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101 Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend or Wife

Hot date this weekend? Do you want to pull out the bells and whistles and really wow her? Gentleman, I know planning an awesome date can seem daunting at times… You would love to plan something unique and special for your lady but may not know where to start.

There are many resources on the internet with generic ideas, and you want to ditch going to dinner and a movie. You want to do something that you both will love and remember. Menprovement has got you covered with 101 date ideas that are woman-approved beforehand:

Category 1: Unconventional and inexpensive.

1. Have a music junkie night. Go through your music playlists and compare tastes.
2. Take your dogs to a dog park.
3. People watch.
4. Sunbathe side-by-side at the beach.
5. Plan a disposable camera day.
6. Feed the ducks by the pond.
7. Start a YouTube channel. Vlog some of your dates.
8. Have a picnic.
9. Build a snowman together.
10. Create a scrapbook to document the progression of your relationship.
11. Double date with your parents or another relative with their SO.
12. Or… double date with your roommate and his GF.
13. Show your strength. Give her a piggyback ride in a public place.
14. Go back to square one and share your first impressions of each other.
15. The Sunday New York Times crossword date.
16. Take pictures in a photo booth.
17. Pretend to be tourists in the hotspots of your city.
18. Go to a bar together and introduce yourselves with fake names and life stories. (Name tags make this even more hilarious.)
19. Relive your first date. Go on a date and act like you’ve never met before. See how long you last without laughing.

Category 2: Power couple status.

20. Make a bucket list independently of the things you want to do together. Then, share and discuss your future together.
21. Set a list of goals you would like to accomplish in a short-term period as a couple.
22. Write a book together.
23. Toy around with joint ventures. Imagine you are starting a business, band, or blog together.
24. Read The 5 Love Languages together or take the quiz online. See how you can make each other feel more loved.
25. Ask her to be your personal stylist as you shop for clothes.
26. Take a certification class for something you are both interested in at the same time.
27. Go look at model homes or apartments together and pretend you’re “in the market.”
28. Plan your dream vacation together.
29. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or nursing home.

Category 3: Adventurous and spontaneous.

30. An amusement park or carnival.
31. Clubbing.
32. Skinny Dipping.
33. Get lost in a cornfield maze.
34. Fly a kite.
35. Go sailing.
36. Pool party.
37. Car show.
38. Camping.
39. Rent a Vespa and take her for a spin.
40. Test cars you have no intention of buying.
41. Take a spur-of-the-moment road trip.

Category 4: Sporty dates.

42. Take her to a sporting event.
43. Batting cages.
44. Horseback riding.
45. Ice skating.
46. Roller skating.
47. Go skydiving.
48. Go hiking or take a nature walk.
49. Take a dance class.
50. The shooting range.
51. Be her personal trainer for a day.

Category 5: Food and alcohol involved.

52. Take her to a winery.
53. Go to a brewery for a tour.
54. Brunch.
55. Take a cooking class.
56. Cook desserts at home.
57. See who can create the best ornate salad.
58. Devote an entire evening to eating aphrodisiacs.
59. Have a one-on-one BBQ Fest.
60. A rooftop bar.
61. A tea boutique.
62. Go to a hipster coffee shop other than mainstream Starbucks.
63. The farmer’s market.
64. Visit a chocolate factory and make your own candy.
65. Ice cream parlor.
66. Be complete foodies and try a new restaurant that is out of your comfort zone.

Category 6: Artsy stuff.

67. Go to a jazz concert.
68. Go to a comedy show.
69. See a theatrical production.
70. A live concert or music festival.
71. Opera.
72. Acting or improv class.
73. Poetry slam.
74. An art gallery.
75. Take a painting class. (With wine or cocktails included.)
76. Take her to an artist to draw a portrait of the two of you.
77. Go to the newspaper or internet and pick a mystery band to see in concert.
78. Create mixtapes for each other.

Category 7: Entering the intellectual realm.

79. Give her a tour of your old college campus. Or visit hers.
80. Go to a museum or historical site.
81. A book exchange.
82. Explore a secondhand book store or an antique shop.
83. An aquarium or the zoo.
84. Watch Ted Talks online and then discuss them afterward.
85. Rent a documentary or watch an indie or foreign film.
86. Find a lecture at a local university or community college to attend.

Category 8: To romance her on another level.

87. Take a hot air balloon ride.
88. Go on a sunset dinner cruise.
89. Get a couple’s massage. Or just give each other massages.
90. Book a hotel room with a view. (And a hot tub.)
91. Surprise your wife by calling a babysitter for the weekend. Then, take her out of town for a few days.
92. Rent a helicopter.
93. Perform an original song you wrote just for her.
94. Write her love poetry. Or… read the words of other wise men who knew the game of romance.
95. Make love in an unusual location. (Preferably not in public.)
96. Try one of Cosmopolitan’s sex positions.
97. Blindfold each other and make out.
98. Watch the sunrise.
99. Go stargazing in the middle of nowhere.
100. Take her jewelry or lingerie shopping.
101. Make the entire date a surprise.

I hope you enjoyed this list of fun things to do with your wife or GF. Now get out there and do them! With love from Julita and the Menprovement team. <3

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  1. A few of these are ok, but I can’t take most of these seriously. Frankly, it reads like a preteen compiled this list


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