The Top 10 Fashion Disasters Men Should Avoid

The Top 10 Fashion Disasters Men Should Avoid

The Top 10 Fashion Disasters Men Should Avoid

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He wore what?

That’s probably what many asked after seeing Justin Bieber’s trouser/trainer combo at the New York Fashion Week. He’s not alone. We’ve seen a lot of celebs do the same. Perez Hilton appeared at the 45th-anniversary party for The Advocate wearing Loudmouth Golf pants, Juicy Couture jacket, Jeremy Scott shoes, and Longchamp bag. Total disaster!

Even the most stylish man on earth can make the occasional faux pas. But there are some fashion disasters you should avoid at any cost.

Let’s accept it; good taste in clothes isn’t always a guy’s strength. Between work and everything else men often don’t have the time for petty issues like checking lifestyle magazines to see what’s hot and what’s not for the season.

Besides, there are some fashion-challenged men who need help on this front more than anyone else. In this post we discuss the top 10 fashion disasters every man should avoid; unless, of course, you want to look like a goober.

1) A Short-Sleeved Shirt and a Tie

Never wear them. The guy at the fast-food joint may look cute with them but you’re not him. Besides, there is a reason why they keep the sleeves short at a fast-food joint. They get dirty fixing sandwiches and burgers.

To look more professional and confident, wear long-sleeved shirts if you want to pair them with ties. A flimsy-looking knot or one tied too short is a pure eyesore.

2) Suspenders and a Belt

Wearing them together is probably one of the biggest fashion faux pas men make. Both suspenders and belts do the same work, i.e. hold your pants up. Wearing them both is an obvious fashion error and you don’t want to do that. You look like a rectangle and men with larger frames look the worst in the middle of their bodies.
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Suspenders, however, add a little sophistication and are notably white-collar wear. But remember your accessories, especially the shoes, must match the leather of your suspenders. Here is a nice read about how to wear suspenders fashionably.

3) Protruding and Popped Collars

They are both awful. Wearing protruding and popped collars is one line in the world of men’s fashion you should never cross.

The point of your shirt’s collar should always be downward. Besides, the collar should be folded over evenly. While we are at it, remember that two-collared shirts are equally disastrous. Always go with a one-collared shirt and it should be folded over properly.

Now, what to do when wearing a jacket! The rule here is that it should never be overlapping with lapels. The collar’s points should never extend beyond the edge of your jacket lapel.

4) Ill-Fitting Suits

Suits are classic, timeless outfits for men. Most men look good in them, provided they are well-fitted. Fitting is the most important factor when it comes to wearing a suit. An outdated or ill-fitting suit looks cheaper. The main purpose of a suit is to make you look slick and sophisticated, which unfortunately these cheaper versions cannot attain.
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Now, it is understandable that a top-of-the-line bespoke suit is something not everyone can afford. Right? Wrong. There are many online measure-to-fit retailers offering affordable tailor-made suits to meet every budget and requirement.

For example, you can buy tailor-made suits for men at affordable rates from online retailers like Ownonly. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you can flaunt a flattering fit. The company offers lines of business and casual suits at affordable rates along with custom-tailored blazers and shirts. Their online tailored measurement process also makes it an ideal option for those who don’t like to shop around.

5) Denim Jackets

They were popular in the mid-1970s. But we’re in 2014 now and the trend died decades ago. Denim jackets no longer look good; so if you have one, pack it nicely, keep it somewhere in your cupboard and forget about it. They might come back in fashion one day but not today.

6) Geek Wear

Unless you’re under 13 years old, do not wear it. You won’t impress anyone with geek wear, the likes of which include anime shirts, thick (ugly) glasses, fragged hoodies, fedoras, and everything else that makes you look like a basement dweller.
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Geek chic looks good on girls, but on men, it’s mostly an eyesore. If you have to wear it, at least avoid t-shirts with anime or comic book characters. Stick to plain t-shirts, preferably in bold colors over a striped long-sleeve.

7) Crocs

They were a bad invention. Those garish colors make crocs even more hideous and cheap. If you can’t help wearing them at home, try not to wear them in public. They’re ‘Shoes for People Who’ve Given Up’ and unless you’re suggesting the same, crocs should be trashed.

8) Mismatching Shoes and Belt

A common faux pas, men often forget the color rule for shoes and belts. Always remember that your shoes should match your belt if you want to dress nicely. It is absolutely fine if the quality of the leather differs, but black belts and brown shoes are a big no-no.
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However, there is an exception when wearing dressier outfits with bright/multi-colored belts. Though you should try to wear something from the same family of color, there is room for flexibility in a more casual look. When speaking of shoes, remember that a stylish man always keeps his shoes clean. Dirt and scratches are a big turn-off.

9) Wearing Wrong Socks

When wearing a suit, the color of your sock should match that of your pants. Many make the mistake of matching their socks with their shoes. Wear navy socks when wearing a navy suit and not black socks to match your shoes.

The rule, however, is slightly different when wearing a light-colored suit. Pair it up with darker socks but make sure that the socks are at least a shade lighter than your shoes.

10) Wearing Too Many Colors

It’s totally different if you deliberately want to mimic the look of a rainbow, but if not limit your attire to three shades or colors (maximum) for a coordinated approach.

When putting different colors together, it is recommended to stick to analogous and complementary colors. You can use an online color wheel to choose different colors and shades. And when mixing different colors, remember that less is more.

When it comes to men’s fashion, be it formal or casual, it is better to mix up things to add versatility. But this is where most men go wrong. The basic rule for mixing up colors, textures, and patterns is that each item should complement the other. You just can’t go wrong here; after all, you don’t want to look like someone who got dressed without turning the lights on.


Many think that men’s fashion is simple. Just throw on a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and comfortable footwear and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, it takes little more than that for a man to dress sensibly. The worst comes when some men attempt to look ‘different’ and lose the entire plot along with their sense of style if any. A little research and investment in quality pieces, especially those you are going to use regularly, will serve you well in the style department, and save you from fashion faux pas.

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