How to Achieve Greatness: A Step by Step Approach

How to Achieve Greatness: A Step by Step Approach

How to Achieve Greatness: A Step by Step Approach

how to achieve greatness

Have you ever been so inspired by a movie that you leave the theater completely amped up and ready to change your life?

Maybe you just watched Warrior for the first time, and you left saying, “I’m going to start working out and get in incredible shape.”

For me, it was surprisingly Ender’s Game.

I sat through the movie as Ender lived this awesome life in space, saving the planet, and ultimately achieving greatness. I left the movie with the strongest desire, the strongest need to do something great with my life.

But when I got home, the same thing that always seemed to happen did. This strong desire to do something great with my life was accompanied by a near-equally strong desire to lay down, watch TV, and eat a huge piece of pound cake. Usually, I would cave into these feelings and indulge until my feeling of greatness that carried over from the movie is completely gone. But this time was different.

The only difference was that I became completely aware of these feelings. And with the power and ability to notice them, comes the power to control them.

I couldn’t let myself go back to the traditional life. I couldn’t let those limiting thoughts win. “Oh I will start tomorrow, I will change tomorrow.” That’s not how it works. That’s not how change happens. The decision to change happens in an instant. Once you decide to start tomorrow you have given in, the power is gone.

I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself “you have greatness inside you, and you are going to bring it out or you are going to die trying.”

But then comes the question. “How can I achieve greatness?”

Perhaps sometimes greatness just happens. In the case of Ender, he was born into a program, his mind was perfect for it, and he was pushed and trained in the right direction. Maybe if I was born in Manchester, England and was raised in professional youth clubs I would have already achieved greatness through professional soccer.

But what happens when greatness does not “just happen.” How can I make greatness happen? How can I control the outcome?

It certainly wouldn’t be by coming home, watching TV, and eating pound cake.

But there is an analytical, step-by-step approach to how anyone can achieve greatness, just like the people who are born into the perfect position to do so.

A step by step approach on how to achieve greatness

Step 1: Write down what great things in your life that you could feasibly achieve

The first step is to figure out what you want to and actually believe you can do with your life.

It has to be realistic.

For me, I obviously can never be an elite child who is trained in space to save the planet (very upsetting). I also know that I am never going to be the strongest man in the world anytime soon.

But there are definitely great things that I can and will achieve in my lifetime.

a) Become a professional soccer player

I could have been a professional soccer player at 17. I instead went to play in college where I partied harder than I trained for 5 years. The end result is that at 24 I don’t play anymore. Is it still possible to play professional soccer for me? Maybe, I will dive more into that in the next step.

b) Become elite at seducing and picking up women. Make a living out of it.

It has always been a dream of mine to become an elite seducer of beautiful women. Traveling the world sleeping with beautiful women and teaching other men to do so doesn’t sound like a bad gig. And it is certainly attainable to anyone.

c) Create an abundance of wealth that will allow me to live the life I want and provide for my friends and family.

Money is not life, but the lifestyle is. And sometimes you need money to make that happen. This one is certainly attainable for anyone.

d) Travel the world visiting every continent and hundreds of countries

I have always wanted to travel the world, visiting the most beautiful places, while learning as much about this planet and all it has to offer.

d) Be an elite, important figure in the life industry, like Tony Robbins.

Possible at any age.

That is my list. That is the list I came up with last night, of great things that I can, and will achieve in my lifetime.

Try to come up with more than 3 things you think you could feasibly do in your lifetime. Be honest with yourself, but also believe in yourself. Set your goals high.

[quote]”Shoot for the stars and you may land on the moon. Shoot for the moon and you may land on a house.”[/quote]

Step 2: Narrow your list

So you came up with a list of great things you would love to achieve in your lifetime. Now you may or may not have to narrow that list.

For someone who listed 20 things that they would love to do. Narrow these down to point in one direction. Many of your goals may overlap and be intertwined, which will allow them all to stay on your list.

For my list:

a) Professional soccer

I analyzed my list, and at age 24, the effort and commitment it would take for me to become a professional soccer player is astounding. It is certainly possible, but the odds are slim, and it would require dedication in every aspect of my life.

I honestly don’t know if my body and mind can do it anymore at this point in my life, so I crossed it off the list.

You have to be honest with yourself and trust your gut.

b) Elite seduction artist

I know that this is certainly possible. A man at any age can achieve this goal while maintaining a life and a job on the side.

This is staying on my list.

c) Wealthy

Obviously attainable at my age and easily intertwines with goal b.

Stays on the list.

d) Travel the world

With the wealth I have acquired from goal d, I can now travel the world visiting hundreds of countries.

e) The powerful figure looked up to.

Also attainable and snowballs off goals a and b. These first two goals complement this possibly allowing it to happen.

On the list.

So now I have a targeting goal on what I want to, can do, and will do to achieve something great in my life.

[quote]I am going to become a seduction artist, travel the world meeting and sleeping with beautiful women, help other men do so, while becoming an elite authority figure in the industry and make enough money doing it to support my lifestyle, family & friends.

I could even play professional soccer in a low-level professional league in a smaller country if I wanted to. Because I am already at that level, it wouldn’t require complete dedication and money would not be an issue.[/quote]

This is my life’s “mission statement.” You need to come up with a “mission statement” for your life just like this. Write it down, look at it every day.

This is something I firmly believe I can achieve. This belief is very important.

