond, and shows you’re proud to have her by your side.

#18 Play the Rescue Hero After Her Bad Day

After a grueling day, seeing a familiar face can be everything. If she’s had a rough one, be her knight in shining armor. 🛡️ 

Sweep her off her feet, even if it’s just walking her home.

#19 Shower her with Sweet Sayings

Not just, 

“You look pretty,” 

but genuine compliments. Did she ace a presentation? Tell her she’s incredible. Was her outfit on point? Say it out loud. It shows you notice and appreciate her.

#20 Romantic Gestures With Fancy Words

Even if you’re no Shakespeare, a few lines scribbled on a napkin can melt hearts. 💓

It might be about the first time you met, or just how her eyes lit up. Poetry is an age-old romantic gesture that never goes out of style. 

But Evander, I am not good at poetry…

That’s absolutely unfair to say. We live in the 21st century, where we have the power of AI, so you can literally make a custom poem within seconds. Just to give you an idea, here is one I created. 👇🏼

Julia wears freckles like constellation maps,

Red sneakers on rainy days, and seldom naps.

She hums old songs while tying her hair,

With Julia, there’s a unique flair everywhere.

#21 Movie Magic Moments

Don’t roll your eyes at me just yet. Romantic movies aren’t chick flicks. They’re a bloody goldmine of romantic dates and gestures. Plus, snuggling on the couch with popcorn? Score. Watching her favorite romantic movie together keeps the romance alive. 

Heck, you might even get her in the mood… I won’t tell. 

#22 Goodnight, My Star

If you are not living together, something as simple as “Goodnight, beautiful” can mean the world. Even when I’m out with the boys, sending that text assures her that she’s the last thing on your mind and it kind of reassures her I am not getting wasted in the club and hit on some random chicks.

#23 Future Fun Chat

two people on a first date laughing at a meme

Nothing screams a healthy relationship like planning ahead. Chat about where you see yourselves in five years, or even dream up a surprise date. It shows commitment and gets you both excited for what’s to come. 

#24 Spice it Up with Sultry Speech

It’s not just about being explicit; it’s about voicing your desires and making your partner feel desired. Start simple:

 “You look so hot in that,” 

Or if you are texting her 

“I can’t stop thinking about what I am going to do to you when you get home.”

Gradually, as comfort builds, you can intensify things, 

“I just want to pin you against the wall, pull your hair, and trace kisses from your neck, descending all the way too…’’

 Practice makes perfect, champ.

#25 Stay Awake, Stay Connected

Tempting, I know…

But take a few moments. Cuddle, chat and give her a good foot massage. The intimacy post-play can sometimes even surpass the main event. It’s a simple way to treat your girl romantically.

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#26 Conversations with Caresses

Physical affection doesn’t have to be grand. Even a gentle touch on the arm when discussing where to dine or her favorite meal shows you’re there, present, and connected.

#27 Memory Mementos

I remember getting her one of those overpriced fridge magnets from a gas station. Little things, bro! Whenever you are away, grabbing something for her is a constant reminder that she’s on your mind.

#28 Date Night Deluxe

Gentleman in suit kissing a woman in a photobooth

Why not choose her favorite restaurant or take dance lessons before going out with the boys? For special occasions, maybe even sprinkle in a romantic walk. Make date night, a great night.

#29 Fresh Fun for Two

That said, keeping the romance alive means evolving together. Think outside the box! Try a cooking class, explore ways to be romantic that are uniquely you two, or just change up your routine.

#30 Lend an Ear, Win a Heart

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that a listening ear is more valuable than gold. When she talks, be all ears. Whether it’s about her day or dreams, being heard and understood is one of the sweetest gestures of love.

#31 Speak in Love Lingo

Spicing things up in the language department can do wonders. Using metaphors is like upgrading your romantic conversations from standard definition to 4K Ultra HD. 📺✨ 

Instead of just the usual “I love you,” try 

“You’re the sunrise that brightens my darkest mornings.” 


“Being with you feels like I’ve found the missing piece to my puzzle.” 

Trust me, words can paint a picture, and with the right metaphors, you’ll be painting a masterpiece. Channel that inner poet and let the magic flow.

