The Women’s Coach Perspective – Dori Padla’s Introduction

The Women’s Coach Perspective – Dori Padla’s Introduction

The Women’s Coach Perspective – Dori Padla’s Introduction

Dori Padla

Dear Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to ‘meet’ you all here. It is great to see that on this platform you are all dedicated to your self-improvement and development. I truly believe that it is something we all need to strive for. To develop ourselves. To understand ourselves and the people around us better. This will lead to lot better and healthier connections between people and a lot more satisfying and happier life for the individuals. Therefore, this is already a fantastic start that you Gentlemen are all here, congratulations

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Being a coach allows me to see the very inner issues, thoughts and problems of my clients. Most people come to me when they face hardships in their relationship with their partner. No wonder why. If things are not ok at home (to say the least), it can affect all the other areas of life. A problematic relationship with the partner can overrule many things in everyone’s day-to-day existence.

And it is not only the experience of a difficult relationship that spins in the mind of the people, but also equally the lack of having a partner.

I see all these difficulties that my clients have and honestly, I have experienced some myself as well over the years. It is one thing to see as a professional coach how things should be and what should be done to solve one’s relationship issues. But adding to this my personal experiences also means a lot. This is my way in my own coaching method (HCT – Holistic Coaching Therapy) to connect with my clients and be able to really help them. Not only ‘by the book’ but also combining it with the real-life experiences.

The Women's Coach Perspective - Dori Padla's Introduction 2 When it comes to men, I see that they often think that women are a mystery.

Many times, men don’t understand why women talk that much, why they talk about certain topics at all, why do they want the men to talk about their feelings, why they prioritize certain things and ignore others, why they behave in a certain way, and so on…. And this fact that men don’t understand the women, can lead to a lot of conflicts in the long run. (I would apply the above sentence equally to women, don’t worry, but on this forum, I am addressing my writings to you Gentlemen 😉 ) Women’s main motivation is (should be) emotions, while the men are much more focused on logic. Already a big difference, right?

So, dear Gentlemen, if you want to understand women, you need to focus on emotions. First and foremost, on your own emotions. I know, I know, men don’t sit down together and talk about their feelings next to a beer or a glass of wine like women do. But having an ever-increasing self-awareness as to your inner emotional processes is essential – for yourself and for your relationship with women.

If you get to know yourself better, only then you can get to know better the women and what we want. Only then you can have a happy, healthy relationship, based on equality and balance.

The Women's Coach Perspective - Dori Padla's Introduction 3 Here on Menprovement I will write to you such articles, which I believe can be useful for you, Gentlemen, if you would like to find your partner and if you want to live in a happy relationship. Or, if you just would like to understand women better, in general. I will write from my own perspective, as a woman-coach, therefore you will might be able to read about some things, that you didn’t think about before. I am also aiming to explain the women behaviour, the way women ‘work’. With all these, I would like to make sure that finding your partner and/or being with her is a happy and fulfilling life event for you and not a battlefield.

Instead of the not-understanding and battles, let’s have understanding, harmony and happiness. Dear Gentlemen, this is the guidance I would like to offer to all of you, who will read my articles on Menprovement from now on.

And in the meantime, feel free to visit my website ( and blog for all my previous articles on dating and relationships – you can already find some useful hints & tips there 😉

Looking forward to going on this self-improvement path with all of you!

‘See’ you soon,


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