Are You Magnetically Attractive? One Trait All Women Want In Men

Are You Magnetically Attractive? One Trait All Women Want In Men

Are You Magnetically Attractive? One Trait All Women Want In Men

Magnetically Attractive

Sit down my son – I’m going to tell you all about being magnetically attractive, and what it is that women really look for in men. Now, some of this stuff is going to seem very simple, and that’s a good thing, but do not underestimate the weight this carries on your ability to not just meet women, but to be worthy of attracting and keeping quality women in your life.

This is the demarcation between ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ that so many guys spend years seeking but often never finding. It’s with that in mind that I decided to compile the following guide, and I sincerely can’t wait to hear all about the changes this brings about in your life… Because I want this for you.


I remember every single night I went home feeling like shit because the girls I like ended up with guys who are loud, obnoxious, and nothing special. I remember every single time I got friend-zoned by the type of girls I’ve always wanted and spent countless nights feeling alone, scared and depressed.

That’s why I want this for you. That’s also why I intend on loading this guide with pure value – step by step what to do – so that you can start putting this stuff into practice today.

Just be sure to read this till the end, and then spend the next 30 days practicing this stuff. Deal?

Don’t add – shed

Alrighty, let’s get started brother!

Let’s observe the habits of the intermediate, shall we? The intermediate reads and reads and reads because he always feels there is something missing, one more piece of the puzzle, one more tool in the toolbox.

The intermediate goes out with the sole purpose of ‘pulling’ or ‘Picking up’ and draws his sense of self-worth from the reactions of women and/or his peers.

The intermediate has no real passion, no mission in life, and no goals other than to get laid. The intermediate behaves this way because he craves validation. That’s the same reason he fears rejection btw (I talk about it at length on my blog). Anxiety arises when we want an outcome. We want an outcome because we think it will bring us happiness. And in this case, those who fear rejection do so because that would mean they are not liked.

Not being liked is a fate worse than death to those people, because, in truth, they don’t actually like themselves.

I know – I used to HATE myself.

But the good news is, I wasn’t born hating myself, and neither are most people.
That means that learning to love yourself – true confidence – actually comes from shedding, and not adding more and more mental noise.

Secrets of the Magnetically Attractive Vibe

This leads me to a super important point. Ever hang out with so-called ‘naturals’? I have, and they’re pretty damn cool to watch. One thing you’ll notice is that their confidence is a quiet one. You can always tell who the wannabe pick-up artist is because he’s the guy in the corner who talks super loud, always craves attention, makes women laugh here and there but usually fumbles about awkwardly.

The naturals are on a whole different level. Do you know the old adage ‘a rich man doesn’t need to tell you he’s rich? That’s what they’re like. They don’t shut women up with cocky comments to prove their worth. The natural smiles humbly, and looks deep into her eyes knowing that sooner or later she’ll be his.

What I’m saying is that it’s a vibe thing. Being magnetically attractive to women is all about vibe! And it’s actually super simple to explain it:

It’s all about having a slow, relaxed, and aroused vibe. That’s it! And the way to get there consistently is your journey!

So look at the behaviors of the intermediates above – the guys that get some numbers and kisses and even some dates, but get tons of flakes, friend zones, and no-shows too… Do you see how all of that runs contrary to that relaxed, happy but turned-on vibe most naturally attractive guys have?

I want to take this even further:

Do you ask your friends for advice with women? Some advice has its place, certainly – my question was if your first instinct is to trust someone else’s truth over your own? That one really messed with my head for a while. It made me realize a lot of the mistakes I was making that were actively fucking with my vibe!

Do you find yourself checking your phone every 30 seconds to see if she confirmed your date or flaked? Again – is that the way you want to live? Is that conducive to a relaxed, ‘I’ve got this’ vibe? I know this may seem overwhelming at first, but I promise, I’m about to make this ‘vibe’ thing extremely simple for you!

The ONE Trait Women Want In Men

All ma gangstas in the house say heeeeeyo! We’re at the founding pillar here…

Not just of attraction, not just of being magnetic… But indeed the pillar of masculinity as a whole.

Now look, there are a couple of super important habits you can take up that naturally lead to developing that vibe and I wanna make them super simple for you before we jump into the deeper stuff here:

– Stop masturbating and watching porn. This will drop you past horniness and into your edge, your darkness. What it will also do is overload you with energy, which leads me to point number 2.

– Meditate. You’ll need to learn to cycle that energy, and you do that by breathing, meditating, and grounding yourself. After a while, you’ll be able to sustain intense amounts of energy without fidgeting and biting your nails, or even ejaculating. This will give you a nice and relaxed flow, which leads me to the third and simplest one of them all

– Slow everything the fuck down. Find your stoner friend and observe him. Low eye-lids, super slow movements, slow speech, enunciation, and lots of pauses. Just doing that should boost your sexiness by at least 13% (*I’m not a scientist)

Now, on to the one trait that all women want in a man: Passion! And more specifically – a mission in life.

This is the reason women will forever be in love with the dreamers and wanderers and creators.

We often see incredible women around celebrities and successful people, but we’ve all been deep in conversation with a girl at a high school party until Chad whips out his guitar and we’ve lost her attention forever.

Understand: Women are as much in love with the potential for success as they are for success itself. For the simple reason that the masculine essence of challenge and striving is the perfect compliment to the tender feminine energy that refreshes, rejuvenates, and redeems us, men.

In plain English though: All of that time and energy you spend on learning to get better with women is better invested in yourself. And the good news is this is fun stuff!

Spend an hour a day working on your passions. Spend an hour a day working on your body and your fitness.
Find out what your mission in life is: what do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to have an impact on life?

See that’s the interesting thing – it’s amazing how your problems with women just seem to vanish when your main focus is on living an extraordinary life and helping those around you. We were all meant for more than to just be born, get fat, get laid, and then die. You were born for so much more.

And that fire inside of you – that unwavering, unshakable, unbending, and unrepentant flame within is precisely what makes you irresistible to a quality woman.

Spend the next 30 days working on this.

It’s been lying dormant for far too long brother.

It’s time to let it see the light.

Give. Love. Serve.

Pat Ananda

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  1. Nice article you have here. I agree that having a passion is very important, especially if it’s about good deeds. Women are attracted to this. It’s not always about how you look and ho well you perform in bed.

    • I agree, Alexander! As a woman, I believe that we find men attractive, who have a passion for life in general.
      Thank you for your feedback.


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