27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life


Let’s get down to the best habits I’ve found that have helped me to make significant progress in all areas of life. 🔥?

All of the habits I will show you will essentially be high ROI activities. The longer you do them, the better you get at doing them and the better return on your investment gets. 📈?

You can combine those habits by optimizing all your efforts around one or two primary goals instead of juggling multiple things at once. 🤯?

I know it’s tempting to just try to improve every facet of your life all at once, but trust me – this is a recipe for burnout.

A big improvement in even one area is a major project, and you want all of your mental capital to be invested in a smart way.

Instead of starting a new business & getting your dating life on point, socializing with friends, focus on one to two areas at a time. If you try to tackle too many things at once you are unlikely to succeed in any of them.

#1 – The 27 Best Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life

#1 Deep work & taking daily action – taking at least one action on a daily basis towards your goals builds momentum and helps you stay connected to your vision.

#2 Clean environment & staying organized – allows you to have a clear mind, makes taking action easier. Also, one of Jordan Peterson’s favorites. 😉

#3 Staying accountable – having someone to keep you on track maximizes your chances of success, and removes complacency.

#4 Physical Exercise – my personal favorites are gym and running, but anything is better than nothing. Physical exercise enhances your focus, raises your baseline level of emotions higher, and slows down aging.

#5 Semen retention / Nofapcornerstone habit that allows you to have success and enjoy every moment fully and be super productive.

#6 Intermittent Fasting – if you’re new to fasting, try the 16/8 eating window. That means you only allow yourself to eat for 8 hours out of any given day. For most people that means skipping breakfast.

Benefits include more focus, energy, fat loss, and more.

#7 Working on your dating life – whether you are single or have a girlfriend, understanding your relationships, and constantly improving your dating skills is a must.

#8 Self Education – that means reading daily & taking courses on topics that you are currently working on in your life.

#9 Keeping a budget – keep track of every dollar spent and made will ensure that you are always financially solid.

#10 Networking – going to events, meeting new people maximizes your opportunities to meet someone cool.

#11 Goal setting – planning today tomorrow helps you to stay distraction-free, and be connected to a larger goal

#12 Tracking & recording your progress – you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Always track your progress!

#13 Meditation – one of those habits that makes everything else in life easier. I will have a separate article about it in the future.

#14 Managing your time – that means having a calendar, living in day-tight compartments, and being punctual.

#15 Getting 6-8 hours of sleep – never trust anyone who tells you to cut down on your sleep. Going to sleep & waking up at the same time is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

#16 Wim Hof Method – a breathing technique that can change your life.

#17 Healthy food & hydration – no surprise here, if you want your body & mind to operate like a formula you need to give it the right fuel.

#18 Cold showers – easily one of the best ways to start the day. learn more about 16 benefits of cold showers in this article.

#19 Journaling – allows you to gain perspective on your life and enhances your self-awareness.

#20 Gratitude – realizing what you already have and how far you’ve come is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration and boost your happiness.

#21 Visualization – seeing yourself, feeling the emotions, and living from a place where you got what you wanted now is the ultimate hack to dominating your goals.

#22 Speaking & listening to affirmations – this transforms you at a level of your being and aligns you with the person you are trying to become. Remember to always speak affirmations in the present tense.

#23 Dopamine Detox – feeling uninspired? Life feels dull? Unplug from EVERYTHING that spikes your dopamine for a day or two and experience transcendental bliss & clarity.

#24 Dressing well – you never know when you meet someone new who can change your life and dressing like a slob usually leaves a bad first impression. Dress well!

#25 Socializing – the best way to unwind and relax after a productive day

#26 Sauna – one of the best ways to evaporate all the tension and stress (along with lots of sweat)

#27 Massage – remove stress and ease the tension in your body with a relaxing massage. Epic way of taking time off from your work.

#2 – Simple Trick That Helps The Habit Stick – The Strategic Habit Tracker

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life 1

I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to create new habits and stick to them over the long run, you know this, I know this and everyone knows this.

For some odd reason, what is good for you, in the long run, is not so gratifying in the short run.

But why?

Building good habits such as going to the gym or meditation tends to be hard because you don’t see much change from one day to the next.

You know that these practices are good for you but the reward is too far into the future and you tend to put it off.

Say you started working out because you wanted to feel good about yourself every time you look in the mirror. You hate that you look scrawny and are about to pass out from malnutrition any minute.

So now you think to yourself “it’s time to do something about it!”.

It is that moment of intrinsic motivation you had that gave you that initial push…If only there was a way to bring yourself back to that very moment…

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life 2

Strategic Habit Tracker tracks your progress, reminds you of the reasons you start it in the first place, and gives you that instant gratification you need so you can continue transforming that behavior into a habit over the long run.

Put in the habits you want to build into this app, and get going.

When you accomplished your daily goal, you mark it as green, if you failed, you mark it as red…and that’s that.

Strategic Habit Tracker involves building long streaks of days where you accomplished the activity you set out to do. Your only job is to not break the streak.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it gives you an amazing level of motivation in the long run because you can visualize the progress. Now instead of being desperate for the result – you get rewarded for being process-oriented.

You can have a bird’s eye view of how you’re doing and no longer be shooting in the dark.

Download the Strategic Habit Tracker now and pick one or two habits you want to put in place. I guarantee it will make your life feel like an RPG game.

Just like you want to max out your character in RPG, you will want to max out your character in real life.

