How Do I Make My Girlfriend Happy? 36 Tips to Win Her Heart

Ever found yourself pondering, ‘How do I make my girlfriend happy?’ 

Yeah, me too…  The answer? 

It’s not nestled in some dusty old book or whispered by the wise on mountaintops. Instead, it’s right here, in the electric hustle of our everyday lives.

Stick with me, and I’ll teach you some powerful secrets, unlocking the art of making your girlfriend happy.

key takeaways

  • Surprise getaways? Instant win for the relationship jackpot.
  • Cook for her, even if it’s just “gourmet” toast. 🍞
  • Handwritten notes: old-school romance, bro. 💌
  • Unplanned road trips: pure gold for bonding. 🚗

So what can I do to make my girlfriend happy?

a guy holding his girlfriend

If you thought that getting a girlfriend was hard, making your girlfriend happy is a walk in the park. Just follow these four steps and try to apply them to your everyday life, and I can guarantee you, your girlfriend will be much happier.

Step 1: Understanding What Makes Her Happy

We’ve all been there. She got a gift, and she’s just… polite about it.

Dude, it’s like getting socks for Christmas! 🧦 

The trick is to observe. Maybe she’s been eyeing a dress or mentioned a book she wants to read. It’s not always about big gestures. 

Sometimes, leaving a note saying “Thinking of you” on her morning coffee can make her day. To truly make your girlfriend happy, dive deep into her likes, dislikes, and wishes.

Step 2: Making Her Feel Good

Ah, the golden rule. 

Whenever she’s talking, listen up, fellas. I recall this one time when my girlfriend mentioned she loved lavender. A week later, I surprised her with lavender-scented candles. 

Simple, but effective. 🔥 

When you spend quality time and genuinely engage, you make your girlfriend feel valued. Just a nod and “uh-huh” aren’t enough. She notices, trust me.

Step 3: Being a Loving and Supportive Partner

Alright, you remember when you were down, and your best mate had your back? That’s exactly how you should be with your girl. 

The aim? 

To have her say, “Aww, you make my life better!” 

Next time she’s nervous about a presentation, send a motivational text. Or, if she’s had a bad day, a surprise date night can work wonders. 

My secret? A playlist of her favorite jams for every mood. 🎶

You want to keep that healthy relationship? Make her your priority.

step 4: Keeping the Relationship Exciting and Fun

Remember the beginning of your relationship when everything was exciting? Spontaneous dates, butterflies, and the most amazing sex you could think of. Let’s bring that back man. This is extremely difficult, but if you can recreate the initial spark there is a good chance your girlfriend will be happy. You have two options

Journey Down Memory Lane

Try to recreate your first date and the things you liked to do with her, this will bring back old memories.

Mix It Up with Fresh Adventures

And I’m not just talking about going skydiving instead of that boring restaurant that you two always visit. I also mean with sex.

Try a bunch of new positions. What I personally like to do is to try it in different places. This sure sets the mood, brings a lot of excitement and makes you feel alive.

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36 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

guy talking to a woman at the bar

So by now, you have a pretty good understanding of how to make your girlfriend happy. BUTTT if you want to go above and beyond, here are some tested ideas that most women definitely will appreciate.

#1 Surprise Weekend Getaways

Nothing says “I cherish our long-term relationship” like a surprise getaway. Remember the last time you did something spontaneous? That rush, the thrill? 

Imagine that but with the bonus of your girlfriend’s radiant smile. Booking a surprise trip gives her a break from routine and shows you’re willing to spend time to make your girlfriend happy. It’s a win-win!

#2 Cook for Her: Try International Cuisines

You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to see that girlfriend smile. Just put on an apron, and give it a whirl! 🍲 I once tried making sushi; ended up with more rice on the floor than the roll. But the laughter we shared? Priceless. 

Introducing her to new flavors shows you care about the little things and your committed relationship. And hey, even if you burn it, there’s always Mcdonald’s.

#3 Take an Unplanned Road Trip

Ever had that itch to just drive without a destination in mind? Next time, toss your girlfriend the aux cord and hit the road! 🚗

A spontaneous road trip gives you both a chance to bond and chat (especially when she’s talking about her fave songs) and creates memorable experiences, strengthening your healthy relationship.

#4 DIY Project Days

So, there was this one time I tried to craft a beer mug stand. Did it wobble? A tad. Did we have fun? Absolutely! DIY days aren’t just about the end product. It’s about teamwork, fun, and yeah, sometimes a mis-hammered nail or two. 😂

It’s a great way to spend time and be genuine friends, while also showing physical affection with a warm hug after a job well done.

