The 6 Sex Secrets That Will Drive Her Crazy

The 6 Sex Secrets That Will Drive Her Crazy

The 6 Sex Secrets That Will Drive Her Crazy

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Hi guys,

My name is David Finer and I want to tell you my short story before I teach you some really cool tricks. I met my first girlfriend when I was 18, she was sexually experienced, I was a virgin and everything was amazing when we just started dating.

But as time passed I discovered that I had premature ejaculation, I just could not last long enough in bed for her to orgasm from regular penetration sex – true story.

I didn’t really try to do anything about it until one day she told me that our relationship would not last much longer if I didn’t solve this PE issue.

That day I started my research, I read anything that I could find online and I tried everything that I learned, and very fast this challenge was gone and the sex was amazing for about two years, and then we broke up anyway because it was not meant to be.

What’s important here is that this painful experience made me understand how much guys need help with the “little” sexual issues they face in their life, and that’s why I started my blog.

Let’s admit it…

Deep inside, every man wants to be the best lover his partner ever had. And we all know that feeling of being inadequate in bed and we also know that It can destroy your self-confidence as a man – which is one of the worst things that can happen to you as a man.

And let’s admit it…

All women appreciate good sex and they always want more of it, but if you can’t give your woman powerful orgasms, she will break up with you or even cheat on you.

If that’s how you feel right now, don’t worry, because in this article you’ll discover some simple tips and tricks that will help you become a better lover starting today.

And if something will not be clear by the end of this article, you are always welcomed to contact me and ask me anything you want about male sexuality.

What Makes a Great Lover Great?

Being a great lover is usually measured by the ability to satisfy a woman in bed, but as simple as it sounds, this “ability” to satisfy a woman sexually is much more than just knowing how to make a woman orgasm.

I say this because every man can make a woman orgasm orally or by using his hands. But that does not make a man into a great lover.

In fact, not even the ability to give her orgasms from penetration sex makes a man into a great lover. Being a great lover requires more elements, it requires real sexual confidence, the willingness to satisfy her, knowing how to kiss and touch (foreplay), and many more elements that turn an “OK” lover into a great lover.

But let’s start today with learning the fundamental elements, and tomorrow you can go deeper with me into the more advanced stuff. It all starts with two fundamental things you should master if you want women to fall in love with your penis, those two are so basic that if you don’t master them, everything else will be worthless in terms of your ability to be a great sexual lover.

The two fundamentals I’m talking about are:

  1. Sexual Stamina – Having good stamina in bed means having the ability to control your ejaculation, preferably you want to be able to control your ejaculation until she orgasms.
  2. Erection Quality – Having a strong erection that stays strong during intercourse is also vital to being an amazing lover because women don’t enjoy a soft dick, they like it hard.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are the two most common challenges men face in their sexual lives around the world. And if you face one of those challenges now in your life, first focus on solving them first.

The good news is that you can learn how to control your ejaculation, and you can always work on the quality of your ejaculation – it’s actually very easy to do and it requires very little effort.

6 Killer Tips That Will Make You Better in Bed Tonight:

There are at least 1001 points I can give you that will improve your sexual skills, but I want to share with you 6 great tips that are very fundamental and powerful.

#1 Approach SEX With The Right Mindset

Sex is meant to be enjoyed but too many men approach it with stress and fear, they overthink about how they are going to perform in bed.

Basically, they view lovemaking from the outside as if they are porn stars that came to perform. Ironically, this approach does not improve performance, it actually promotes softer erections and premature ejaculation (If you want to know why then you are welcomed to ask me).

You should approach lovemaking with excitement (but not too much excitement)…Understand that you are making love because you want to have fun.

Stop thinking about achieving an orgasm or about giving her orgasm as fast as possible. Instead, focus on pleasing her for the next 30 minutes or more…

And never think about ejaculating, enjoy the time with her because the goal is not the orgasm, the goal is to enjoy the progress itself and just flow “In the moment” with love (that’s why it’s called lovemaking).

So if you are approaching lovemaking from the mindset of “performance”, just let go of it and approach it like you would approach a fun time on the beach because you are there just to enjoy.

#2 Learn How to Foreplay Like a Real Man

Being a good lover is a lot about what your partner experience and many men underestimate the importance of foreplay to the women because they don’t understand the sexual arousal cycle of a woman – but trust me on that, foreplay is always better than no foreplay (in her experience).

You need to understand that women have a different sexual arousal cycle, they get turned on slower and foreplay makes them wet and ready to orgasm.

On top of that, don’t forget that women are naturally multi-orgasmic, so foreplay can make it much easier for you to give her multiple orgasms.

Foreplay is NOT something you do before sex, real foreplay is something that you all the way to orgasm. It takes a level of emotional awareness, and to be honest with you, foreplay is an art that is hard to teach, so simply ask your partner how she likes it and keeps on developing your foreplay skills every week.

But I do want to give you here one tip because so many men make this one big mistake during foreplay, and I talk here about fingering her during the foreplay.

Most men just stick their fingers into the vagina trying to simulate a penis or trying to find her g-spot because they think that this will arouse her.

There is a BIG misunderstanding here!

Because women mostly get aroused when you touch/rub their clitoris and not when you stick things into their vagina. It’s also true with sex, women orgasm not from the penetration, but from the arousal to their clitoris, the penetration is only a bonus when it comes to most women.

