3 Surefire Workouts to Make Your Biceps Bigger

3 Surefire Workouts to Make Your Biceps Bigger

3 Surefire Workouts to Make Your Biceps Bigger

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Arm muscles are among the first things ladies notice in a guy.

Muscular arms are always associated with strength, and there are tons of practical reasons for keeping your biceps and triceps in good shape. Working out is the only way to have the arm muscles you desire. If you want to see results faster, it is advisable to stick to workouts that are deemed to be more effective in targeting those biceps.

And we are going to show you 3 surefire, scientifically proven to work, workouts below:

1) Concentration Curl

Research from the American Council of Exercise revealed that concentration curls are the best choice for those who want to work on their biceps.

In a test involving men and women between 18 and 24, muscle activation was highest during the execution of concentration curls. Biceps activity was highest at 97 percent when the participants in the study performed by ACE.

Cedric Byrant, the chief science officer revealed this could be due to the fact that the back of the thigh stabilizes the biceps muscles.

Concentration curls are most effective on pushing the biceps to their limits since it focuses solely on the biceps. Since the shoulder joint’s movement is limited, the biceps have to do all the work.

Equipment: Dumbbell

Starting Position:

  • Grab the dumbbell with your left arm.
  • Sit on the end of the bench.
  • Get into position –feet shoulder-width apart, upper left arm on your left thigh’s inside portion, right hand placed on your right knee for support


  • Extend your arm fully
  • Curl the dumbbell as far as you possibly can
  • Squeeze those biceps
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell to your starting position
  • Do the same for your right arm

Sets: 6

Reps: 12

Res Time: 30 to 90 seconds between reps

Recommended Training: At least once a week, ideally two to three times a week

Recovery session: 48 to 72 hours in between sessions

Notes: The general rule in concentration curls is to work on your non-dominant arm first. If your left arm is stronger, start with the right arm.

Make sure that you are only moving your lower arm. Other parts of the body should be fixed.

2) Chin Up

Pull-ups and chin-ups look almost the same but the distinction between the effects of these two workouts on the human body has been established clearly.

Based on a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, pull-ups and chin-ups are both good for bodybuilding but they target different areas. Research suggests that pull-ups, where the palms are facing away from you, are better for the back muscles. Meanwhile, for those who want to focus on their biceps and chest, the chin-up with the workout to focus on.

Beginners can just do the grip which is most comfortable for them although it would be best to design a workout schedule to include both the pull-up and the chin-up.

Equipment: Pull Up Bar

Starting Position:

  • Grab the chin-up bar with an underhand grip, palms facing your torso, hands six inches away from each other.
  • Keep your torso straight, chest out and lower back sticking out


  • Pull your torso up until your head is at the same level as the pull-up bar, exhale as you do this.
  • Keep the upper torso stationary, forearms should only hold the bar
  • Squeeze your muscles for a second.
  • Slowly go back to your starting position and inhale as you do it.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10

Rest Time: 60 seconds between reps

Recommended Training: Three times a week

Recovery session: 48 to 72 hours in between sessions

Notes: Keeping your body straight will increase bicep stimulation –it can make your workout better. If this is too hard, ask a spotter to hold your legs or use a pull-up assistant.

For those who find this workout too easy, adding a weighted place could be a more challenging variation.

3) EZ Bar Curls

EZ Bar Curls is strictly for isolating the muscles in the upper arms, namely, the forearms and the biceps. It also improves grip and strength.

The movements you need to make in this exercise put all the tension in your biceps. This is just the exercise for making those biceps bulge and look toned.

Equipment: EZ Bar

Starting Position:

  • Grasp the EZ bar with your palms facing upwards.
  • Stand up straight with arms fully extended.
  • Your feet can be together or one foot can be placed one step back for added stability.
  • Make sure the bar is not touching any part of your body.


  • Slowly curl the bar up but make sure your elbows are tucked in, your eyes are facing forward, and you are not moving any other part of your body.
  • At the top of the movement, give your biceps a tight squeeze.
  • Slowly lower the bar and resume your original position.

Sets: 2-3 (Intermediate), 1-2 (Beginners)

Reps: 6-8 (Intermediate), 12-15 (Beginners)

Res Time: 90 to 120 seconds

Recommended Training: Once a week

Recovery session: 72 hours in between sessions

Notes: All throughout the workout keep your elbows by your side and your body should be fixed. The key to making this workout effective is slow and controlled movements.

Beginners should use lighter weights at first and perfect this exercise before moving on to heavier weights.

The recommended reps and sets for intermediate weightlifters can produce the maximum mass and strength.

Tightening the abs and the glutes while performing this exercise will maximize the effectiveness of this workout.

Now It’s Your Turn

Working out for the biceps you want is not going to be easy. You need to find the balance between protein and carbohydrates in your diet, and exercise.

Integrate these three routines in your workout plan to make those hidden muscles pop up.

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