#5 Pen Handwritten Love Letters

Okay, hear me out. 

In this age of instant messaging, nothing beats the charm of a handwritten note. Remember in school when passing notes was the BIG deal? 

It’s like that, but more romantic… 

Scribble down your feelings, maybe a sweet message or two, and watch her melt. It’s personal, and intimate, and makes your girlfriend feel like she’s in a rom-com. And what better time to start than now? 💌

#6 Unplanned Sunset Watching

I once found myself on an unplanned sunset-watching escapade. 

Why does this work? 

Sunsets resonate with our own lives – fleeting but beautiful. By immersing her in the moment, you show her she’s feeling valued and give her that “own life” freedom. 

Bonus: try to find a nice quiet spot so you can show her some “physical affection” If you know what I mean hehe.

#7 Recreate Your First Date

nd woman on a date

Remember that rush when she smiled at your awkward joke?

Recreating your first date reminds her of the sweet things that sparked your romance. After all, that’s why she was attracted to you in the first place.

She’ll feel secure, recalling why she chose to navigate life with you. Trust me, it’s better than any rom-com. 

#8 Kiss And Hug Her Whenever Possible

Kissing and hugging are more than just physical affection. They’re silent love notes, guys. It reminds her of your own feelings, reinforcing that she’s cherished. This one is very important. Women want to feel loved and appreciated.

#9 Spontaneous Breakfast in Bed

I tried this once after burning the toast. 

Turned it around with some humor and called it “artisanal charred bread”. 😂 

But here’s the thing, it made my girl happy. A surprise breakfast shows effort and care to start her day right.

#10 Candlelit Bath for Two

Ever heard of multitasking? Here, you combine relaxation, connection, and, you guessed it, physical affection. Dim the lights, get in the tub, and share a moment. It’s a weekend getaway without the travel hassle. 🛁

#11 Gift a Jewelry Piece

No, you don’t need to break the bank. Gifting jewelry isn’t just about the bling; it’s a tangible sign of affection. Every time she wears it, she’ll be reminded of your bond.

#12 Organize a Surprise Date Day

I once planned a surprise date for my girlfriend and well, I forgot to check the weather… Indoor mini-golf, anyone? 🌧️ 

But hey, spontaneity keeps the relationship fresh. By planning it, you prioritize her happiness and show that you’re invested.

#13 Watch Romantic Classics Together

Sharing popcorn and diving into classics gets you both to relive love stories. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll pick up a few tips from the on-screen Casanovas.

#14 Create a Shared Bucket List

A couple writing a book

Creating a shared bucket list is like setting up future adventures together. It’s not just about what’s on the list, but the promise that you’ll experience those moments hand in hand. 🤝

#15 Surprise Flower Deliveries

Flowers might seem cliché, but they work. It’s an age-old way to make her day bloom. Especially in the 21st century, chivalry has kind of died out. Show that you are a true gentleman, and your girlfriend will be happy.

#16 Take Her to an Unexpected Fancy Dinner

Ever been in a rut thinking about how to make your girlfriend happy? A surprise fancy dinner is a no-brainer. You’re investing in quality time and that steak? It just says, 

“I want this relationship to be as juicy as this meal.” 

Bon appétit! 🥩

#17 Serenade Her (Even if Off-Key!)

Now, I’m no Bruno Mars, but singing a simple song to your girlfriend is gold. 

Even if you sound like a strangled cat, she’ll appreciate the gesture And more importantly, it shows that you have got some balls.  It says, “Hey, I’m goofy for you.” Making your girlfriend smile isn’t about pitch-perfect notes, but the sentiment. 🎤

#18 A Romantic Picnick in The Park

romantic picknick in the park

Imagine birds chirping, a gentle breeze, and you two. Simple, yet intimate. It’s about the gesture, letting her know that she’s the jam to your sandwich. Plus, you get to spend time outdoors, keeping that healthy relationship tan on point! ☀️

#19 Surprise Picnics in the Park

Who said picnics couldn’t get any better? 

The spontaneity of a surprise picnic adds excitement. And every bite she takes? It’ll remind her of the effort you took to make your girlfriend feel like a queen in the great outdoors. 

#20 Night at a Cozy B&B

Imagine a weekend escape to a bed & breakfast where time slows down. Perfect for that long-term relationship recharge! You both unplug, and she’s reminded of the solid connection. No Wi-Fi? No problem.

#21 Share Dreams Over a Bottle of Wine

Couple drinking wine and staring out of the window of hotel room

Pop that cork, pour some vino, and spill your dreams. 

