Announcing New Partnership With Relationship Coach Dori Padla

Whats up guys – Sean here. If you’ve followed Menprovement from the start you will know we have always talked alot about meeting women, sex and the bachelor life. But I’ll be honest to not have been an expert on relationships, so it never really got covered.

Now I don’t conform to any relationship structure dictated by society. I believe in stripping away your social programming and living in whatever way is true to you. Whether it’s polyamory, open relationship, marriage or some crazy shit I’ve never heard of – if that’s what you want to do, then do it.

And now after years of dating and meeting women, I am in a relationship with my partner Sara, and I see that it is much easier to stop a girl on the street and sweep her off her feet (as I did with my wife) than to maintain a healthy and thriving relationship with another human being.

So to help all of us understand women and thrive in our relationships I am proud to announce that Menprovement has partnered with Dori Padla of Dori has been coaching women in relationships and dating for many years, and has now flipped the script to take what she’s learned from her practice, and her knowledge as a woman herself, to help men navigate their relationships and understand women.

She’s a beautiful woman, awesome person and she’s wicked smart – so I look forward to learning a lot with you guys. A big thanks to Dori, and a big thanks to you guys. Talk soon, Sean.

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