#3 – The One Habit to Rule Them All

Well, actually there are three…

If I had to pick two of the most important ones it would be:



-Physical exercise

It’s a great place to start, and it will help you implement all the other habits, remove addictions, and make you an overall badass.

But, there is one rule I want you to be aware of…

First, before figuring out a habit you want to install in your life, you must take into consideration your primary objective.

What area of life am I prioritizing right now?

What does success exactly look like for you? If you want to make more money, don’t say I want more money.

Define it and be precise.

Say, I want to make $5000 a month from my business, by the 30th of March.

Secondly, never try to implement too many habits at once.

Every major change requires time and for habits to be fully integrated it can take anywhere between 21-66 days (depending on the level of difficulty).

Now that you have those things figured out, you can begin to look for synergies.

If your #1 goal is to build a business, then the habit you want to build first is your ability to do deep work and organization.

A stack of positive habits that will have a spillover effect onto other areas of your life would include things like:

1. Meditation
2. Hitting the gym
3. Reading books

Those habits synergize well with your primary objective because they support your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. They constitute a support system that allows you to keep your primary goal in focus.

Everything else is just a secondary focus and you can treat it much more casually.

#4 – The Duality of Habits

Everything in life has to be in harmony, so I want to give you a comprehensive list of habits that are divided into two categories

Tension – stuff that gets you closer to the realization of your goals but may drain your energy and burn you out if you overdo it.

Release – stuff that lets you decompress and recharge your batteries, but doesn’t really move the needle forward.

This yin & yang approach to habits allows you to always stay at the bleeding edge of your comfort zone. You will be able to rapidly grow, without putting so much pressure on yourself that you burn out.

Think of one area of life that you want to work on and make it Your Primary Focus. Start optimizing your days around that area, by introducing the habits that will allow you to do that.

Minimize the friction and “grease the slide” to your goals. Think about what habits you do you currently engage in, that distract you from your primary focus?

Based on your primary focus, what is the right mix of habits you should focus on? If you find it is hard to decide, schedule a free consultation and I will help you to get clear on where your energy has the highest impact in your current life situation.

Where can you find synergies? (habits implemented in a way that supports each other).

#5 – The Immutable Principle of Slight Edge

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life 3

I’m sure you had incidents in your life that you were inspired to change something in your life, be it losing weight, or getting your finances in order.

As it later turned out, this momentary flash of inspiration didn’t last long enough to produce any meaningful results. After all, in order to lose weight, you can’t just show up in the gym once or twice.

Even if you do the most barbaric workout you can imagine, but you only hit the gym for a week, there will be no change.

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life 4Real change takes time, there are no shortcuts.

Success is not a result of doing difficult, extraordinary things once, but rather unremarkable easy to do (but also easy not-to-do) things – over a long period of time.

Knowing that success in any part of life is not an overnight event, lets you enjoy the process and cultivate the slight edge mentality.

If you take the habits you learned from the previous section and apply the slight edge mentality everything in your life will start to improve.

I say this in order to manage your expectations because it will be a slow burn at first before it takes off in a big way.

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life 5

Let’s say you want to write a book.

If you set out to write a book and try to smash 250 pages in one evening, you might be setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.

Writing a book is a process that takes time, if all you care about is just the final result, you are not going to enjoy that leads there. This is how procrastination is born.

#6 – The Secret Art of Incremental Improvement

It’s great to try to reach for the stars, but if you don’t counter it with a dash of realism and proper expectations you will quickly become discouraged.

Part of your belief is based on your current track record of success, so if you try to stretch it too far the level of resistance you encounter will just make any forward progress impossible.

How do we counter this?

Let me give you an example.

Set smaller milestones along the way to your big goals. Get the smaller wins and string them together. If you want to run a marathon but can barely run a mile, your first goal should be a mile, then a mile and a half, and so on. This is the secret of improvement is:


#7 – The Ancient Wisdom of Kaizen

Here is how Kaizen can help you on a practical level, let’s take an easy example of losing some weight when you were never in the gym and you never paid any attention to your diet.

Should you just start hitting the gym 7 times a week and swear off all candy and fast foods that were your main source of sustenance for as long as you can remember?

It’s tempting to do that but as I said earlier, the shock to the system is most likely more than you can presently handle.

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life 6

Instead, I would suggest to:

1. Define the weight goal you want to achieve
2. Identify the smallest possible action you can take right now
3. Once that action becomes your new norm, challenge yourself to do 1% more

If you want to drop a few kilograms, what’s the smallest possible action you can take? If you never paid attention to your diet or went to the gym, it could be that you may need to just sit and start imagining how it would feel to be slim.

Once you have that image established in your mind, you can now research a diet that you would like to try and go for a quick 10 min jog every other day and so on.

With this approach, your natural resistance to change will never be activated as you side-step the part of your brain that would create a fear response.

What’s the smallest possible unit of action that can get you started on the right path?

What’s one thing I can do to get started?

Focus on smaller rewards:

Give yourself pat on the back for the smallest action that takes you where you want to go – this builds momentum in the right direction.

27 Habits That Will TRULY Change Your Life 7

Success is never a straight line – if you imagine it being this nice easy journey from point A to B you are setting yourself up for failure. It will be messy and chaotic you will make progress, backslide, get stuck in plateaus. Your only job is to not give up in the face of all this adversity.

PS. Hey man, thanks for reading – I hope you found this information valuable.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Also,  share it with a friend that may find that life-changing information to be of value.

Speak soon, man!


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