#32 Heart on Your Sleeve Moments

Not everyone’s great at expressing love, but practice makes perfect. Whenever a warm, fuzzy feeling rushes over you, just let it out. Say things like, 

“I’m really glad we’re spending time together.” 


“I appreciate you so much.” 

You’ll surprise your partner and make her day. It’s like playing your favorite songs unexpectedly. Music to her ears! 🎶😊

#33 Make her a coffee

Close up of cup of coffee

As I said before, often grand gestures aren’t needed. Wake up a tad bit earlier and whips up her favorite coffee. This simple act screams, “I care about your mornings!” It’s as refreshing as our first date memories and definitely gets you some brownie points. 

#34 Love in Little Acts

Doing the dishes or vacuuming the living room can be more romantic than love letters (sometimes). It’s all about showing you care and want to make your partner happy.

And bonus: It can often free up some time for both of you to spend on the more romantic side of things (if you know what I mean.) 😏
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#35 Don’t always Try to Play it Cool

Playing it cool has its moments, but showing your authentic, unfiltered self is pure gold. It’s okay to be excited about a date night or to geek out about something you love. Remember, being genuine is way cooler than always trying to be the “cool guy”

Just be yourself.

#36 The Unexpected Kiss Quest

You’d be amazed at how adding a personal touch to your kissing game can elevate the romance level.

Try pressing a gentle kiss on her forehead after a tiring day, or surprise her with sweet pecks on her hands or wrists. 

The little things, like a surprise smooch on the collarbone or making eye contact before a soft kiss on the cheek, can make your partner feel loved and cherished.

#37 Get Cozy in Public

Some love it; others, not so much. It’s all about different preferences. But let’s be real, there’s something about holding your partner’s hand in public or stealing a quick peck at the park that says, “Hey world, I’m proud to be with this person.”  Don’t go overboard, though. Keep it classy. 

A spontaneous hug from behind while waiting in line, or intertwining fingers while walking—it’s these moments that keep the romance alive.

#38 Offer a Massage

After a long, tiring day, who wouldn’t love a good massage? 

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Roll up your sleeves and surprise your partner with some quality time dedicated to relaxation. You don’t need to be a pro; just ensure your touch is gentle and caring. Focus on the areas she mentions are sore or where you know she holds tension. 

Believe me, your efforts will not only melt away her stress but also score you some MAJOR relationship points. 
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#39 Bubble Bliss Awaits

Picture this: your partner comes home, and there’s a warm bath waiting, complete with soothing bath salts, aromatic candles, and maybe a bit of her favorite music playing in the background. 

It’s these kinds of love notes to life that can make your relationship thrive. Just remember to check the water temperature—you don’t want it too hot or too cold!

Taking it to the Next Level: The Modern Casanova’s Guide

gentleman in suit with roses on the table writing a love letter

So you’ve mastered the basics of “how to be more romantic to your girlfriend” and are now looking for the grand leagues.

Here is what I like to do:

I set aside one day every month as “Mystery Day.”

On this day, I surprised my girlfriend with something she didn’t expect. It could be a handwritten love letter, a spontaneous trip, or even recreating your first date. In fact, I even went as far as booking a romantic hot-air balloon flight.

Though this was romance on a new level, it doesn’t have to cost money. The key is unpredictability, which can reignite that early relationship excitement. 

My Final $0.02

By now, you’ve got a treasure trove of romantic hacks. But knowledge without action? Just a party trick. Start small: Pick two or three tips and commit to them this week. 

Once you’ve aced those, gear up for the next trio. And trust me, after you’ve mastered this list, you’ll be the talk of the town. 

Brace yourself for some envious glances, as your girl won’t stop raving about your romantic flair.

Peace ✌️


To spark more romance in a relationship, engage in surprise gestures, plan intimate date nights, and openly express affection.

Lack of communication, routine monotony, and neglecting emotional connection can kill the spark in a relationship.

Romance is heightened through thoughtful gestures, active listening, spending quality time, and fostering a deep emotional bond.

Couples may engage in intimate conversations, cuddling, physical intimacy, or simply sharing moments of comfort and closeness in bed at night.

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