Do This One Quirky THING to Attract Women Like CRAZY

Do This One Quirky THING to Attract Women Like CRAZY

Do This One Quirky THING to Attract Women Like CRAZY

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When I talk to guys about how they feel trying to meet, approach, and talk to attractive women, here’s what almost every one of them tells me:
They tell me that they feel nervous.
They tell me they feel insecure.
Most of all, they tell me that they feel helpless and hopeless because the WOMAN is always the one with all the power in these situations.
Any of this ring a bell with YOU?
If so, buckle up… you’re about to discover a miracle cure that I call “Cocky & Funny” – an approach and mindset that works like magic when it comes to turbocharging your success with sparking attraction and getting dates with amazing women!
Here’s a general idea…
Being “Cocky & Funny” with a woman (also known as using “Cocky Comedy”) is a skill that almost every guy who’s naturally successful with women understands and knows how to use.
Basically, attractive women are sick and tired of anxious, clueless guys approaching them all the time and doing exactly the same things… hemming and hawing, kissing up, being at their beck and call, smothering them with attention, and following them around like a lovesick puppy.
That’s precisely where Cocky & Funny comes in.
Did you know that most women, when asked for a list of traits in a man that is essential, claim that a sense of humor in their mate is a must?  And I don’t mean being the class clown or making her laugh using slap-stick humor or jokes about blondes.
What she wants is someone who can make her laugh without being that funny “best boy FRIEND” she will ever have.

“Cock & Funny” Is Learning What To Do And Say INSTEAD

When you first meet a woman, the only thing that matters is standing out from that crowd of other nervous, tongue-tied guys. (Here is an article where we write about how to talk to women).
That’s what “Cocky Comedy” is all about.
It means approaching and interacting with a woman using a slightly arrogant attitude combined with exactly the right amount of HUMOR.
This is the perfect combination of being Cocky PLUS Funny with a woman that magically grabs her attention and her interest.
It creates those “first sparks” of attraction.
It shows a woman that you have certain rare qualities that she’s been desperately looking for.
When you master using Cocky & Funny with a woman, you show her right off the bat that you’re that extremely rare guy who’s in control of his world and having fun… and, therefore, also a guy who can take control of the situation and help HER have more fun in life, too.
Basically, that you’re intelligent, witty, confident, and challenging, and a total CATCH.
But okay… how do you start making it happen?

My Simple Rule Of Thumb Is To Treat An Attractive Woman Like A Bratty Little Sister

I love this. It takes away all of her power because she’s not even sure if you’re even “hitting” on her with your Cocky & Funny comments to begin with!
Bonus… the tension of wondering excites her like you wouldn’t believe.
As you’re teasing and busting on her in a playful way, she says to herself, “Wait… what? This guy obviously isn’t just the same old thing. He’s not even acting like he’s trying to pick up on me! How could he say these things if he were?”
There you are, still making jokes and being funny and treating her like you couldn’t care less if she’s attracted to you… communicating to her that her beauty doesn’t make you nervous in the slightest… letting her know that you’re perfectly comfortable giving her a hard time and generally making fun of her.
The more you do all of this, the more exciting, suspenseful, and fun it becomes for her.
Best of all, the more you do it, the more you separate yourself from that crowd of other guys who have to crawl away with their tails between their legs.
And then… abracadabra… the more attractive to her that YOU become.
I can’t tell you how huge this is.
Like I said, attractive women have their choice of guys. Guys with different looks, income levels, attitudes, you name it.
But guess what…

Fun Is The One Thing That EVERY Attractive Woman Is Searching For

They crave more of it in their lives, yet it’s something that very few guys know how to deliver.
This couldn’t be a bigger opportunity for YOU.
Learn how to use Cocky & Funny to show an attractive woman that YOU can give her fun, and it’s lightning in a bottle.
You’re so in.
But remember:
You Must… Must… MUST… (Did I Tell You That You MUST) Learn How To Be Cocky & Funny In The Right Proportions To Make It Work.
If you go overboard with the “Cocky” part, you’ll just come off as an arrogant and insecure jerk, and it’s game over.
If you’re that happy/funny dude all the time, always telling jokes and making people laugh, then you risk disappearing into the “Friend Zone” because you seem so goofy and nice.
By adding the funny component to the arrogance in the perfect proportion, it avoids being unwelcome. Your comments are teasing her, but they’re also enjoyable.
Add It All Up, And That’s Why Cocky & Funny Is Truly One Of The Most Important Pieces In The Attraction “Puzzle”.
Used correctly, it instantly communicates all the right things about you and attracts women like a magnet…
Make sure you have JUST the right amount of Cocky to disarm her, and JUST the right amount of funny to make it a game for her, and you have a WIN for her AND for you.
It’s the easiest way I know of to get instant results with amazing women.
It creates instant tension, attraction, mystery, and rapport… all of which add up to her feeling a gut-level ATTRACTION for you that she just can’t ignore or resist.

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  2. Yeah…so trueee
    Cocky and funny all the time, and you will get any woman in your dream.
    But, the rule is your target have to knew you first..


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