It’s like updating the roadmap of your committed relationship. Hearing her out and vice versa, especially when she’s talking, builds a solid foundation.

#22 Capture Moments: Professional Photoshoot

Ever wondered how women are obsessed with social media pictures? Women just care what other people think of them, that’s the way it is. Imagine you can shoot some awesome pictures with her on her Instagram.

#23 Cook a Recipe From Her Childhood

This one’s personal. I once tried making my girlfriend’s grandma’s pie. Keyword: tried. But seeing her light up? Priceless. It’s more than food; it’s a slice of her past. 

#24 Plan an Evening of Slow Dancing

a young man dating a woman in her 30s and dancing

No club, no crowd. Just you two. It’s not about the dance moves but the heartbeat sync. Every sway, every turn is a sweet message whispered through movement.

#25 Visit Romantic Landmarks Together

Whether it’s Paris or a local lovers’ point, these places aren’t just landmarks. They’re bookmarks in your love story. So, strap in and make memories! 

#26 Fill a Room with Her Favorite Flowers

You can buy a bunch of flowers online and just decorate the entire room. If you want to go even a level further, you dim the lights, make a fire, play some music, and be sure to have a glass of wine on standby when she enters. I can tell you from experience that she will be pleased and fall into your arms like never before.

#27 Gift a Perfume That Reminds You of Her

Every scent tells a story. Gifting perfume is like saying, “This reminds me of our first date” or “That rainy night”. Fragrances aren’t just smells; they’re time capsules.

#28 Hold Her Hand In Public

I remember a buddy once told me, 

“Man, holding her hand is the simplest of romantic gestures.” 

And you know what? He was 100% right. It makes your girl feel valued. It kind of shows that you are dominant and protective (in a good way). From a girl’s perspective, it’s a universal seal of ‘He’s with me, folks!”

#29 Send Her Cute Texts Expressing Your Love

Back in my long-distance relationship days, sending texts was the only reason my girl smiled on gloomy days. It takes so little effort, but it’s one of the sweetest things. A text keeps you on her mind and vice versa. Little digital footprints in her heart, if you will. 

#30 Quote Her Favorite Poem Book Or Movie

I tried this once. Quoted Twilight. Big mistake. 😂 

But using the right quote? It definitely works. It shows you’re listening, and you value her interests. It’s like a secret handshake between her inner circle and you.

#31 Write Her A Good Morning Message

I asked a family therapist (don’t ask why) about simple romantic gestures. “Start her day right,” he said. 

Writing letters or texts gives your girlfriend peace, knowing she’s the first thing on your mind. 

It’s like serving her morning coffee but for the soul. (Okay, maybe not the best comparison but you get the point.)

#32 Show her you are loyal

Loyalty isn’t just about romantic relationships; it’s a way of life. Keeping her secrets, respecting boundaries, and having her back? It reassures her that she’s got a partner for life. 

An easy way you can do this is in public places. You can for example,

  • Give her a kiss
  • Hold her hand
  • Give her a hug

Basically, you don’t want to appear single in public.

#33 Make her happy by going on late-night drive

I still recall the time when I took my girlfriend for a late-night drive. It was about spending time, just us and some romantic music. The world felt small, and our bond? Immense. Plus, girls love spontaneity.

#34 Comment on her Instagram post

“Damn, who is she? she’s hot” I once commented. And, did my girlfriend laugh? 🤣 

Sure, you might see her every day, but a little public affirmation? It’s like adding sprinkles to her digital ice cream.

#35 Tell her you love her

It seems easy, right? But those three words, when genuine, can change the whole dynamic. It’s an express gratitude token that every girl deserves. It’s not just about saying it but making her feel it.

#36 Give Her A Massage

massage therapist massaging a gorgeous blonde woman

A friend (let’s call him a relationship expert) told me once, 

“Being the best boyfriend is about easing her burdens.” 

So, give her a massage. It’s one way to make her feel special and relaxed.

My Final Words

In relationships, it’s the simple, consistent efforts that count. Understanding your girlfriend’s needs and communicating effectively is crucial. Small gestures like buying flowers can have a big impact. 

If you want help or learn how you can make your girlfriend happy by giving her some bedroom experiences she has never had before, join our community at Menprovement X.

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Show genuine interest in her life, communicate openly, listen actively, and express affection through both words and actions.

Offer a listening ear, give her space if she needs it, engage in acts of kindness, and remind her of the happy memories you share.

Absolutely! Happiness comes from understanding, respect, and consistent efforts in a relationship.

Texts that show appreciation, recall fond memories, or simply tell her you’re thinking of her can brighten her day.

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