So the next time you are doing foreplay and you want to stick your fingers inside her vagina, try to first rub her clitoris until her vagina gets super wet, and only then start sticking your fingers in (I also recommend combining oral sex during the foreplay if possible).

#3 Penetrate Her Pussy From The Right Angle

The 6 Sex Secrets That Will Drive Her Crazy 1
I just told you that it’s all about her clitoris and less about the penetration, so when it comes time to stick your penis into her don’t forget to keep it pleasurable to her clitoris.

The illustration above explains  it better than I can explain it in words:

So don’t forget to make love with your body to her clitoris even when you are inside of her. Also, remember that every woman is a bit different and each one of them loves to orgasm in different sexual positions.
Sure, try to combine different positions during lovemaking, but when you want to give her a powerful orgasm, switch to the positions she loves.

#4 Work On The Quality Of Your Erection

The secret to having a strong erection is to be healthy, stress-free, and being aroused sexually. Being healthy is easy if you exercise, drink water, and live stress-free.

So let’s talk about being aroused, if you lose your arousal during sex your erection will become softer, and we already understand why this is something that we don’t want.

The easy way to deal with that is to use your imagination (remember that the brain is the biggest sex organ). Simply think about what turns you on, even if it means fantasizing that you are with a different woman or in a different situation doing something the turns you on.

Another way to deal with that is to change the sex position or the speed of your pumping. You can also check if you are breathing right. Basically slow deep breaths lower sexual arousal, fast breaths increase it.

If your erection is still not as strong as you like it to be, you can exercise your PC muscles by doing Kegels. Basically, those exercises are super simple to do, you can do them anywhere you want and they will improve your erection quality if you just do them.

#5 Master The Million Dollar Point

The 6 Sex Secrets That Will Drive Her Crazy 2
DISCLAIMER: Do not abuse the trick because overdoing may hurt the prostate, testicles, and erectile tissue. Remember that not an ejaculation control method. Using it during sex without a condom may result in pregnancy (because it does not stop precum).

There is a point on the male body that can help you stop your ejaculation even when it’s too late. You can use it when you get oral sex from her and you don’t want to cum into her mouth, or when you want to cum during the foreplay so that you’ll be able to last longer, but you don’t want the mass.

Or simply when you masturbate by yourself and you don’t want to ejaculate all over but you still want to experience the strong orgasm that comes with ejaculation.

So basically the image above explains everything, you press this point with your fingers (do it with the soft part and not with the nails), and if you press it right then no semen will come out. It takes some practice to really do it right, but it’s nice to know about and I find it to be very useful.

#6 Develop Total Ejaculation Control

Controlling your orgasm is an art form and it takes many years to really master. But over the years I’ve discovered a lot of different simple tricks that I’ve already thought to guys from all over the world on my blog and YouTube channel.

And I want to share with you the most amazing trick that I’ve ever discovered, this is the one “trick: that I still use today and I use it a lot during sex.

To understand how it works and how to use it, you first need to understand your sexual arousal scale… and you need to learn how to become aware of your sexual arousal level.
The 6 Sex Secrets That Will Drive Her Crazy 3
This is your sexual arousal on a scale from 1-10:

  • 1 is when you have no sexual interest whatsoever.
  • There is everything in between 1-7 that is nice to have.
  • 7-9 is where you want to be 90% of the lovemaking.
  • 9 is the tempting danger zone you need to avoid.
  • 10 is the point where you wildly ejaculate.

Men ejaculate prematurely because they reach the “10 zone” before they want to get there, it happens to you most of the time that means you have premature ejaculation.

But how can you control your sexual arousal and not prematurely ejaculate? 

The simple answer would be to not get into the “9 Zone” because it’s very easy to “slip” from 9 to 10, and when you are at 10 it’s already too late. Men still love going for the “9 zone” because the sex at that arousal level just feels amazing, but you need the discipline to stay in the “7-8 zone” if you want to be a great lover because if you stay there you can last for as long as you want in bed (I mean 1-3 hrs long lovemaking sessions).

But what to do if you find yourself close to the point of no return?

Use my secret trick, simply blow out all the air from your lungs and hold your breath. I know it sounds stupid and strange, but let me explain the logic behind it before you dismiss it… When you hold your breath for long enough, your body gets into “survival mode”. At this mode, the body will redirect blood to the brain and other vital organs from where it’s not necessary for survival (from your limbs and penis).

This process will lower your arousal level automatically.

All you have to do is stop breathing, and the reason for doing it with empty lungs is to accelerate the fast “kick-in” of this survival instinct.

So next time you feel that you are in the “9 zone” just hold your breath on empty lungs and you will feel your arousal level starts to the dropdown.

And when you get to the sweet “7-8 zone” just start breathing again and keep on enjoying the sex. And remember, when you hold your breath there is no reason to freeze your body, you should keep on pumping and doing foreplay even without breathing.

So that was the one trick that I found to be useful, but there are many other tricks that you can use. If you want to learn more about this topic you can watch this video I’ve made:

Final Word On This Amazing Topic

Becoming a great lover that makes his woman orgasm before he ejaculates is just the beginning of the journey. It’s the beginning because you can always take your love life to the next level.

For example, you can become a multi-orgasmic lover that enjoys many orgasms without ejaculating or losing his erection. I
f becoming such a next-level lover is something that you find interesting, then I would recommend that you read The Multi-Orgasmic Man book by Mantak Chia.

And if you want to learn the more basic things, I want to invite you to visit my website Vibrating Love, and read about the topic that you want to improve upon the most.


David Finer

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