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Herman Carter is an expert in AI and dating apps. He often writes easy-to-understand articles like “How to Use Candy AI” and gives talks on making dating tech fair and transparent. Herman studied AI ethics at the University of Cambridge, giving him the know-how to help companies improve their tech responsibly.

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Herman Carter's Background



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Work Experience

Herman is an AI geek and spends most of his time researching the latest AI tools and other technologies. He also likes online dating and think AI will play a great role in the dating market soon. Herman writes most of the AI girlfriend reviews and roundups.

Analyzing AI's Societal Impact

From 2014 to 2016, Herman Carter worked as a Junior AI Researcher at DataStream Labs. He focused on analyzing AI algorithms and their impact on society, working closely with teams to refine dating app models for an enhanced user experience.

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Writing and specializing in AI

Between 2016 and 2018, Herman held the position of Lead Writer & AI Specialist at TechTalk Magazine. He published numerous articles that explored the integration of AI into dating platforms, always with a keen eye on ethical considerations and the protection of user data.


Consulting on AI Ethics

As an AI Ethics Consultant for MatchTech Solutions from 2018 to 2020, Herman advised on the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies in dating products. He played a crucial role in implementing transparency and fairness protocols within the company.


Freelance Writing on AI and Dating Technology

Since 2020, Herman has been a Freelance AI & Dating Technology Writer. He has contributed to various tech blogs and magazines, and has spoken at conferences about the influence of AI on modern dating dynamics. His freelance career continues to impact the field, guiding both public and professional understanding of AI ethics in dating.

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Press Appearances

Herman has also written and published numerous books.

"Herman mixes humor with high-tech wisdom, ensuring that even his discussions on AI ethics feel like friendly chats over coffee."

Menprovement: Self Improvement For Men

Herman's Articles on Menprovement

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