For example, when it came to the goal of playing top-level professional soccer, I no longer firmly believe that I can do that. I know it’s possible and has been done before. But it doesn’t feel like it is right in my grasp. If the belief is not there, I will not succeed.

All my other goals feel like they’re right there.

[quote]If I do the right things, complete the rest of the steps, and give it everything I have, there is no reason short of death that I shouldn’t achieve these goals. Failure would only mean that I did not truly do what had to be done to get there.[/quote]

Step 3: List everything you have to do to achieve that goal

So you have your life goal.

This is an incredible thing. Most people go through life never actually sitting down and realizing what their life goal is. These goals may change from time to time, maybe huge, or maybe as simple as finding love. But having that goal and understanding it is half the battle to reaching it.

But this goal is useless without an understanding of how to get there.

That is what step 3 is all about.

[quote]What do I have to do to get there, to achieve my life goals?[/quote]

In this step, you need to write down everything that you will have to do to reach your goals. You need to have it on paper.

a) Seduction artist

In order to become an elite seduction artist, and be able to seduce and sleep with beautiful women on command, there is a lot of work required.

1) I need to master approaching women and get rid of all approach anxiety

Every week I will need to approach hundreds of women.

Day after day, situation after situation.

I need to approach women on the street, I need to approach women at bars and clubs, I need to face rejection over and over and over.

I need to do this for however long it takes to become so comfortable while approaching and talking to a beautiful woman that it is second nature.

b) become wealthy

This one is tricky.

There are many ways to become wealthy and I am going to be very general here.

I need to establish my own business, in which I can offer value to the client or customers in exchange for money.

1) I can start a website:

I need to work 4 -5 hours a day on a quality website for years until it is generating income that can support my lifestyle.

I already have a headstart on this with this being one of my 4 websites.

2) I can write a book:

I can write a book on my area of expertise.

With my hard work becoming incredible with women, I can write an ebook or paperback book on my methods of seducing and meeting women. “The game, ” by Neil Strauss made quite a bit of money.

I need to spend hours every day for months until it is complete and professional. Then I need to spend hours each day marketing it. This all supersedes the months to years spent becoming an expert in that field.

c) Travel the world

I need to create a sustainable passive income that will allow me to make money without having to be in one primary location.

1) As we saw in step 2, I can create a website that I can work on anywhere in the world.

I will need to work hard on it for 1 – 2 years and make it worthwhile enough to earn income.

2) I can create a product or ebook that creates passive sales.

Again see back to step 2. These goals intertwine so my efforts will be doubled.

d) Become powerful, looked up to figure

Based on my efforts in step 1 & 2 this will be relatively “easy” to manifest.

If I do everything right, create a successful web business, create programs/ebooks that generate a lot of interest, and become elite in my field, I will have already accomplished this.

Another reason why intertwining goals are so powerful.

Step 4: Do these things

Step 4 is relatively simple in theory.

You have your goals, and you know exactly what you need to do to achieve them. If you do these things, you will achieve your goals.

I repeat.

[quote]If you do these things you will achieve your goals.[/quote]

If your goal is to run a 5-minute mile, and you get out and do a training routine every day, in a year you will be able to run that 5-minute mile.

The problem is, this is the hardest part.

Most people will never complete this step. It’s so easy to just let it go, and give up. If it wasn’t, greatness wouldn’t be so great.

But there’s also good news. The good news is that you are ahead of 90% of the population.

Most people daydream of doing something with themselves and then go back to their everyday life and forget all about it.

You have a written goal and you have analyzed the situation to figure out everything you have to do to achieve it. It’s not just a daydream anymore. It’s reality.

[quote]You know what you want to do, and you know how to do it.[/quote]

You just have to deliver.

What can you do to make sure that you complete step 4?

There’s no magic trick here.

You either do it or you don’t.

But what I recommend is writing down your goals, your mission statement, and exactly what you need to do every day to achieve your goals, and look at it every single day. When you wake up and before bed. Write it on your mirror so you see it every time you look at yourself. Burn it into your brain.

This is called the law of attraction, and it works. What you think about you attract into your life.

So I can either go out every day and work towards my goals, approach tons of women, build my websites for hours on hours and be incredibly successful in 5 years. Or I can not do those things and be right where I am.

It’s purely up to me.

And like those kids who are born into perfect situations, I will achieve my goals.

There is no difference between us and them. Like Ender, they grow up and do the things they have to do every day to become great. They are forced to by parents, coaches, and situations, and with their talent and desire, it seems to happen effortlessly. But we can do the right things by choice and by our own will and nature, having the exact same outcome.

So at the end of the day, it is up to you.

Anyone can achieve greatness, but only some will.

Are you gonna be one of them?

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Sean Russell

Sean Russell

Sean is a true entrepreneur. After turning his life around after struggling with anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome he now dedicates his life to being his best self and helping others do the same. Learn more about him and his projects at

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  1. Sean, it is the best article I have ever read on web.It is literally amazing! The wish list you have prepared is the same I have been thinking of,like becoming a pro soccer(but i find no longer an opportunity in my country),being an expert in seduction and becoming rich to travel the world.And there comes your wisdom.Really I’m fired up man.I regret that i read this only now..Hope to hear more wisdom from you. Thanks.

    1. Awesome Mugilan, that is so great to hear. Really appreciate it! Since writing this I am on my way. It works!