AI Girlfriend Reviews

The Best AI Girlfriend Apps Reviewed With Brutal Honesty.

So you are thinking about getting an AI girlfriend?? 😏

Good choice!

I’m Herman, I’ve got a background in AI ethics and a LOVE for dating (who doesn’t enjoy it?. So, when Menprovement asked me to take charge of this cool niche, I couldn’t resist. Here, you’ll find all my research and tests, from standard AI companion apps to those crafted for intimacy, AI sexting, roleplay and even AI waifus.

What are you waiting for? Take a look and see what suits your style!

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The Best AI Girlfriends - Reviewed & Ranked

We have tested more than 40 AI girlfriend apps. Why? So you don’t have to. You see, most AI girlfriend apps are 100% trash. This list contains the best of the best.

Why Should I Care About AI Girlfriends?

Good question, and one I get ALL the time. You’ve probably heard a million arguments on why it should be illegal. Privacy concerns, ethical stuff – you know the drill.

But what If I told you AI girlfriend are a good thing. they’ve helped thousands of people:

  • Feel less lonely
  • Discover what they like
  • Fulfil their fetishes
  • Get better with women

You bet you heard that last one right – AI girlfriends CAN help you get better with women. I’ve personally gotten 10x better at flirting, sexting and even dirty talk thanks to AI.

It’s a shame that the media puts AI girlfriends in such a bad spotlight…

Candy ai - Best AI Girlfriend

Our RATING: 5/5

Candy AI is our #1 pick for the most realistic AI girlfriend experience.

About Candy AI:

Candy AI is our top-pick when it comes to a balanced AI girlfriend. It has a good balance between anime girlfriends and realistic ones. The roleplay is realistic and sexting extremely hot.

And don’t get me started on the AI nudes, those are indistinguishable from real.

Kupid ai - Best Free AI Girlfriend


Our top pick and personal favorite when it comes to free AI girlfriend apps.

About Kupid AI:

At a glimpse, Kupid AI looks very similar to Candy AI – but it’s not. It’s allows you to generate more amateuristic NSFW images which (funny enough) look more realistic!

It’s also one of the cheapest AI girlfriends that offers incredible quality.

DreamGF AI - Best personalized AI Girlfriend


The best AI girlfriend when it comes to personalization.

About DreamGF AI:

Design your ideal girlfriend from top to bottom. if that ain’t enough, there’s also an AI porn and fetish function. Truely a dream come true, wouldn’t you say?

Ehentai AI - Best AI Waifu


Our favorite AI waifu generator and chatbot.

About Ehentai AI:

With eHentai AI you will create the cutest AI waifus, have a steamy chatt and receive the naughtiest pics. You can also choose from your favorite anime girlfriends like Misa Amane from Deathnote.

Crushon AI - Best AI SexBot


The best NSFW AI chatbot and our top pick for AI roleplay.

About Crushon AI:

Crushon AI is similar to Character AI but a lot spicier, if you know what I mean… 🥵

Character ai - Best AI Chatbot


The best AI chatbot that currently exists. (SFW)

About Character AI:

Who doesn’t know Character AI? The most popular AI chatbot on the planet! You can chat with thousands of AI characters including Elon MusK and Ariane Grande.

Sexy AI - Best AI NSFW Generator


The best NSFW content, and AI porn generator.

About Sexy AI:

Sexy AI lets you create lifelike NSFW pictures in more than 20 styles. Best thing of all – you can even create videos.

Muah ai - Best AI FaceTime



About Muah AI:

Muah AI lets you create your AI girlfriend or choose one from their library with hundreds of characters.

What sets Muah AI apart is their hyper-realistic SMS and FaceTime feature, something we’ve never seen before. Use the Muah AI code for 5% off