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THIS is the Perfect Hairstyle for your face shape. Period.

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In the last decade, men’s fashion has exploded. Guys are more style-conscious than ever before. And big brands have been figuring out how to cater to men as they start to spend more money shopping online. However, not every stylish trend requires big bucks. Haircuts are cheap, even if you frequent a hipster barbershop that charges $35 for a fade and a beer. So if you’re looking for cool hairstyles to try in 2017 but haven’t yet found the best cut and style for you, this guide can help.

The Right Haircut For You

Finding the best haircut for you, your face, and your sense of style isn’t about getting the latest look started by celebrities. Just because a hairstyle looks good on Zac Efron, Jensen Ackles, or Chris Evans doesn’t mean it will fit you. As a matter of fact, the only thing that matters is how a certain cut makes you feel about yourself.

To pick the type of hairstyle you should get, you’ll need to determine your face shape. A guy’s facial features and face shape affect how short or long hair on the sides and top bring positive or negative attention to certain features. Unfortunately, most guys have no idea what face shape they have.

For help, check out the guide below. This resource by Men’s Haircuts Today describes the different features and measurements that correspond to each face shape and then proceeds to make recommendations on new men’s haircuts to get.

Check it out and see what look is recommended for you!

face shape

Hairstyles By Face Shape

For a little more background, let’s break down the different face shapes and offer real examples of some of the modern styles that go well with them.

face shape

Oval Faces

Oval faces are characterized by the lack of sharp corners. Because of this overall balance, guys with oval faces have a variety of styles to choose from, including undercuts and fades combined with long styles on top. Some guys may choose a comb-over fade or slick back undercut.

THIS is the Perfect Hairstyle for your face shape. Period. 1

Round Faces

Round faces are similar to oval ones, except the length and width are about the same. To lengthen your face, we recommend round-faced guys cut their hair short on the sides with more volume on top. Some styles that may add height on top include pumps, faux hawks, quiffs, and spikes.

face shape

Square Faces

Having a square face will make you appear more masculine, and offer sharp features. Square-faced men have a number of short and long hair options, ranging from buzz cuts and crew cuts to brush-ups and medium-length styles.

face shape

Oblong Faces

Oblong, or rectangular face shapes, are longer and thinner. To avoid lengthening your face, skip longer hair on top. Oblong faces work well with short haircuts, like crew or buzz cuts and French Crops. You should also avoid long facial hair.

face shape

Diamond Faces

Diamond faces are known for their strong cheekbones and sharp chin. Long and narrow, diamond-faced guys should get layered or volume hairstyles, including fringes, fohawks, brush-ups, and thicker, textured styles.

face shape

Triangle Faces

Lastly, triangle faces feature jawlines wider than cheekbones. Experts advise men with triangle face shapes to avoid skin fades on the sides and instead get medium-length hairstyles with textured finishes.


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Table of Contents