Podcast 077: The 5 Core Steps to Becoming an Amazing Lover

Podcast 077: The 5 Core Steps to Becoming an Amazing Lover

Podcast 077: The 5 Core Steps to Becoming an Amazing Lover

becoming an amazing lover

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This is episode 077 of The MenProvement Podcast.  In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast, I interview Sam Ryter – the sex expert, dating, and life coach. Sam teaches men to express their desire towards women, and feel free to express themselves around people in general.

In this episode, we will focus on one of Sam’s specialties, which is success in bed, and how to turn every sexual encounter into an amazing experience that will make your girl moan for more. You will learn the secrets behind giving a girl a mind-bending, earth-shattering, toe-curling orgasm just by listening and applying the advice given in that episode. 
Start listening now if you want to reach a new level in your sex life!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

– What is real masculinity and how porn turns us into a shadow of what we could be.
– How to silence the chatter in your head that makes you doubt yourself, diminishes confidence, and causes erectile dysfunction (this one piece of advice will skyrocket your performance in bed)
– How to make her comfortable enough so she can trust you and unleash her full sexual potential (even the shy girl)
– How to maximize the FOREPLAY and give her an orgasm BEFORE you even have sex
– Basic understanding of anatomy and how it can help you navigate through the complexities of women’s private areas

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

How To Quit Porn For Good – eradicate the #1 cause of sexual disfunction here

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– Sean Russell

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