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Menprovement presents:

Learn How to Effortlessly Talk to & Attract Women, Without Fear & Regardless of Looks or Social Status


The 6 Principles of Atraction (Cover)

Grab the book that has changed the lives of thousands.

Grab my latest eBook where I teach you my revolutionary system for meeting and attracting women, that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Discover a way to connect with women, without fear, without fear of rejection, and without having to become a needy pick up artist. This is the next stage of dating and can’t be found anywhere else. I promise you’ll love it – and it’s 100% free for you.

What You'll Learn:

Don't Take My Word For it..

Hear from those who have taken the course or worked with me in the past. 👇🏼

The 6 Principles of Attraction 1

Meet Your New Coach: John Cooper


John Cooper, Author of the book “Game Over” has teamed up with Menprovement X to share his teachings exclusively on this platform.

John has been a dating coach for over 10 years and has helped over 1,000 men transform their dating life without having to partake in low vibrational practices like Pick Up.

His teachings, which revolve around 6 core principles, are unlike anything else in the dating community. While most dating coaches teach men how to simply hide being needy using techniques and tricks, John eliminates this neediness from his students and helps them show up with women without need.

Once you are no longer needy, you become attractive – and you can show up with women on a whole new level.

When you come from this place you can express your desire to women without fear, anxiety or rejection. This will be replaced by excitement and confidence. His complete work cannot be found anywhere else other than Menprovement.

The 6 Principles of Atraction (Cover)

Grab the book today.

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I never thought that I would be able to start a conversation with a pretty girl I saw during my day. But honestly, I can. now - and it has changed my life. Thank you guys so much. For anyone reading this, this is exactly what you have been searching for.
Michael Phillips
Verified Member
"It was hard for me to give up on online dating, but I realized it was just using it for a dopamine release as I scrolled through girls, but it got me nowhere! One week working with John & Sean and I made more progress than I did in a year online."
Jason Sinclair
Verified Member
"It's amazing how I've never been able to talk to a hot girl before. I never felt like I was good enough, or handsome enough. But with a few mindset shifts now I look forward to it. I wish I knew this stuff in college!"
Edgar Ramirez
Verified Member


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