3 Ways to Give Her Amazing Sex She’ll Never Forget

3 Ways to Give Her Amazing Sex She’ll Never Forget

3 Ways to Give Her Amazing Sex She’ll Never Forget

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So you just pulled a stunning girl home, and everything is on for the night. You start talking dirty with each other, making out, and escalating like a pro.
You hop in bed, continue the process, and then slide your dick inside of her. She loves it… for all of three seconds. Turns out, she was so pretty that you went and blew your load just as fast as you possibly could.
“Umm—I swear this is the first time this has happened,” you say. But we all know the truth. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it’s probably not the last.
Every guy wants to last longer in bed, even if they can already last half an hour. Every guy wants to give girls amazing sex so that they keep coming back for more… yet few can do it. Why is this?
The truth is that anyone can give a girl amazing sex…if they know how. As with everything in the world, when you understand the nuts and bolts of it, actually putting it into practice and getting results becomes far easier.
So with that in mind, let’s talk about some ways you can give your partner some amazing sex for this holiday season.

1. No Fap

The first, and most effective thing you can do to improve your performance in bed, is simply to stop masturbating and looking at porn. Now I know this flies contrary to popular “science,” but bear with me here.
The popular opinion, according to the same “scientists” who recommended cigarettes in the 1920’s, is that masturbating will make you last longer, because you already blew your load… right? Dead wrong.
Have you ever actually tested this theory out? I know I have, and when I masturbate before a girl comes over, I’m barely into her anymore. She doesn’t seem as appealing or attractive, I’m not as horny as I normally am, and she can feel the lack of chemistry.
In fact, even when I was jerking off every day (many years ago), I would still have trouble lasting long enough. Why? It’s simple—when you masturbate, you repeatedly train your brain to cum as fast as possible, to get it over with.
That is the goal of jerking off, is it not? So when you jerk off for years on end, you slowly train your brain to cum as fast as possible—whether it’s with a girl, or not.
Doing No Fap can help to undo this process, and restore your natural brain chemistry and brain wiring, so that you last as long as you need to in order to make her cum.
In addition to this, No Fap will also increase your animalistic aggression and primal masculinity, to the point that she’ll feel like you’re a completely new man.
Doing No Fap is the difference between giving her limp-dicked, half-assed, passive sex, or fucking her like an animal in heat. So for your sake, and for your girlfriend’s sake, do No Fap.

2. Sex God Method

When guys are first learning how to fuck a girl properly, they often Google around and read a bunch of random articles from sites like “Men’s Health” and “GQ.”
…and while these sites may sometimes have some good advice, a lot of it is garbage. “Tell her she’s pretty!” they’ll say, giving you a swathe of generic tips that everyone already knows, and that don’t help one single bit.
Well, here at Menprovement, we’re going to give you the real deal… and as far as I’m concerned, learning to use the Sex God Method is one of the most powerful things any man can do.
The Sex God Method is a way to give women good sex, and it comes down to four fundamental tenets:

  1. Dominance
  2. Emotion
  3. Variety
  4. Intensity

That’s it. If you can master these four elements, you’ll know how to give her great sex every single time.
Dominance is obvious. Lead the way. Be a man. Don’t expect her to proactively take the lead. That’s your job, so grow a pair and do it.
Emotions are also important. Make her say “I love you,” as you’re pounding her senseless, and she’s guaranteed to cum. If you’ve just started dating, and she doesn’t love you yet, just tell her you don’t care—because it makes the sex hotter.
Variety is another key. Don’t just have sex in one position, in the same place every time. Switch it up. Do all the porn star positions you can think of (without looking at porn and masturbating, of course). Fuck her on the couch, fuck her on an airplane, and fuck her on the beach. Do whatever it takes to spice things up.
Lastly, is intensity. This simply means that you’re 100% focused on HER and the ACT of having sex. You’re not thinking of “Kevin Spacey” like your office buddies recommended, if you want to last longer. You’re focused on the moment, and she can feel it.

3. Chemical Enhancement

No, no, no—I’m not talking about steroids. I’m talking about supplements and prescriptions to make you harder, hornier, and to make you last longer.
Like it or not, in today’s day in age, you can get any and all manner of sex enhancing drugs and supplements, at the flick of a switch…so why not take advantage of it?
Here’s a quick punch list of some of the supplements that I’ve personally used, that help drastically improve my sexual performance:

  • L-Arginine
  • Lecithin
  • Niacin
  • Zinc
  • Maca
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Generic Viagra
  • Delay Sprays

Now I know that’s a lot, so let’s break it down a little bit. The L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, so it’s sort of a natural form of Viagra.
The Lecithin helps with production of semen, so you cum buckets when you take this stuff (no joke, some of my clients have told me their load size tripled).
Niacin is great for blood flow, maca helps with stamina, and zinc? Well, zinc is just overall good for raising testosterone.
Horny Goat Weed is another good, all around aphrodisiac that’s been used since ancient times, and then of course, there’s the king: generic Viagra.
It doesn’t really matter which supplements you decide to take, but if you want to get the “maximum bang for your buck” (no pun in tended), I recommend taking lots of Lecithin, Zinc, and some generic Viagra (if you can get your hands on it).


In summary, every guy wants to give his girl better sex. We all want to make her cum (more than once), and get her addicted to us in the bedroom.
Yet, few guys know exactly how to do this. Well, fortunately for you, these are some of the most effective tips that you can start putting into practice almost immediately.
If you haven’t already been doing No Fap, start doing it today. Download a counting application for your phone, and/or for your computer browser, so that you can see a visual representation of how far you’ve come.
Read up on the Sex God Method, and start using those four key ingredients to a better sex life: dominance, emotion, variety, and intensity.
…and lastly, if you REALLY want an edge in bed, consider getting some of the supplements mentioned above. Viagra is a nice “quick trick” to have in your back pocket, on those events that a special girl is coming over and you want to really knock her socks off.
All in all, when you combine these things, you’ll be her “sex God” and she won’t be able to get her hands off of you… so get to it!

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