How to be a Fun Dad: 5 Tips Your Kids Will Love

How to be a Fun Dad: 5 Tips Your Kids Will Love

How to be a Fun Dad: 5 Tips Your Kids Will Love

how to be a fun dad

Men can have a lot of different titles. But the one that often gets overlooked, but is often the most important and treasured is Dad. It’s the best job in the world—totally worth all the sleepless nights, disagreements, and even dirty diapers.

But being a dad doesn’t come easily for everyone. Some dads just don’t have the energy or patience to put up with kids’ antics, and some never learned from their own parents how to be playful.

For anyone who fears that his playful side has been erased by parental responsibilities, or is looking for ways to connect better with his kids, here are four ways that can help you be more fun as a dad.

1: Just be present with them

Sometimes, all your kids need is for you to simply be there with them.

They are fun machines. They don’t need your help.

If your kids are young (4 or under), know that they just want you to be there taking part in their imaginary world. Whether it be cooking a breakfast on their mini plastic stove or pretending there is a ghost in the room. You may not be able to get as deeply into it as they can, and you may have the urge to do adult stuff – like checking Tik Tok or how your Crypto is doing.

That doesn’t make you a bad dad, just an adult.

But stay off the phone and stay present. Tell them how good the imaginary food tastes. Scream and run out of the room when they say there’s a ghost in the corner. And don’t forget to tickle them until they can’t handle anymore. They will love it.

2: Adventure is out there

Adventurous dads are fun to be around. They’re the ones who take kids on hikes and bike rides, who help them learn how to fish and surf, who teach how to skateboard or ride a motorcycle.

You know those dads who seem naturally cool? Yeah, they’re all about adventure.

The best part is that there are tons of ways for you to get into being more adventurous as a dad; you just have to look for them! Even if you’ve never fished, that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and throw out a line with your kids.

Even if you don’t catch anything, the excitement your kids will feel when you invite them to go fishing will be priceless and will build a relationship that should have a lasting impact.

3: Try your kids’ hobbies

A great way to bond with your kids is by checking out their hobbies. You can learn a lot from them, and maybe you can teach them something too.

If they’re into video games, for example, learn to play their video games with them. If they love Pokémon or Minecraft, then you might want to try catching ’em all with your kid, even if you don’t know what that means!

You could also take cooking classes together or go bowling and share a dessert after the game. If there’s an activity that requires teamwork, such as playing basketball, that can serve as an opportunity for bonding between father and son or daughter.

4: Listen actively to your children

Empathetic listening is a vital skill that parents need to learn and use in order to build trust with their kids and increase communication between family members. When parents listen with empathy, we show that we care about what our children say and think—and this helps both of you understand each other better.

Often, a “problem” that a child or teen is experiencing may not actually be a big deal in the long run. That is, you can see this is the case, but it’s still dire to them, and showing you care will go a long way.

5: Focus on family time

Quality time doesn’t have to be one-on-one. Sometimes the best activities are the ones that involve the entire family.

Look at the things everyone enjoys and take it from there. If your family loves playing video games, turn that into family time by having a game night with them once in a while.

If swimming is their thing, make it more fun by going swimming as a group or planning an outdoor pool party with the family where everyone plays the same games. But don’t be afraid to try new things as well.

Getting out to nature is enjoyable for many families. Taking a walk through a park or forest provides an opportunity to learn about plants and animals along the way as well as engage in a great conversation.

Another fun idea can be to learn to cook together. Go out and buy a pizza oven and figure out how to create individual pizzas. Your kids will enjoy the new activity and you can spend time talking and joking around while the pizzas bake.


There’s no more important job in the world than being a good dad. If you’re looking for some ideas to be a fun father, just go out and try a few things.

We hope the five tips above have given you some notions of how to enjoy the time with your kids.

Now go out there and play!

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